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I approve this message.

Come out tomorrow to Mosque 48 to hear Bro. Malik Muhammad drop that truth! (DALLAS)

I'm not perfect.

The mission comes FIRST. How long is too long when it comes to redeeming our people? Check our hearts and do self analysis.

This is a prime example that by NATURE our people know the truth, God is already within we just have to bring it out. #NationOfIslam #DoorToDoor #WaxhachieStudyGroup

This what it's all about! When we came in he thought Islam was about saying "ALLAHU AKBAR" and blowing people up like Amerikka want our people to think but as we left he addressed us as his "Muslim brothers" and that's exactly what we are. The Minister says all the time we know who they are even if they don't! #Love #NationOfIslam #DoorToDoor #WaxahachieStudyGroup

😂😂 I LOVE this mission.... I love black people man, the coolest on planet earth ... #WaxahachieStudyGroup #DoorToDoor #NationOfIslam #Jesus

"My mission is to give life to the dead" Master Fard Muhammad came 9,000 to make us gods. #ElijahMuhammad #NationOfIslam #DoorToDoor #Jesus #Isa #WaxahachieStudyGroup

Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. "That Elijah will make you think" - #ElijahMuhammad #WaxahachieStudyGroup #NationOfIslam #DoorToDoor #Jesus #Isa

#DoorToDoor building with our people where they are. #WaxahachieStudyGroup #NationOfIslam #Jesus #Isa

Great conversation with the brother today going door to door! He gave us what he's been taught from a Christianity standpoint and what he was taught about Islam and God willing now he has a better understanding about who we are, what we represent and the lies said about this Minister. All praise is due to Allah! Good brother right here who was willing to let us in and ask us questions without assuming. #WaxahachieStudyGroup #NationOfIslam ✊🏿 #ChildrenOfIsrael

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