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Brooke Taylor Crosman  Mommy of an 👼🏼 baby in the sky! 👣 #DreamingOfYouGavin Hubby @damcrosman Designer of @BrookeTaylors Creator of @yogajunkieevents Blog & shop 👇🏼

6 years later and I’m still looking at you the same way.♥️ #6yearstogether #2yearsofmarriage #alifetimetogo #ohhowiloveyou

The building to the left is where we met, exactly 8 years ago. Now the building has changed. But the memories still stay the same. Walking to set and hoping I’d see Adam, and my sis saying... “Guess what, Adams here!” I remember these days so vividly. I remember how happy I was to see you. Even if we didn’t talk to one another, because we were both shy. We knew something was there. We were drawn to one another. I still remember the day one of the actors saw me looking over at you, he asked me... “what you think he’s cute?” I replied “yes” with a shy smile and a laugh. He then decided to walk me over to you... he said “Brooke this is Adam, Adam this is Brooke.” I wish we could tell him thank you today. I wish he could see us now. I love you so much baby, Happy Anniversary.♥️ #2yearanniversary #alifetimetogo #iloveyou #wherewemet

For our anniversary eve, we decided to try out this world famous vegan burger joint! Who would of guessed it to be in Chinatown? 🤷🏼‍♀️ so, we decided to explore for a bit ♥️

In just two days, we will be celebrating our second year of marriage.
Two years have gone by so fast... but yet, it seems like forever ago... It’s weird.
We’ve grown so much as a couple.
In just two years, we’ve lived in two locations, Adams changed his career path, my company has grown so much, we’ve added a cat and another dog to our fur fam, we became pregnant and suffered the pain of losing our precious baby... So yes, when I say a lot, I mean a lot, has happened in two years.
But we are still standing and we are definitely still loving each other.
We are growing and evolving into the couple God has chosen us to be.
We are proud of all we have endured... Sometimes you just need to stop and realize how far you have come in life, especially as a couple.
We did that today.
Today, we just looked at each other and remembered how we met.
We remember how God placed us in the exact same city two years after we met.
Little did we know we would meet again and our puppy love would turn into being madly in love.
Little did we know, that I would be here writing this.

We decided to go to Los Angeles tomorrow and walk around the place where we met, where it all started.
I’m proud of how far we have come. I’m proud of us. I’m proud of who we are becoming. But most of all, I’m grateful for our never ending, evolving love.

Yesterday Cuda turned ☝🏼and tomorrow Walle turns ✌🏼 I love these sweet little furry boys so much! I don’t know what we would do without them💕

#Giveaway Tuesday honoring our sweet little Gavin. So grateful for this giveaway. @brooketaylors 💕 #Gavinslight
My heart overwhelms with love each time I mention my angel babies name to someone I randomly meet. Because of you Gavin, I am a better person. Because of you, I can impact others with your forever love and light. Because of you, I am who I am today. You are my guiding star and shinning light. I love you precious little one. You will always be remembered and shared within our little world. ✨ #dreamingofyougavin #angelbaby #alwaysremembered

#mancrushmonday To say I’m proud of my hubby and all he’s accomplished is a huge understatement. In the last year he has been promoted 3 times at his job and he is now being flown to Georgia for one of his biggest promotions yet. He works the hardest at any job he has and overcomes any obstacles. No matter what happens this man can make it happen. He’s proven that over and over again. A week is a long time for you to be away from me baby. I think it’s the longest time we have ever been away from each other.... but I think I’ll survive🙈 Have fun in Georgia and don’t work to hard. I love you so much babe and I am beyond proud of you ♥️

Guys I’m so lucky to have such a cute little niece!😍 We are about to launch @brooketaylorskids ! So if you have a little one, you must follow! So excited for all the cuteness!🙈

Running into the weekend like ☝🏼

Because of Yoga I have met so many amazing beautiful souls! People who truly know the meaning of life and are genuinely good 🙌🏼 I love my entire yoga community so much 💕 join us on nov 17th @yogajunkieevents !

New items listed @brooketaylors ☝🏼 Lovin these new green “Jade” slims🙌🏼

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