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Decorative, mass-produced, concrete breeze blocks are ever so present in the day-to-day architecture in the Caribbean, and familiar to every islander. Puerto Rican artist Pablo Serrano-Otero inserts new ideas and materials into this nostalgic element, re-rendering the object in cast resin, giving it translucency and colors reminiscent of the light-absorbing colors of Caribbean homes. Visit during Museum hours all month and see works by six emerging Caribbean artists as part of @iamcaribbeing's month-long residency.

Created specially for this project, Disappeared Quipu calls attention to the disappearance of knowledge through the loss of a complex, ancient textile tradition. #CeciliaVicuña’s work links people of the past, present, and future in a collective act of resistance and remembrance, celebrating the centuries-long cultural legacy of the Andean people.

Artist Tania L. Balan-Gaubert draws from her Haitian and American heritages to construct works that are caught between several realms. Her interdisciplinary practice employs photography, found and ready-made objects, craft materials, assemblage, installation and video to contemplate migration, long-distance nationalism, and belonging. In her installation for the CaribBEING House, she pieces together fragments of her memories—stories that have been passed down to her, and documentation of a home/land she can never know in the way her parents do, yet one she feels deeply connected to. Visit during Museum hours all month and see works by six emerging Caribbean artists as part of @iamcaribbeing's month-long residency.

The Thunderbolt was one of three classic wooden roller coasters constructed at Coney Island in the 1920s. After its closure in 1983, and demolition in 2000, The Thunderbolt’s site remains empty to this day. The Tornado, the second of the signature roller coasters, burned in 1977, while the third, the Cyclone, has been a New York City Historic Landmark since 1991. Raise your hand if a trip to #ConeyIsland is still on your #SummerFridays bucket list 👋

When engaged in formal duties like guarding the palace or marching in parades, members of the Joseon military wore red coats with fur trim. The wearer of this outfit must have been particularly high-ranking because his jacket is in silk velvet instead of the more common (and itchier) wool flannel. Hidden inside the jacket are small leather pieces, layered like fish scales, that served as body armor. #artsofkorea #한국미술

Artist Devin Osorio (@devinosorio) was born in a Dominican-American community in Washington Heights and raised in rooms filled with photographs, paintings, knick-knacks, music, and love. Inspired by these walls “drenched with family heritage and island nostalgia,” Osorio recreates the home and community he loves and misses, incorporating the same markers of afro-latinidad into his installation in the CaribBEING House. Visit during Museum hours all month and see works by six emerging Caribbean artists as part of @iamcaribbeing's month-long residency. ⠀

Our fall season of Adult Gallery/Studio Programs is now live! This semester, gain technical skills behind the camera and in the print lab, venture into printmaking with linocuts and silkscreens, or experiment with new methods for layering, glazing, and washing in inks and translucent acrylics. Visit link in our bio and click the "Fall Art Classes" button to register! 📸 by Kara Birnbaum #bkmeducation

A little Bluesday inspiration from #BKMIslamicart: Small pouring vessels like this and the long-necked sprinkler nearby were used for dispensing rosewater and other perfumes, shared with guests at festive occasions. The slim, curvaceous spouts of the ewer and sprinkler forms were admired and adapted by nineteenth- and twentieth-century glassmakers in the West, most notably Tiffany. #infinitebluebkm 🔵⠀

Stop by our outdoor Plaza this week to hear Pan Lime, a Flatbush-based Pan-Jazz Trio, and bring your own instruments to join the jam session! Enjoy the music this Thursday at 7 pm and Saturday at 2 pm. Link in bio for the full August @iamcaribBEING lineup! 📸 @kolinmendezphoto

Nothing beats these dog days of summer, like some good puppers on our Plaza! Post your doggos, floofs, and woofers using #mybkm and we may just share their snoots on our feed. 🐶📸: @puppyinbrooklyn @heyitsfranklinthecorgi @localhunny @chavelaforpresident @spottypawsdora @lizzi247 @mattcynamon @meet.the.papaya @ettajames_pup @slatefloral #sundog

“Three portraits of women ( Doña María de la Luz Padilla y Gómez de Cervantes , Mrs. Sylvester Gardiner , and Wyntje Van Vechten ) are juxtaposed with TRANSLUCENT THREADS OF DAWN (2016), an appropriated text by the early twentieth-century writer Ronald Firbank. His irreverent wit and suggestive prose underlines the ambiguity of the expressions in the portraits.” — #RobWynne

Curious what that yellow shipping container is doing on our plaza? That's the roving homebase of our friends @iamcaribbeing, and this August they're stationed out front for their third annual, month-long residency🌴 You also might have noticed that the container has some budding new additions this week thanks to artist @miriamcastilloart and the city-wide @100gatesproject 🌸🌿🌼🌱 Stop by during Museum hours all month, and click link in bio to see all the great Thursday and Saturday activations. 🎥 @arnevollstedtfotograf 🎶 @jahyanaiking

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