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Bronnie Jane Lee  💕🎶 Music Lover 🎶💕⚡️💫First born daughter of Bruce Lee💫 Don't mess 🖤🍋🌹

🎀As things get more uncomfortable and are often now quite painful, with maybe only 5 weeks left of carrying this little treasure lady around with me in my tummy I’ve been thinking a lot... pregnancy is such a crazy crazy thing. So many people have so many opinions. I’ve switched between being quite hard on myself thinking I just need to suck it up and put on a brave face and trying to share things honestly.

It was thrown at me by an older woman in the row behind me on a flight when I was 5.5 months pregnant that “pregnancy is not a disease!” after her drunk aggressive husband continuously kicked and pushed and punched the back of my chair and Dan asked him to stop because I was pregnant and that was hurting me..... I’ve also been told very recently by another woman, who was a friend, who has never been 8 months pregnant that “being pregnant is not an excuse” for not being able to meet her expectations of me when I’m not feeling up for certain things.
These types of things are said to women all the time and I know from many a conversation with people that these types of comments and beliefs are what makes people feel like they can’t express when they are struggling. I am so incredibly lucky to have the most beautiful family and friends as well as the love of my life by my side, being beyond supportive in every way, the love and excitement as well as the emotional and physical support I have in him is something that I am so in awe of and so very thankful for. @dansultanmusic You are the most amazing man 🖤🍋 Pregnancy can be hard, really hard. Everyone’s pregnancy is different. There is no shame in saying something when you are having a tough time. It doesn’t make you any less strong or any less in love with your baby. It doesn’t mean you’re not incredibly grateful that you get to experience this blessing. Stop being unkind to one another, be loving, be supportive, talk. I’m always here if anyone wants to talk about this stuff. #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #babygirl #love #family #women #womenempowerment #womensupportwomen #kindness

🐾NALI & FRIENDS🐾Happy album release day to my best friend and love of my life! It’s so exciting to know that this will be out today and bringing joy and the sweet message of friendship, love, kindness and acceptance to children and adults alike. It has definitely brought us a lot of laughs and dancing around the living room in the process. You are absolutely the most brilliant person I have ever known @dansultanmusic and I am so proud of you. You can do anything and I hope our daughter is just like you.... by all accounts so far, she is 🥰🖤🍋Congratulations darling @dansultanmusic To buy the album, go to the link in mine or Dans bio ❤️ 🐦🐼🦍💨🦒🐘🐳🦎🐭🐟🐾☀️ #naliandfriends #dansultan #abckids

No one does my eyebrows except Eliska @beauty.balance who takes her time, plans every move and achieves maximum greatness with minimum pluckage, which is why they hadn’t been done in 3 years.... until a few days ago when I was happily reunited with the beautiful guru herself. You are as delightful and gorgeous as you are skilled and talented in all that you do in that wonderfully peaceful, sunlight filled sanctuary of yours. A sweet soul and a darling mother. I won’t be leaving it 3 years between visits again now that I’m back 🥰 Love you 💋 #eyebrows #beauty #brows #skincare #love

🖤🍋Happy Anniversary my love🍋🖤This was the first photo we ever took together on this day, our first date, which turned out to be the most important night of my life because every moment afterwards, forever, has you in it and in 2 months time we will parents! Thank you for your love and our life ❤️ I love you @dansultanmusic #love #theolds #classic

🥰32 weeks inside, 8 to go... and 2 more sleeps till daddy gets home🥰 Thank goodness @dansultanmusic we have all missed you terrrrribly! Some days I can’t walk because of SDP (the pelvis thing) but when I can, @sloaneyandboof and I always find our way to water. I’m hoping for a hospital water birth (I think), who’s had one (you can dm me)? #pregnant #pregnancy #babygirl #waterbirth #baby

How good is it when your pelvis is so separated that you can’t walk?! 😩🤰🏻👍🏾 #pregnant #pregnancy #babygirl

Where’s the bump? Boom there she is! I might not have the energy (or the desire) to go out all that much these days (or nights) or the pain free back and hips that will allow me to stand and walk in any form of heels.... but I still love a strong look. So I’ll just sit at home sweet home on the back steps with my cuppa and enjoy my outfit with my puppy and my baby 🥰. #31weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #babygirl #love #mama #puppy

Different states, different countries, doesn’t matter, same love (“hit it”). Safe travels bub, I miss you a lot 🥺💔😭and love you very much 🖤🍋 Look after my best friend NYC 🍎🗽

My life is all Puppies and babies these days and I don’t hate it. Thank goodness for you @kristy.marie.smith @sloaneyandboof #puppies #babies #puppy #baby #love

🤰🏻👶🏽30 weeks!!! The first time I ever felt her tiny little flutter kicking I was standing on the side of a festival stage watching my love sing his heart out. Now she’s non stop in there, choreographing dance moves, I make sure to play her her daddy’s songs every day he’s away on the road singing his heart out for all the other people out there. Lucky he put a new album out this week 🎶Avery Takes🎶 (proud wife, check it) cos she already knows all the words to the back catalogue ...... 🖤🍋 @dansultanmusic #baby #babygirl #pregnant #pregnancy #love #family #30weekspregnant

20 years is a long time Brucey.... Miss you always, love you forever ❤️💔🦋 #wishyouwerehere

Happy International Women’s Day @banana_eyes_ @rosjs53 ,our little tiny woman (who’s showing me how big and strong she is this morning) & alllllll the beautiful, strong, incredible women in this world 💕🥰❤️ Love you all #mum #love #family #baby #internationalwomensday #iwd

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