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Is your relationship lacking in love? Passion and romance is overrated. That comes and goes. But what should always be there is HONOR. Respect. (I saw this sign at the church aisle and I realized how every human being is a child of God, and is worthy of honor.) I believe that if we start honoring and respecting each other more everyday, our relationships will flourish. #honor #respect

If you want to be healed from your diseases, feel your negative emotions. More specifically, feel your darkest emotions before God. Weep. Be angry. Question Him. (He's big enough to take it.) Go to God now and share your inmost heart.

Only love heals.

Take deep breaths every day.
De-stress yourself at different times of the day.

Each week, in hundreds of locations around the world, the Feast happens. Believe me, it takes a lot of sacrifice. Just ask our thousands of selfless volunteers! But every week, we witness miracles before our eyes: Hearts are changed. Marriages are strengthened. Young people are fired up. And God is praised. #feast #wegettodothis

She is my Prophet! When I was a pimple-faced, awkward, thin-as-toothpick, 13-year-old kid with bad grades and a ton of insecurities, Aida saw something great in me that I didn't see in myself. She was my prayer group leader, and she said, "God told me you have the gift of wisdom. And you will preach all over the world. Next Friday, I want you to give the talk in our prayer meeting." I said yes and the rest is history. (She visited the Feast today because it's her birthday. She's 87!) #gift #prophet #sayyes

‪I pray for all those affected by the floods especially in Rizal. (I heard that Monching Bueno, our Feast Builder in Marikina, has welcomed neighbors seeking refuge in his house. His home is also flooded, but has a third floor. You're amazing Monching and Mia.) #flood

If you want to be healthy, make fruits and veggies your main food. Let everything else be side dishes.

I learned something wild from Matt Tickner. He said many times, the call of God is more about "where" than "what". The world is self-centered and always talks about "my gifting" or "my calling". But Jesus calls us to die and sacrifice our lives. God has called me to serve in this little group called the Light of Jesus--the Feast family. (This morning, I had brunch with some guys who've been serving with me for 30+ years.) This can only happen with mega-doses of humility. Because human leaders are very imperfect. Friend, find where He wants you to serve. And serve there with humility. #humility

I've been doing ministry work for 38 years. But the more I know, the more I don't know. I feel like I'm just starting!
Especially today, as I sat for 5 hours learning from these wise and inspiring leaders from Hillsong. I feel nourished. Ready to serve again. (I also loved learning together with my team!) #eternalstudent

The best medicine in the world is God's chosen food. Eat it and be healed.

By eating right, we open ourselves to God's healing power.

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