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VISION SUNDAY at Hillsong CA was 💥💥💥!!! Our own stories woven together within the grand story within the greatest story. I am inspired and rocked and adrenaline-filled and slightly odorous because I went super hard tonight and I think my deodorant has stopped working. I LOVE MY CHURCH 💒 (Borrowed this photo from our phenomenal SF pastor @jacquibrown) @hillsongla @hillsong_oc @hillsong_sf

Vision Sunday ready! 💒

Welcome to my new series: “Doors that Brian Wilson has walked into”.

HBD @brianchouston! So grateful for your life and ever aware of how many of us have lives that are flourishing because of the healthy, fun, purposeful, visionary culture you and @bobbiehouston have pioneered in our church at great personal cost! Thank you for your kindness to and belief in me over all these years. Love ya heaps.

Happy birthday to this dear man @benjaminhouston. I’m reposting what he posted this day a year ago because it epitomises who he is. Others-focused, always. Love you to bits, Benny. You are a special special person in this world! #Repost @benjaminhouston

But I don't need acknowledgement or messages or 'likes' or gifts... all that matters to me is that you do something kind for someone today. You don't need to know the story of these boys but it breaks my heart and I'm just thinking bout them a lot today. I love them and pray the best for them. But do something nice today... encourage, give, help, love, embrace, empathize, lament, welcome, feed, clothe, visit, listen, or maybe just smile at someone. Our world can be so AMAZING and yet can be so crappy for many. Certain policies, laws, ignorance, anger, pride, stubbornness and selfishness cause fear & pain & heartache for many. BUT WE CAN DO AT LEAST A LITTLE TO COUNTER THAT JUST BY SHOWING A LITTLE LOVE!Anyway that's all I care about today. ✌️❤

WHEN YOU’RE DESPERATE TO BE AT THE WINTER OLYMPICS BUT YOU LIVE IN BURBANK (Spotted on our way home from our date tonight) (We don’t live in Burbank but I assume this passionate roller blader does) (By a strange turn of events we ended up on a date in Burbank) (It was very nice)

This morning I gave Scotty a Valentine’s card the girls decorated for him. He apologised and said he had a card but had lost it, and then came around the corner with THIS 🎸. I keep Eric in the Southern Hemisphere and Paul in the Northern to avoid flying them too much, but Paul is too precious to travel now and I’ve been secretly longing for another Eric for the Northern Hemisphere for ages - and in the midst of travel and big life stuff happening Scotty somehow managed to organise this incredible surprise for me. Instant tears. After 12 Valentines Days together, Scotty still SHOCKS me with the deeply thoughtful ways he expresses his delight in me. I am a blessed, blessed woman and I KNOW IT. 😭😭😭 I know I love him as much as he loves me, but I aspire to love him as WELL as he loves me. I LOVE YOU SCOTT ROSS LIGERTWOOD ❤️ #SLOWCLAP #MartinGuitars #EricClapton #PaulSimon

Last night got me FIRED UP for Colour 2018! Sydney - Cape Town - London - USA (LA/PHX/NYC) - Kiev // www.hillsong.com/Colour

Ridiculously honoured to be with my friends and heroes at @pcc_thegrove in ATL tonight and get to witness the breathtaking thing that is happening here in this gathering of the women of Atlanta. Life, wind, verdant vibrancy. @louiegiglio @shelleygiglio you are most unusual people and you are leading a potent thing with profound purity. You have always been unnecessarily and extravagantly kind to me/us - your friendship and mentorship is an unutterable treasure. WOMEN IN THE ROOM TONIGHT - I will never take for granted what I saw and felt as I got to be a bystander to the glorious, the sacred. Watching you, one by one, stand up into the arms of Abba... welp, if there’s anything more incredible I’d like to know about it. God, You’re so good. 🎈

7 Months with Miss Delicious #RooneyIves

We have the honour of going on the road in the USA with our pastor @brianchouston this spring and are full of faith for these nights! 🇺🇸 @hillsongworship #thereismorebook #thereismorealbum #thereismore SHOUT OUT if you see your city in this list!
Austin, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Dallas, TX
Memphis, TN
St Louis, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Peoria, IL
Chicago, IL
Fort Wayne, IN
Canton, OH
Lynchburg, VA
Reading, PA
Boston, MA
Washington DC (🤫 I’ll tell you a secret - there are west coast dates in the fall 😊) [i posted the wrong image first so I had to delete then do this one, soz] HILLSONG.COM/WORSHIP for dates etc

Washin’ babies since ‘85

Writing in warm socks and chilly places with lovely people ❄️

Thank you, internet.

