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Bronwyn Mead  Aerialist. Acrobat. Clown. London via Chicago. Currently available for workshops and private lessons in Midwest until end of November. DM me! ❤️😜🎪

I miss being in the air! Looking forward to training regularly again, yoga and swimming just doesn’t cut it. Though my shoulders are getting some pretty crazy definition from swimming laps. 🤷‍♀️ 📸 @ang_dez_art

Last month some lovely circus folks at @madisoncircusspace named the pop move at the beginning of this sequence the #bronnypop. I love bringing dynamics to sling.

I’m so excited I figured out how to do this cool split. I’ve seen it floating around on Instagram and tried to deconstruct it with no luck. After playing with the sequence on silks in the second video it finally clicked. It’s not a perfect split, but it’s progress on a really pretty shape. ☺️

Nice silkie sequence.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been up in the air and my grip strength is so weak! It’s a bummer how quickly that goes. I’ve been raking leaves 🍁 and swimming 🏊‍♀️ to try and keep in shape, but nothing beats Aerial. I first learned this sequence from Sarah Bebe of @paperdollmilitia and then was reminded of it recently by @luvjoyseamon. It was a good one for me to play with this evening.

Today I told my dad while still in my pjs at noon, “I’m really not feeling motivated today.” And his response was, “Sweetheart, you’re just charging your battery.” I really loved that. I let myself charge a bit longer and then took the pup for a hike and did some yoga. Be kind to yourself.

Now that my teenage years are getting smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror I finally feel (mostly) free of the terribly insecure thoughts that plagued my youth. I feel like I’ve settled into myself and into my body. I want to put more focus on what my body can do and not what it looks like. So here’s to stretch marks and cellulite and all wonderful things in between that make us human. #bodypositive Another great 📸 by @ang_dez_art

#tbt to sunshine ☀️

Get out there and vote! I vote for my dad, who has lived in the United States for 38 years and can’t vote because he isn’t a citizen. He still rocks a #prouddemocrat sticker on his work van and puts picket signs in his yard. #vote #ivoted

Just finished up 6 hours of workshops and privates. Thank you so much @agoraarts for hosting me! As they say in circus, see you down the road ❤️🎪

Happy Halloween 🎃! 📸 by @strongarm100_ Flying by @kat_cirq

Sneak peek of one of the sling routines I’m teaching at my workshops. Filmed during some training time at my circus “hometown” @aloftcircusarts.

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