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Sarah Fennel  indulgence at 350°F founder of @foodtographyschool 👇🏼check out the latest from the blog👇🏼

just bc it’s the dead of winter doesn’t mean we can’t have s’mores. grab the recipe for these foolproof s’mores macarons in my prof!

missing our light-filled space in detroit but stoked to be visiting the city in two days to shoot some new videos and EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!

snow days call for luxurious ribbons of cinnamon swirl and a cinnamon roll cake topped with cream cheese icing 😍

sharing a few of our favorite shots from our at-home engagement session with @bettinabogar on the blog today. and guess who wrote it?! alex! click the link my profile to see them all ❤️

i’ve had a fascination with cameras for my entire life. just swipe to see this video my dad took of me when i was four.
i remember in high school when adults would ask me what i wanted to do when i grew up. i always, always had an immediate response from the voice in my head saying “photography.” but i pushed it aside, thinking that being a photographer was not a viable career path. so for years i pushed that voice aside.
then in 2010, i decided to listen to that voice. with $8,000 in my bank account and no real plan, i decided to quit my job cold turkey. i gave myself two months to try to make my then hobby food blog a thing, and if i didn’t see any growth in those two months, i would go back and get a “real job.”
that first year i worked my ass off. i remember being ecstatic about making $40 one day in ads on my blog. i remember long days and lots of trial and error. it was hard, but it was what needed to be done to grow. and now- four and a half years later- i've turned my passion for photography into a profitable 6-figure business. i have three employees. i am able to happily support my partner and myself. and i get to do what i love.
which is why i started @foodtographyschool. because i want this to be possible for you, too. because you deserve to follow your passions and turn them into a career. you have all the pieces within you, you just need some guidance in putting them all together.
foodtography school is open for enrollment until from now until tomorrow at 8pm, and i want you in it. join our class of over 1,900 students who have gone through our 4-week training in composition, lighting, visual branding, social media, and marketing and turned their photography into a business. our discount code technically expired on friday, but i just created a new code for you guys just because :) so use the code CAMERA to take $50 off the cost of enrollment today and tomorrow! find out more about the course (and sign up!) via the link in profile.
this is your time to start following your dreams. and take it from me, it's an amazing feeling. you've got this.

mernin from this sweet boy #maxstagrams

citrus season calls for greek yogurt blood orange cake 🍊 recipe in prof!

today on the blog i’m spilling the tea on 5 ways you can monetize your brand, like, right now. head to the link in my profile to read the post!

a question i get asked a lot is “did you go to school for photography?” the answer is a big fat no. in college, i studied primate bones. put two skulls in front of me and i can tell you which is an australopithecus afarensis and which is a paranthropus robustus (sidetone: say that 5 times fast).
but photography has always been my passion. even though i have not always been amazing at it (just scroll through for some of my first food photos) i haven’t let that stop me, because i know deep down that photography is what makes my heart flutter. so rather than shying away from the possibility of failure, i have made a conscious decision to lean into it. to push myself to learn more, try harder, and execute better. and after a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to learning i can say with confidence that i’m happy with my work.
so last year, i decided to take all the things i know about food photography and put it into an online food photography school called @foodtographyschool. in just over a year, we’ve had thousands of students go through our courses. it’s unbelievably gratifying to see their photography transform as a result of #foodtographyschool, and most importantly, to see their increased confidence and knowledge to be able to approach brands, clients, and businesses.
i’m so ridiculously excited to announce that we’ve opened up enrollment for @foodtographyschool to our FIFTH class of students. our doors are only open from now until monday, and after that, class is in session. and bonus: use the code FIFTY to knock $50 off your purchase today only! 😉
get more info via the link in my profile. this is your year to flourish. this is your time to take your passions and turn them into a business. you've got this. i can't wait to see you inside the course.

2019 goals: perfect a pizza dough recipe and get a true pizza oven so i can make homemade pizza 3x a week. who’s with me?!

t minus two days until valentine’s day. which means it’s time to make these raspberry rose chocolate cupcakes for two! the entire batch makes two perfect cupcakes, which means one for you, and one for your honey (slash two for you bc ugh valentine’s day 😭). recipe in prof!

don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. lean into it. let it drive you, let it inspire you, and let it teach you. 💅🏼

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