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Brooke Roper  🧡 @barre3chapelhill Instructor 💁🏼‍♀️My middle name is Langford 🎨 Inspiration, Creativity, & Real Talk

You are manifesting all the time. The Universe wants to help you reach your goals...but sometimes, it can’t help us if we’re giving mixed signals. Pay attention to the things unseen as much as you pay attention to what you do see. You’re always manifesting...let the Universe assist you always.

Happiness. The topic (or even the word) can cause eye rolling, or laughter, or cynicism, or swooning, or make you think of that goofy thing you once did which kinda made you pee a little (uh you KNOW it did)...
Either way happiness can happen anytime, anywhere, or anyplace. Society often pushes us to think money brings the happiness...but these times have begun to shed light on those fallacies. Yes, money can bring happiness....but happiness can be found with money or without. Where can you find happiness today? Or, can you be OPEN to finding happiness. Yes, there’s a lot going on in all of our lives. We are feeling feels and shifting our minds and opening to possibilities. Things may feel shaky, scary, or unstable. But, happiness can still be found in these moments of hardship. Happiness can be found when you’re feeling unsteady. Just be open...and see where your heart takes you today 🧡💥🧡

You know, love does make the world go round...and in this reading, this is what we all need. So, get some and give some today. We all could use a bit more love in our lives....right? ❤️🦄

Have you ever been asked “what do really you want?”....and when you ask yourself all you hear is crickets 🦗
Today, getting clear is the name of the game. What do you really want? Brainstorm, jot it down, thought bubbles, post it notes, whatever works for you. Dream BIG. Let them scare you. Let them make you feel like you’re gonna pee in your pants. Let them make you squeal. Let them out of your head. Put them into the world. The clearer you are, the further you’ll go. Without a goal or dream, there’s no plan. Don’t just hope for an outcome, dream big and freaking PLAN for an EPIC outcome!
You can do this. The next time someone asks you about your dreams, be ready to say, “I’m glad you asked....”

If you keep dancing in the same ways, you’re gonna get the same things. Sure, you say you want to change, but do you really want to change? Look at your dreams today and act as if they’ve already happen. If you do this, will your dance steps change? Chances are, they’d change significantly from how you’re dancing today. Let your dreams change your dance. Take the lead in your life. And then watch how the Universe comes in and dances right along side you. ✨💙⭐️

How are you 15? Have I gotten any older? I don’t think either one of us has 🙃
Ginger, you came into my life when I needed a friend and reminder I was built to be a momma. 🐾
We’ve been through so much together, I’m glad we’re still going strong. You’re my longest relationship boo thang. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being the sweet, sassy, regal queen you are. I love you my sweet girl. 😘🐶

It’s an interesting thing isn’t it? That other people see us way differently than we see ourselves. We often focus on the negative....nitpicking our entire body, downplaying our successes, criticizing every choice we’ve ever made, talking smack about the people who are supposed to have our backs....that we rarely see the positive. But if you were to ask your best friend, your mama, your next door neighbor, your partner what they see when they look at’d be rendered speechless. Why? Because where you see flaws, they see beauty. Where you see negative, they look at you in awe. When you call yourself ugly names, they wince in horror. You hurting yourself confuses the you know what out of the Universe. Because the Universe sees you as a brilliant, capable, formidable force....and it can’t understand why you don’t see yourself like that either. Today, open yourself up to the thought you are as admirable as your best friend/mama/partner/Universe thinks you are. Because you are. Show em how powerful you are 💚💙

For a lot of us, we are in this period of feeling lost. Feeling unstable. Feeling shaky as we create a new foundation underneath us. We may look around at where we are and wonder how we even got here to this place. But as you are making the choices to restructure your life, with each choice you make, you’re rebuilding your life literally from the ground up. And when you get to this new will look up and look around and see that you’ve made it. You’ve found yourself. You are home. You have a new level of understanding. You have reached a new level of growth. Let yourself be overcome with emotion. Let yourself be overcome with gratitude. Because you’ve created yourself. You’ve come home. And you’re right on the cusp of this feeling. Keep going. You’re almost there. ❤️❤️

The times they are a changin’ around us all. Shifts are being made...huge questions are being answered...and what we once shoved down in avoidance, is now coming up to the surface lovingly asking to be dealt with. As a lot of the southeast coast (myself included!) is bracing for a hurricane, perhaps we are having inner hurricanes as well. These situations are leading us to go tap into parts of ourselves we don’t fully know yet...and showing us we have the strength to move through/navigate what we are fearing. You have stocked your food pantries with provisions as well as your inner pantries with the self care tools needed to weather a storm. You have hunkered in place...use the time of quiet, of solitude, of watching the shifting winds to dive into your own inner storm. Know you’re supported. Know you’re being prayed for. Know you’re being cared for, not just by yourself, but by your divine team, both on this planet and not of this planet. The solutions will come to you....know they are on their way. Trust in your ability to weather the will make it through. 💜💙💚

I know you want to control everything. I know you want to make sure each and every outcome is guaranteed. I know because I do too. In fact, I’ve spent most of my years on this earth trying to control ALL the things. .
But, you know what? The Universe has a plan which is ALWAYS greater than what we can come up with. There are infinite possibilities and there is infinite abundance for us all. Today calls on us to be open to this possibility. There are things going on behind the scenes we can’t even see that will absolutely blow our minds in the best way possible. So as you begin to dream, as you focus on your goals...know that the Universe has your back and the Universe hears you. It knows you and your desires. And once you get clear on those desires, the Universe gets right to work. Get clear, get moving, and then let the Universe do its thing. Because when you reach that goal, it’s gonna be way better than you ever humanly thought possible. Can you feel the expansion?? I can 💚💙

What’s it going to feel like when you reach that goal or milestone? When you move out or get married or lose weight or get fit or eat healthy or become pain free? Okay, so THAT feeling...the one you thought of...THATS what you’re working toward. It’s not that you’re working towards the goal (though externally you are working with that goal in mind)’re chasing the feeling the goal will bring you. And that feeling is something you want no matter what your goal actually is. Guess what? The Universe knows what your goal is. But, it needs you to say it. So, spell it out. How do you want to feel? Say it, write it, share it here to really get clear about what you want. Then, move towards the feeling. Do what you need to to secure the feeling. Hold tight to the feeling and pursue it fearlessly. You can do this...the Universe believes in you...question is, do you believe in yourself?!??

You’re in a transition in some way in your life. We all are transitioning different parts of ourselves. But where you’re at and where you’re going...well, each destination is an adventure. Look around you and see what is here in this moment. Because some of it won’t be around you when you get to your next level. And that’s not speaking doom and gloom, it’s speaking’s speaking’s speaking dreams becoming reality. And then what was once in your head will now be in real life. And your life will look totally different. And you’ll have a different level of adventure, gratitude, and dreams. We can all have this...the question is, are you open to it?

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