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Lol #TajiX getting so big‼️

Don't let what you've been through hold you back, use that as a reason to go HARDER #GoHard #BrotherBenSpeaks

"The person who is given the task of redemption is a person who is willing to pay the price of redemption. What is the price of redemption? The price is that your love must approach the love of Allah (God), that you may be long suffering. Because, without long suffering, you interrupt the process by which people are redeemed.
Consider the quality of being slow to anger. You could return like for like. If you are a redeemer, or if you are following a redeemer, returning like for like would not be sin, but it would injure the process by which the sinner would eventually come to redemption.
The sinner is, by nature, of God—but the nature of God in the sinner is thoroughly impacted with evil, so we have to get past the layers of evil to contact the nature of God in the human being to affect redemption." - Minister Louis Farrakhan (@louisfarrakhan) #Boosie #BrotherBenX #Redemption #Redeeming #NationOfIslam #LouisFarrakhan (Many won't agree, but many don't have our mission) #MalcolmX

THE CHIEF ✊🏿 @louisfarrakhan

The Honorable Minister @louisfarrakhan said there is no such thing as a bad experience. Even if you mess up you learned something from that situation or you learned something about yourself. Don't down yourself because even if it was a bad decision it puts you in a higher position to teach someone else. #PositiveThoughts #BrotherBenX

Courtship is VERY important. Ask as many questions as you can, find out what you have in common, find out if they have AIDS, find out if they have HIV, find out if they've been molested, find out if they are over past relationships, find out why they broke up. Courtship is COURT so you'll know all you need to know to commit to someone. #Marriage #Courtship

Maybe I should get a corner store in the hood, keep a Quran behind the register and also sell people pork and alcohol to be a "real Muslim" SWIPE LEFT. #Hypocritical #LemmeAlone #NationOfIslam

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All them scriptures mean NOTHING if not used to better our condition, anybody can hide on social media. #LouisFarrakhan #NationOfIslam #BrotherBenX #Bible

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