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Soft focus 📽 body rows with some rotation and in focus 📽 single arm row with rotation and leg support I saw on some gymnastic-y gram.. anything for them #pullups 💪🏼

Im not usually a reposter but I couldn't have written this better myself.1st if you want to start or UP your running game - sign up with this woman. 2nd there's no better #fitspo out there than Rachel's authentic expression of athlete + #grownasswoman
The Easter egg hidden here? If you're still obsessing over your appearance, give your body a skill to gain and you'll quickly see your focus broaden from the toxic [ #patriarchy ]to something fuller, realer, whole.
💖 @goandglowrun
An ode to thighs: I used to hate you. A lot. The constant chaffing, the endless stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, the jiggle, and a lot of squishy parts. No matter how many miles I run, or how many reps of strengthening work I try SO hard to do, it’s all still there. But two kids later, pounds lost, pounds gained (repeat cycle, repeat, etc), I have come to like you. You’ve powered me through so many races, including my obtaining a slew of PR’s (2 BQ’s-both postpartum, and I actually have WON a couple random races!); you’ve carried me though endless school and daycare pickups or when naps weren’t working out at home so I chose to walk for hours just to get my babies to sleep. On a daily basis, sometimes it’s all about squatting and lunging to lift my kids up, or picking up messes and dropped toys, over and over again. I used to try to cover you up but now I don’t have time for that, nor is it practical anymore. You power me through training others and myself. We tend to ogle over babies and toddlers that have those lovely delicious rolls upon rolls, and coo and aww when they begin to crawl and walk with their chubby bodies and squishy legs. It’s a sign of health and strength, right? As adults, don’t forget that. No matter how much jiggle you think (or know) you have (this isn’t a bad thing, we are supposed to have squishy parts!), focus on what else is there, too. You are strong. You are sturdy. So what if you have dimples and soft places. Strength isn’t defined by one body type or how much jiggle or muscle tone we may or may not have. It’s also a mindset, a mental shift, and also about embracing what is there. The whole package. 📷: @dianadaviscreative 😍#ihavearunnersbody

It's happening! TWO (yes two!) Two Hour #fasciaerelease workshops this month! Double the restorative time💆‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️deets below-link in bio to sign up☝🏼 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST 6:30-8:30 P.M

4-6 P.M $35



Inspired by a guy I follow (could not for the life of me did his feed to tag.. if it's you- shout it out) who rehabbed his knees with some of these mobility pistol squat situations. I thought it looked fun so I gave it a try. Enjoy my fall off the blocks and then right back up on that 🐎 💪🏼#strength + #mobility + #balance

I'm teaching tonight! Just two spots left at 7PM💪🏼come listen to my moderate lisp and strange sing song way of egging you on when I get all excited about your "side body" 😶🤗

#nofilter wrapping up our lazy last days of summer; chanterelle foraging, doggie play dating, skinny dipping (post being eaten by mosquitoes) drinking too much rosé, eating too many local bakery goods and local beef till you're kinda done with steak for a bit, sleeping on porches, falling asleep well before and well after my bedtime, making new friends and making deeper friends and trading skills for preserves and fruit and stopping at yard sales and completing painting projects and wishing it could all last another 10 days. So much humid heat to soak into my bones and store till spring 💖 thanks #ithaca you never disappoint.

I walked a tight rope tonight! A wire the width of my thumb! This was actually the second time I got across.. the first time was prettier but I got performance anxiety knowing I was recording it the second time and fell/ reached for that dismount..buuuut like wtf bc either way twice in one night I walked a tight rope!
IT WAS SO FUN IT WAS SO FUN IT WAS SO FUN! Im having so much fun learning circus skills @circusculture all this week! *sigh* so regret I got too intimidated to try to go to circus training for college. Oh well i'm here now! I also did some trampoline jumps and lots of cartwheel variations and a whole lotta handstand practice tonight💪🏼SO FUN! EVERYTHING IN CIRCUS IS FUN! I'm putting a tight rope somewhere in the studio asap or else quickly being arrested trespassing at construction sites🤔also once I get real good at this i'm 100% becoming a cat burglar jewelry thief al la To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant 💖 #circusculture

Happy to be soaking in some summer days; sweating and napping and cooking and puttering and spending a lot of time processing all my thoughts and feelings and needs and dreams while I have time to stroll, teeter on a cruiser bike for pleasure rather than commute and altogether put myself through a softening in nature like some wash cycle that leaves me lighter and cleaner than I arrived. Time off is not a luxury except that it is so often reserved/ accessible to the privileged few, time off is necessary - space for thoughts, sleep, day dreams, hobbies, boredom even loneliness, it is necessary. It feeds us. It calibrates us. It reconnects us. #summer #ithaca #rosé

I'm teaching #ReleaseAndRestore this Saturday @circusculture #ithaca ! Starting my vacay by turning a bunch of circus folk into human puddles... but seriously, they seem really boring and not fun at all so send your upstate buds my way 😑. Sign up via their website (yeah this video means right next to circus culture studio is a donut shop pop up on sunday basically #goalachieved ) 💪🏼🍩🎪💪🏼join me! #fasciaexorcism this time with clowns! 🤡

When unicycle hangout meets @oneringdonuts
P.S. there are still donuts available at the pop up right outside of our space !!! Goooo get donuts! #donuts🍩 #lifeononewheel #circusisfamily

I was not always a flexible person. I'm naturally quite strong and what we gain or have in stability we often lose or give up in mobility. This is not necessary.. it's just commonly the case. When I was a pre-teen my summer theater camp teacher (yep that's what I said 👩‍🎨) had us stretching before class everyday. I was amazed how quickly it worked and was in love with the feeling of touching my toes and working towards splits (umm still working..) but literally since that day I've been doing something towards my mobility every day. Practice works.
Hip/ knee/ ankle/ foot/ hamstring/ glute/ inner thigh/ lower back mobility exercise💪🏼💆‍♀️💪🏼

Monday is already filling up! #fasciaerelease 7PM my last Monday till after labor day 🏕

Kinda took me all morning but Friday computer day made better by homemade peach breakfast pie.. I'm deciding Friday breakfast pie is a thing. #TGIF thanks to @food52 for the recipe 😋

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