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Planning my next adventure! Where should I go, what should I do, and with who? 📷: @kristysowin

A little trip to the pool at @amanjiwo.......

Channeling my inner Ali today.... Monday, I’m coming at you! 📷: @garrettgee

About last night..... #ninachella

Another solid day of training in the books, with a lighter training day tomorrow rounding out an incredible week. My success this week is due to applied focus on the following:

Terrific sleep - 9+ hours / night ✔️
Performance nutrition ✔️
Extensive warm-up prior to training ✔️
Focused areas of development ✔️
Honoring my craft ✔️
There’s so much more that goes into achieving success than just hard work. We all work hard, in this day and age that’s not enough to separate you from the pack. You need a 360⁰ approach to your craft, whatever it may be, in order to rise above the rest. That’s the table stakes of the uber competitive world we live in today. I’m not saying this to scare you, I’m saying it because I want you to succeed.

Honor your craft, there’s areas you are overlooking. Find them, focus on and develop them, couple that with an unbeatable work ethic - and the world will take notice!

What’s your craft?
📷: @hebercannon

This trip to Indonesia aboard @sailtigerblue was just too good. Here’s a little #fbf of it, courtesy my friends @gopro! Full YouTube video coming your way soon!

I shot the entire trip on the @gopro #Hero7Black, the best adventure camera on the market! If you’re doing any sort of traveling or adventuring - I highly recommend grabbing picking one up - it’s next level! 💯

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Dandy little accessory piece from my friends at, add this in after your workout today:

Every 1:30 for 7 sets complete:
3 DB Hang Clean + Jerk left
3 DB Hang Clean + Jerk right
12 DB alternating Power Snatches

Build in weight throughout the rounds, ending with a heavy, but not max effort, weight. Happy Friday team, you guys rock! 👊 #crossfit

Front squats are one of my favorite exercises. They are a very athletic movement, requiring many elements of fitness in order to be able to perform the movement properly, and then with load.

To perform the front squat properly, you need terrific dorsiflexion in the ankles. You also need great hip mobility to allow yourself to sink into the squat fully. And of course, you need terrific mobility in your lats, shoulders, and upper back to allow you to stay upright while in the squat position.

Doing front squats will obviously build a lot of lower body strength - glutes, quads, and even hamstrings. But one of the main benefits from front squatting will be the development of trunk strength. Because the weight is loaded on your front side, it requires more activation of the back, and abdomen, to prevent the weight from falling forward and dropping to the floor. This is the main reason I do front squats - they are incredible for developing trunk stability and overall strength!

If you don’t have front squats in your programming, I would highly recommend adding them in. You will see benefits across the board. Start with lighter weights, perfect the movement, then add load.

What other exercises are you guys curious to hear my opinion on? Let me know below and I will get something to you soon! 🙌💯👊

📷: my man @hebercannon

Happiest of birthdays to this silly one! My fellow 🇨🇦, adventure junkie, and ‘adopted daughter’ - I wish you the world and more @nina! #prouddad 😂😂😂

📷: @iflyheli

The #beatbrooks challenge for today, try this wall ball piece.....

For time:
100 wall balls @ 30lbs for men, 20lbs for women
* 10 toes-to-bar every time you break *
My time = 6:48

I broke 4 times in this workout, so I had to do 40 toes-to-bar. Who wants to give it a shot, think you got what it takes to take me down? Post your times in the comments below, go at it team! #workoutwednesday

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