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What better way to tryout my new @gopro Hero 7 than to jump into the pool with it after an awesome workout with my dude @stevecook! Dual cannonballs into the pool is how we recover after training sessions in the Laich garage gym.....

Coolest thing about this new @gopro camera is the built in Hypersmooth stabilization! No rig necessary for that anymore, the camera is super smooth on its own as you can see! And being waterproof as well, basically means you can do anything with it - this thing kicks ass! Time to hit some new adventures, thanks @gopro! #goprohero7 #experiencedifferent

My man @stevecook dropped by the house today for a workout, and we want to share it with you guys! Grab your workout buddy, give this a shot, and see if you can take our time down! Goes like this:

For Time:
100 cal Echo Bike while partner holds a plank
100 wall balls @ 20 while partner does GHD Sit-ups
100 Pull-ups while partner rides the Bike Erg
100 KB swings overhead @ 53 while partner does Double Unders
100 cal Ski Erg while partner does sandbag throws over the shoulder with 100lbs

Time = 23:16

Always love doing workouts with friends, and @stevecook is one of the fittest I know! Check out his page for more fitness tips, and look him up on YouTube for even more content, you need this dude in your life!

Have fun with this workout guys, and let us know your time in the comments below!! 🙌

You want to be successful at something, whether in athletics or another field, here’s what life is gonna look like for you.....

99% of the time it’s just you and:
Your struggles.
Your resolve.
Your obstacles.
Your efforts.
Your doubts.
Your confidence.
Your fears.
Your purpose.

The other 1% of the time, you might get the chance to express the practice that you’ve diligently put in in front of an audience. But it’s not about them, it’s about you and your why. Doing it for them isn’t a big enough driving force to get you to where you want to go, but doing it for you - that’ll take you places that are further than you ever dreamed of! Do it because it matters to you, end of story!

With @nhl training camps under way, here’s a #tbt to last year with the @lakings and me messing around on marketing/media day.

Hit me with your best caption in the comments below and the best one gets a follow back! 🤪

I’m grateful for many things, two of them being my beautiful wife, and this rad California life! 🤙 #wcw #lovethisplace #cali

Wanna test your stamina? See if you can complete this:

3 Rounds:
1M - 18/14 Echo Bike calories
2M - 15/12 Echo Bike calories
3M - 12/9 Echo Bike calories
4M - Rest

The calories above on the left are for males, and on the right for females. The goal is to try and complete the required amount of calories each minute in less than :45, and then rest the next :15 seconds before starting the next set of calories.

Not gonna lie, this one’s gonna test you, so get ready to dig in!! Let me know if you made it in the comments below! #crossfit #fitness 🙌

📷: my dude @austincp


So excited about this!! We are working hard every day to build and bring to you our @opengym app, on both iOS and Android! On it you will be able to:
✔️get new bodyweight only workouts every day
✔️see demo videos with instructions and tips
✔️get big discounts on super healthy products from our carefully selected nutritional partners
✔️engage with our inspiring community
✔️plus much more......!

Coming your way very soon! In the meantime, check us out and follow along at @opengym - and try out some of our free workouts! #OpenUp #NoExcuses

Here’s a #beatbrooks challenge for you to kick off the new week!

5 Rounds For Time:
15 Calorie Ski Erg
21 Calorie Row
Time = 9:22

@concept2inc #beatbrooks

Working some pulling strength today! One of the best ways to improve it is just simple, functional work:

Every minute for 10 minutes complete:
3 Strict Pull-ups with a 1 second pause at the top of each rep

If this is easy for you, do Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups instead, still with the 1 second pause at the top of each rep.

Simple. Effective. Doing this kind of work consistently will start to show up in many others areas of your training! Go at it team! 🙌

Afternoon workout with the homies @derekhough and @coryt - here it is for you if you want to try it with your crew:

Rotation between all 3 partners, 2 partners are working at all times and the other partner is resting

For Time:
400 Double Unders, partner does Wall Balls
300 Bike Erg cals, partner Handstand Holds
200 Row cals, partner does Abmat Sit-ups
100 Echo Bike cals, partner does Bicep Curls with empty barbell

Time 33:15

Love hitting workouts with friends, makes it so more enjoyable! Tag your workout buddies and give this a shot! #sundayfunday #noshirtshere #fitness

Clash of the titans, who you got in the best of 7? #ipitythefool 🏓

Flexy Friday - spending some quality time on mobility today.

When training, most people put their focus onto how many reps they do, how much weight they lift, how far they run or bike..... but very few people put emphasis on how well they move! If you develop proper movement patterns first, I promise you everything else listed above will fall into place with ease, and with less risk of injury!

Move efficiently first, move fast and intensely second! Approach it this way, and your athleticism will skyrocket! 🚀 #fridayfitness #mobility

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