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Brooke Norton • 21 • Student  🌏 NZ,Auckland ✈️ Palmerston North 📽 YouTube: Brooke MissFit 💪🏼👸🏻💕 🤓BioChemistry | Physiology 📚 🔶NZ Muscle Athlete 👉🏼DISCOUNT CODE: "BROOKE"

Absolutely love this tip @brettlaidler_fitness gave me - to point your toes when doing leg curls.... wowie it burns... here we had 3 different weights pre-set to turn over the dropset a bit faster. This was my final set: 20 reps at the heaviest weight and 10-15 reps at an intermediate weight followed by another 10 reps at a lower weight. Keeping toes pointed at the end to increase the burn. I tried this again last night and again today and now I’m addicted! 🙈

After an epic hike up Queenstown Hill (definitely not just a “hill” 😅) A Bottle of cold water was very much appreciated 😍 BUT don’t be fooled... this isn’t just any bottle of water... this is not plastic! It’s made from plants😉 Stunning Scenic Views like these make you realise how much our environment is worth protecting. ❤️ Go and support the new NZ company @forthebettergood_ and help them help us save our beautiful environment. This is an extremely easy was to begin reducing our use of plastic. Baby steps guys! The future is looking brighter than ever xxx

@onsenhotpools really is a magical place... 😍 Thank you so much @danenorton and @libbyjespersen for treating me to this amazing experience in Queenstown for my birthday! I love you guys with all my heart ❣ First day of semester tomorrow and I feel so ready now that I’ve had an amazing break xoxo

Good to be back in Palmy with my Cellucor Cookies n Cream Whey Protein 😍 I also brought down my Muscle Pharm Vanilla Whey 🙊 Now I’m just after a chocolate whey... might go Gat Sport again 😏 Man I love @nzmuscle and their amazing variety of supps 😍 make sure to use my discount code “BROOKE” When shopping through them 😁 Also, let me know what your favourite supps are in the comments! I love hearing your thoughts and opinions 😁❤️xx

You can tell a real lifter was behind designing the formula for this @nzmuscle Pre Workout 💪🏼😍 3.2g of beta alanine, 500mg of agmatine and 2g of citrulline malate... my goodness... what a matrix ❤️ The Raspberry cola flavour is amazing too (if you like raspberry cola) 🤤... I must say, I’m extremely proud to be a part of this amazing team 😊 so much love and knowledge has been put into providing us all with the best quality products and prices available ❤️ Make sure to use my discount code “BROOKE” and please feel free to message me with any questions regarding supplementation to fuel your training and recovery 😊
Photo cred: @ciderfilms 📸

I am Having the Most Amazing Time Exploring My Childhood Memories Through Arrowtown and Queenstown. I Can’t Believe How Blessed I am to Have Such and Amazing, Loving, Family who Took the Time to Organise this Trip for me to Surprise me for my Birthday 🙊 Everyday so Far has Been Filled with So Many Magical Moments. Every Second is Full of Laughter and Gratitude. ❤️ Currently Heading Back to the Apartment to Jump in the Sauna to Relax our Muscles from the Long and Exciting Adventure we had Today Skiing Around the Top of the Mountains ❄️🙏🏻 Thank you @danenorton @libbyjespersen @__h.jones__ @count_norton_ For Organising This Winter Wonderland Experience For Me. I Cannot Express to You How Grateful I Truely am ❤️ No Words Will Ever Be Enough 🙊❄️ I Love You!xxx

Had such a Good Workout with @lukegow at @nzmusclegym 😁 New Goal is to do Pull ups without the assistance. I never really cared about gaining the ability to do pull ups, but now having the hope that it may help with maintaining good posture I am a bit more motivated 😁 I also learned that I have terrible shoulder joint flexibility 🙈 which is a huge contributor to bad posture so today I am on the hunt for a wooden stick to use for stretching at home! 😂 I love learning new things about my health and weaknesses because acknowledging them and then improving them are so rewarding 😁

I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to end a heavy and intense 2.5hour leg workout off with deadlifts 😵 First time using lifting straps and omg... I’m hooked! I Must invest in a pair for myself! Shout out to @brettlaidler_fitness for introducing me to them properly and also for teaching me some epic new tips to enhance my leg workouts 😁

Surround yourself by people who share the same vibrations as you. People who have similar values and aspirations as you. It is true that no one else is responsible for your feelings but yourself. However, if you choose your company wisely, it makes it easier to sustain a state of bliss even during tough times. It is up to you to decide what energy you want to be around and absorb. The moment you begin to blame someone else for any negative emotions you feel, you must accept and take on the responsibility yourself to make the change. Change your direction. Either physically remove yourself from their company or shift your focus on what you gain out of the conversation. Focus on the love and lessons from the experience. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. Transform negativity into positivity, or simply just surround yourself by only positivity which you will then absorb and reflect. I am so blessed to have met this amazing group of people at @nzmusclegym ❤️ My heart is so full ❤️😘

A sneak peak of last nights shoot... got some hectic content coming your way! Had such an amazing time working out with @katieparsonsfitness and shooting with @ciderfilms! Make sure to go give those guys a follow if you haven’t already 😁 there work is 🔥 I currently feel like I’ve been hit by a bus 😂 every single muscle group is in so much pain... so I’m gonna go have a light full body workout to get the blood flowing to all my muscles, follow it up with a protein shake and a nice hot bath and then actually stretch for once in my life 😂 taking advantage of being on holiday as much as I can! This next 2 weeks is going to be a retreat to heal my body and mind ❤️ tonight I am gonna start planning out my next few YouTube vlogs for y’all too xx

Fish oils are one of those supplements that could benefit ANYONE no matter what your age, goals, training or fitness levels are this little capsules of goodness will always be able to help you maintain healthy blood pressure, heart function, digestive system, brain function and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, as well as various types of cancers. They’re also great for hair and nail health too 🙊 So here’s the brand I’ve been using from @nzmuscle along with my flat mates dog @haynethehusky 😂! If you wanna grab some too make sure to use my discount code “BROOKE” 😁❤️ Happy Monday everyone!x

So good to be home! ❤️ I’ve missed this gym so much! @nzmusclegym you truely have the BEST equipment and the BEST music and the BEST vibes! 🤩 After a hectic 2 weeks of exams I am finally ready to buckle down on my training, eating and sleeping. I’ve got a lot of food and sleep to catch up on and I’m feeling very depleted and worn out but starting right now I am back into having health and training my priority! Time to have a post workout re-feed of fresh fish and salad 😁 xoxo

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