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Lil bro SANGIN‼️🗣🗣 #BrotherBenX

Satan don’t have to be white, #Satan don’t have to be Jewish, Satan comes up in your OWN thinking - Minister @louisfarrakhan #BrotherBenX

“I read about it in Muhammad speaks” #BrotherBenX #ElijahMuhammad #MuhammadSpeaks

#BrotherBenSpeaks: You are righteous black man! Accept your own and be yourself! #BrotherBenX

Attitude is everything.

#BrotherBenSpeaks: We often think the only way to make money is for us to physically go make it, but a major option we forget about is investing and having residual income. How can your money make money for you? Think about it. #BrotherBenX

#BrotherBenSpeaks: "How do I get off the white man's job though it's hard out here?"
We must do everything with a purpose. We can no longer just find a job and say that's it if we want to be gods and owners. We must have a plan and have tactics to execute than plan. Tactics is what we do on a day to day basis that pushes us closer to our goals. -
If you have a job, look at your spending and see if it's anything in your expenses that can be taken out, find the things you really didn't need and become disciplined enough to stop getting it if you can't afford to right now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said one of our problems is we don't live WITHIN our means.
Get a job that's able to pay your bills and the extra money you earn put it to the side and start a business so you can have power and dominion of your own in case anything happens. What if you don't want to run a business? Fine invest in another brother/sister who does and let your money make money for you. When you go to work everyday, go to work knowing you have a plan and goal to GET OFF eventually and do for self. #BrotherBenX


Power. #BrotherBenX

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I had to help out and support my family at the Nation of Islam's very own Respect for Life Books N' Things Store.
We have a very special unity in Brooklyn. They have never been strangers to supporting my published works nor have I ever been reluctant to patronize and build.
Please support this beautiful business spear headed by such an amazing sister and her husband located at 537 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Follow our good Brother @brotherbenx while you at


We gone boss up brothers✊🏿 #BrotherBenX

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