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Brooklyn Museum  We aim to serve our diverse public as a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming center for learning through the visual arts.

A little #bluesday inspiration from #bkmartsofamericas: In the Americas, greater access to glass trade beads enabled women to cover entire surfaces of clothing and bags with colorful, intricate beaded designs. In Mexico and Central and South America, glass beads were treasured for embellishing ceremonial garments. #infinitebluebkm đŸ””

Our upcoming evening with #AliceWalker sold out during Member presales, but you can still see the acclaimed author and activist in an intimate lecture inspired by her life's work and the exhibition #WeWantedaRevolution. Tune in to our Livestream this Thursday at 7:30pm. Get first dibs on info and tickets for exciting BKM Programming by becoming a #BKMMember | đŸ“· by Scott Campbell

#NowOnView in #BKMEgyptianart—The Head of Serapis is a beautiful example of the melding of cultures that took place during the Greco-Roman era. A composite deity, Serapis incorporated features of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Apis and such Greek and Roman gods as Zeus and Helios.

There's only one month left to see drawings from artist @jeremydeller's untraditional life class with an unexpected model, Iggy Pop. #iggypoplifeclass dismisses June 18.⠀

Nearly a decade ago anthropologists found that Maya blue was produced as part of Maya sacrificial ceremonies. The creation of this extremely durable pigment was a remarkable technical achievement, and the colorant has survived for nearly 2000 years in some cases. Recently #BKMConservation used multiband imaging to map the presence of Maya blue on our Maya figurine and headdress of a nobleman—as seen with this infrared subtraction image. Learn more this process at and see this remarkable figurine on view in #infinitebluebkm

These summer-like temperatures are making us feel like #FlorineStettheimer's Heat (1919). Painted in her typically quirky mix of fantasy and reality, this family portrait is inspired by a birthday celebration for Stettheimer’s mother in the summer of 1918. In it the artist, her mother, and three sisters lounge in the intense summer heat in a garden, loosely based on their rented summer house Bedford Hills, New York. The artist’s sister Ettie (here in the pink flowered dress) left the painting to the Brooklyn Museum in 1957, and it is now reunited with other images of Stettheimer’s family circle in @thejewishmuseum's new show Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry.⠀

The AfriCOBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) collective had clear objectives which included developing a new, identifiable African American aesthetic, promoting pride in African American Identity, and committing to a social responsible and community-oriented art. In order to fulfill their objectives, members decided to use the poster as their main artistic medium. Easily and cheaply mass-produced, the poster was a democratic form of art that allowed the organization’s message to reach the masses. Members like co-founder #BarbaraJonesHogu used the format to address themes that related to their experiences as people of African descent, for both their group exhibitions and in designs by individual artists on more universal themes about black life. #wewantedarevolution⠀

A little #bluesday inspiration from #BKMAsianart: Necklaces like this one were made by the Ainu people, who inhabited parts of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands before those areas were claimed by Japanese and Russian settlers. Ainu women wore these necklaces on formal occasions, and the necklaces were also displayed inside houses, alongside other treasured items. The origin of the glass beads may have contributed to the value of these items, as they were often imported from the southern islands of Japan or other foreign sources, traveling through extensive trade routes that linked the Ainu to distant communities in Manchuria and Sakhalin, among others. #infinitebluebkm đŸ””

Our visitors are so en pointe. On your next visit, explore and express yourself like @julietdoherty and the @ballerinaproject_ and share your beautiful shots with us using #mybkm. You may end up on our feed!

Across cultures and time periods, mothers' abilities to continue loving us—even when we behave like brats—will always inspire us with awe. This #MothersDay, thank mom for her unwavering patience with a day filled with art and poetry here at the #brooklynmuseum. Tour our collections or smash exhibitions #okeeffemodern and #wewantedarevolution, then join #Brooklyn born @AjaMonet for an intimate afternoon of poetry dedicated to mothers, daughters, and sisters everywhere. We love you moms!

#GeorgiaOKeeffe’s choice of colors in her art and wardrobe often reflected the tones of the landscapes that surrounded her. During annual visits to Lake George, New York, she painted local bodies of water and their forested surroundings in deep, cool shades of blue, green, and brown. ⇹ When O'Keeffe moved to New Mexico she dressed more casually than she did in New York. She also incorporated more color into her wardrobe, beginning to wear Levi’s jeans, which she called “the costume of this country.” ⇹ O’Keeffe paired her jeans with men’s long-sleeved cotton shirts. One of her favorites was designed by Walter McCrory, a well-known shirtmaker whose customers reportedly included actors, royalty, and politicians, as well as this iconoclastic artist. Its blue and white colorway recalls her paintings of the New Mexico sky. #okeeffemodern

This is a perfect weekend to take advantage of our @brooklynbotanic x #okeeffemodern combo ticket. Hint, hint: Moms will love it! 😘Link in bio.

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