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Brok Weaver  A Fisher of men. To God is all glory

I don't care how much hate you got for someone but it's something about being locked in a cage or ring with them an going to war for 15 minutes that will change that real quick lol. That's the beauty of this sport an now we cool as the other side of the pillow. Unless your Connor an khabib them niggas got forever beef probably haha.thanks for the work today bro we gonna continue to get it in.

Whose coming to watch me pioneer this new/old sport. I will have tickets tomorrow. 38$ each hmu asap because they will go fast peeps.


We came an conquered last night. Team mowa with the Dub.

Friday night sparring at hope boxing. The work is being put in. October 20th bare knuckle boxing championship I claim another legend. Knuckle up!

Old school tonight.

2 hours of mitts an drills. 3 miles with 10x10 hill sprints to finish. Train like a savage with my mowa prodigys. #bareknuckleboxing #ufc #boxing

Not gonna write nothing big this time. The picture says it all. Epic. Who coming?

Next Saturday night island fights 50 one of the team mowa mma veterans will make his 2nd ame fight an redemption fight. This kid has put in the work an has the heart of a lion. I got faith we will bring the W home this time.

Happy b day to my beautiful wifey. Love u babe

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