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Brother Ben X  💎 Student Of @LouisFarrakhan 🕋Mission: Give LIFE To The Dead ✊🏿NOI Waxahachie Study Group 📱Youtube: Brother Ben X 🗣#BrotherBenSpeaks 👇🏿Live Show

WOW! This is a CLASSIC, I’ve NEVER seen this before. #LouisFarrakhan #MuhammadAli #RahmanMuhammad #Legends #NationOfIslam

At the grand opening of “Blue Seas” restaurant that is NOW OPEN in Shreveport Louisiana @ 9001 Jewella Ave; Shreveport, LA 71118 come shop with your brother before you shop with another #Restaurant #BlackOwned #NationOfIslam #BrotherBenX

#MorningReminder : #Repost @louisfarrakhan
Black people: Listen and look for the truth that will set you free from the veil of White Supremacy, from the veil of Black Inferiority, from the veil that covers you and makes you think you were in Africa running around with bones in your nose, running up and down trees chasing monkeys when you are the mother and father of all civilization. White people are great. This is their world, but where did they get the knowledge. Who gave it to them? Who were the teachers of White people? The Greek civilization, where did they get it from? They got it from us but if you don’t know that you will always think of yourself in an inferior light because they wrote the textbooks. #Farrakhan #BrotherBenX

WOMEN: Let’s end the night with things you need from men‼️ 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

Somebody had to say it 🤷🏿‍♂️ #BrotherBenX

#BrotherBenInTheHood of East Dallas with Bruce Wayne who started the blood gang here in Dallas at the age of 14, him and his brother talked about why he started the gang, his upbringing, his thoughts on the condition of the youth because of his decision, life in prison and about the work he’s now doing for the youth to make up what he did! Stay tuned for this GREAT episode of Brother Ben In The Hood! #BrotherBenX ✊🏿

My new theme song, I probably got about a thousand people blocked. #BrotherBenX

Brother Ben X - “Unite” now available @ you can donate and download this song now directly from my website‼️💎

Even if YOUR OWN brothers sell you out and try to put you in captivity understand that if you stay focused and submit to the will of God YOU WILL be successful. Follow @vickixdillardcrowe for more

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Link in bio. Y’all know me... I’m not beefing just wanted to explain once and for all for those who misunderstood... I’m just trying to make it moor plain. #BrotherBenX going live in 5 minuets! Come on

#BrotherBenInTheHood : @lom_suge and his brothers speak on the street life, gives a message to the youth and talks about loyalty! (Pt. 2/3) now available on my YouTube page “Brother Ben X” #BrotherBenX

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