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Brookfield Zoo  Inspiring conservation leaders by connecting people with wildlife and nature, #BrookfieldZoo is open every day!

Had a long work week? You should probably chill out this weekend with some goat therapy at Wild Encounters. Guaranteed to make anyone feel better! #FridayFeeling

On a scale of nibbling to dunking your whole head in, where do you land on the pumpkin spice spectrum this fall? #quilbert #porcupine #pumpkins #pumpkinspice #brookfieldzoo

BIRTHDAY GIRL: We celebrated a special 8th birthday today for the brave Layla Rhino at Brookfield Zoo. It was an important milestone: since January 2018, Layla has undergone two dozen medical procedures and staged surgeries to treat a life-threatening, obstructive sinusitis that was blocking her ability to breathe. Without the advanced medical care available at Brookfield Zoo, Layla would likely not have reached her 8th birthday. BTW the nutritious cake featured a variety of fruits and vegetables frozen in flavored ice blocks, decorated with leafy greens, topped with a watermelon and carrot. #LaylaRhino #Layla #rhino #rhinoceros #brookfieldzoo
More on her incredible story at

"All the better to hear you with!" Okapis' huge ears help them in using infrasound (sounds so low humans can't hear them) to communicate with each other. We'd like to communicate our love for the Okapis of the world. Happy #WorldOkapiDay!

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” –Robert Wyland #WednesdayWisdom

“Pumpkins are all the rage right now!” Novel enrichment items encourage Brookfield Zoo’s animals to use their natural behaviors to explore new things – in this case, pumpkins! Can you spot the different adaptations of each animal? #pumpkinspice #pumpkins #Halloween #brookfieldzoo

#HappyBirthday to Merlin Dolphin! He is five years old today.🐬 Bottlenose dolphins communicate with each other through a variety of clicks and whistles, so be sure to whistle Merlin your very best rendition of happy birthday when you see him next! #bottlenose #dolphins #brookfieldzoo

Brookfield Zoo is proud to be a member of @zoos_aquariums (AZA), along with over 230 other accredited organizations. Just by visiting AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums, you are supporting the leaders in the care and conservation of animal wildlife. Thank you! #aza #brookfieldzoo #wildlife #conservation @zoos_aquariums

National Veterinary Technician Week (Oct. 14-20, 2018) is an annual weeklong event started in 1993 to recognize and celebrate the backbone of every veterinary practice: the certified veterinary technician. Brookfield Zoo is fortunate to have 7 incredibly talented vet techs on our animal hospital team! #veterinarian #VetTech #AnimalHospital

I don’t always eat cantaloupe but when I do… I drink the juice and spit out the pulp. P.S. It's #BatAwarenessMonth. #bats #batman #brookfieldzoo #batawareness #Rodriguesfruitbat

Get lost in the Craized Maize during Boo! at the Zoo. This amazing maze of maize is one of many family friendly activities, Saturdays and Sundays now through the 28th. Full list of goings-on at 🌽 #notsoscary

♻️ 📱 We are celebrating #WorldOkapiDay at Brookfield Zoo this Saturday, October 13. Bring an old cell phone to recycle and help wild okapi, catch an okapi Zoo Chat at 11:15 or 2:15, or create an okapi craft at Hamill Family Play Zoo from 11:00 - 2:00! #okapi #brookfieldzoo #recycle #cellphones More info here>>>

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