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If you’ve ever wondered why I spend so much time with my grandma, here’s your answer! The lady is pure entertainment. Love this little snippet from @thelisteningearproject — I’ll treasure this clip forever! 💞💞💞

Very happy my musical talent of completely guessing/butchering lyrics was passed along to Jude. 🎤🎤🎤#childprodigy

Disapproving looks by Jude. 😑 (alternate caption : Jeff’s face when I publicly admit one of the world’s greatest treasures is Bravo television)

Lots of THIS☝🏼going on. Such a happy + relaxed weekend camping with family! 💛 ( for a proper shower + a fountain drink)

Idaho, Idaho, GO GO GO! 💥💥💥

Jude gets it 🍦💙🍦

Oooooh, heaven is a place on earth! 🙌🏼

This kid is a firecracker! 💥❤️💙💥

Ideeeeho! 🌾🌾

Flexin’ hard, livin’ large 💪🏼💪🏼 #swolecity

...these photos are always a little uncomfortable. But, like a man reminded me on the trail, I should cherish these moments because some day Jude will be carrying ME in the pack(??????????). 🤔#memoriez

Prettiest day up Silver Lake in American Fork today! Lots of huffing + puffing + about 848382 rounds of ‘Wheels on the Bus.’

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