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Brooke Simpson 🦄  NEW SINGLE PERFECT AVAILABLE NOW!! The Voice Season 13 finalist Just a happy girl writing sad songs 💫

Next week I’ll be making some magic with with people who I look up to and who believe in me. I’m so excited. Before, during and even after my time on The Voice I put a lot of artistic restrictions on myself out of fear. Fear of being rejected, misunderstood...but I’m ready to drop that heavy useless weight. Ready to step into freedom. Not sure how soon but WHEN I drop new music..I’m gonna be honest, unapologetic, and its gonna be beautiful. I hope you like it. And if you don’t, idc :)



my heart is so full ❣️

the only person who’s seen every part of my mind and even the dark corners of my heart.
love you more 🕊 .
📸 @fernando.tirad

SO GRATEFUL for the life I have, the gift I’ve been given, the drive that keeps me focused, the passion rattling in my bones, and the constant love given to me from you. In no way shape or form is my life perfect nor am I immune to the occasional heart ache. But the good in every way outweighs the bad.

Thank you so much for having me Indigenous Day Live 🇨🇦💛 #idl2018
So much fun meeting so many beautiful humans and performing with @juliantaylorband
I loved Canada but I’m so happy to be back home.
Now let’s pray time flies because I’m so ready for July 5th at @thepeppermintclub I could cry 😬🤩

More followers than friends 🥀📝

LA!! I’ll be at @thepeppermintclub on July 5th at 8pm! Swipe left for all the detailssss 🤠

Im so excited about this show...I’ve put so much thought, prayer, and hard work into the setlist. It’s gonna be different than any show I’ve done so far. Im so excited to be sharing NEW never before heard originals for you. Im gonna tell stories, share my heart, love on you and sing my face off. 💗💗💗 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and can’t wait to see you there!!

Happy graduation day to dumb and dumber!! 💙
Mikey you are so creative, poetic, passionate, funny, and have so much charisma. You put your entire heart into all of your projects and it does not go unnoticed- please NEVER lose that. The music industry and even more so, THE WORLD needs zealous, passionate people like you in it.
Leah you are so wise, loving, compassionate, intentional, and have incredible discernment. The way you stand for what you believe in without wavering not only inspires me but it challenges me. Your character and heart is so uncommon these days, and is so needed.
You both inspire me daily. I love you so much. And I am so proud of you. 💘

I’m falling to pieces
And you can blame the one before you
I know you are guiltless
And yet you’re reaping what he’s sown
But if you pick up the pieces
I promise I’ll try to learn to let go 🥀

California girl

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