When your daughter inherits your passion for recycling. I mean - look how happy she is separating the plastic from the cardboard. You’re welcome, world. 🌏

When some of your favourite humans give birth to more favourite humans 😍😍😍. Over the moon for our FRAMILY the Veaches, Wilkersons and Scullys who have made STELLAR contributions to this world this past week and a bit! (Clive, Wyatt & Winnie 😍) Children really are MIRACLES

PRAY FOR CAPETOWN! Worst drought in a century. Love what Phil said at the bottom though - “difficulty forces innovation” - how amazing would it be for Cape Town to become a world leader in water efficiency!
#Repost @bobbiehouston
AGREEING THAT RAIN IS COMING FOR CAPETOWN!! COME ON. YEP. MAYBE THE WORLD IS ALL MESSED UP WITH WEATHER PATTERNS (who knows) BUT GOD IS A GOD OF MERCY AND KINDNESS. So I pinched all these images to build our faith. 🌼“Open the heavens Father ... pour out your Spirit ... and WATER on this nation we love. In Jesus Name. And we’ll give you all the glory!”. And anyone who cares, said “Amen”. Right. 💦💦💦#comeon @coloursisterhood @hillsong church. #prayermakesaway #letprayerdotheheavylifting #agreed #middaybabymidday #xoxo

#Repost @philldooley
I love our beautiful city of Cape Town and right now it needs your PRAYERS FOR RAIN. We desperately need it! But in the midst of this crisis I’m very thankful for the way people are doing their best to reduce water consumption. It’s not easy but everyone I know is making sacrifices for the greater good & this is what communities do in times of challenge, they work TOGETHER...it’s easy to blame & point fingers as to why this is happening, but I encourage everyone to focus on finding a solution to the current challenge & looking out for others who may be struggling more than you. We WILL get through this, adversity always makes you stronger, difficulty forces innovation, and so the upside of all this is that ultimately Cape Town will become one of the most water efficient cities anywhere in the world. (Sometimes it takes a crisis to help us understand what’s really valuable.) Pic @instacptguy
#PrayForRain 🙏

Family days are our favourite. 🎨 #AllBelleAllTheTime

Sooooooo good to be at #WorshipTogether2018. My first time there and I loved it! Got to see so many friends old & new / serve with my fam @hillsongworship / be led by my new fave @tashacobbsleonard and it was a sweet time. Thanks for having us Jimmy and Gudy and the @capitolcmg team who work so hard to pull this together each year - love what you are doing for UNITY and we’re behind you all the way!

🌅 🎶 We are SO STIRRED. Our new live worship album is coming April 6. To me anyway, the songs sound like the art looks... dimensional, varied, powerful, delicate, different parts of the same incredible story. On this, our 26th @hillsongworship live worship album (i.e. the first of the next quarter century #significant), it feels like we have stepped into a newness. We believe for us and for you THERE IS MORE. CAN IT BE APRIL ALREADY MY GOSSSSHHHHHHH 💥💥💥💥 #Repost @hillsongworship
THERE IS MORE” - 🎶 NEW ALBUM COMING APRIL 6! We have a deep conviction that THERE IS MORE for the church, THERE IS MORE for every believer, THERE IS MORE of God, His heart and His promises for us to discover and take hold of. It is the statement prophesied across our church by @brianchouston - and from his book, to our global Hillsong Conferences and these songs, in 2018 we are declaring over your life - "THERE IS MORE”! #thereismorealbum

Back with my womb nuggets and you can’t wipe the smile off my face! 😊

Doing things! @hillsongworship

Brian and Bobbie began Hillsong Church the year I was born, and from the outset this church they pastored had a fearless commitment to the next generation and to the new song.
That cultural keystone would be the petri dish for a musical legacy that spans three decades and actively serves the greater Church every week - it is said that 50 million people per week sing Hillsong songs in their churches.
When I am writing, I imagine them.

From house churches in India to open air churches in Africa, from churches with stained glass windows and organs to converted warehouse churches where life bursts forth from PAs and amplifiers.
From the context of post-modern “sophisticale” where to profess the Name of Jesus is considered ignorant, foolish and occasionally results in certain social deaths to the underground church in closed nations where to profess the Name of Jesus is to defy the common law and results in persecution and sometimes literal physical death.
From all these contexts weekly, we gather.
Mechanics, accountants, single parents, artists, the unemployed, the influential, the disenfranchised, the celebrated and the overlooked. We gather, and we sing.
Because at the cross of Christ, we are all equal.
Because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but through what Jesus did on the cross and the power of His Name, ALL have the opportunity to have peace with God.
This past Sunday, a song my friend Ben and I wrote for our church and the Church won a Grammy.
Honestly, I’m so moved by it.
For the greater Church - because perhaps it means the song of the people of God is rising in a new way: not a cacophony of judgment and hatred but a melody of hope for all humanity through this glorious Gospel.
And for our dear church, Hillsong Church - our congregation who sing their guts out and serve their hearts out in all areas of church life, and the countless musicians/vocalists/writers/production artistes of our creative team who over the past 34 years have served week in and week out: the harvest is your legacy. “To Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.”
‭‭Eph‬ ‭3:21‬ ‭

God is wild, y’all. I’ll find some more words soon but I need to go to sleep now. xx

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