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Brooke Tran  Lil trizz // Stanford '21 🌲

Is it really your last day of high school if you didn't flick it up in the courtyard?

love love love my ap comp gov squad, thanks for being the best class I ever accidentally took #softservebrexit #circ #up #carlazuz #🐍

college bound but we still can't figure out boomerang @aloedinap @forthenguyen3

Bailando w dis sweet horchata

Stoked to attend this paradise of an institution for the next 4 years #stanford2021 🌲❀️

#happyearthday bc u are one good lookin planet 🌎🌱🌈

What a fun field trip with these cool chicks πŸ“πŸ“

Because we are ALL immigrants. #noban #stolenland

'Twas a TBT #freshmen

"Don't take it for granite" -Teresa Nguyen, ruining our tour of the Capitol

O beautiful for spacious skies

Sup from my physics bday party πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘it was Ff=uN

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