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Web Series  The story of a 1st generation fuck up

Okay, I've had a crush on this fire hydrant outside my editor @puppetthappens studio for a while... #brokeassrichkid #richassbrokekid

Today I met a guy who rents out a fleet of Prius', drives a Tesla, leases his Bentley for rap videos, and is a programmer who Elon Musk invested in - after he fired him from Tesla. I met him while sitting in the back seat of a Prius during our Uber Pool ride. Yes, he was my driver. One day, he says, he wants to start a charter school. #richassbrokekid #brokeassrichkid (photo credit: @ringer )

#regram from @dnavarro_ace of a rich dude eating up 2 lanes at WHOLE FOODS #douchebag

Every once in a while at Broke A$$ Rich Kid we like to give props to amazing rappers, like YOUNG THUG (I need teeth$ like that) #youngthug

Has anyone seen my sign? I had to hide it before going to the gym. #adulting #9to5

Please-please-please #memorialdayweekend

"Feeling as though we have the armor, the shields, the moxie, the strength, the toughness, and the smarts to be engaged and survive encounters with the unpredictable, the alien, the strange, and the violent is an intrinsic part of what it means to live in the city. When people “complain” about homelessness they are actually bragging about it: New York has more homeless than San Francisco. No, no, no, San Francisco has more homeless. No, you haven’t been to Detroit. We are almost competitive about our endurance, which I think is one of the reasons why we accept homelessness so easily." #brokeassrichkid #adulting #tonimorrison

That's @puppetthappens on her way to pick up a little extra footage. Shot over the weekend with the one and only @ellengerstein for the 1st Season of Broke A$$ Rich Kid. #comingsoonish

My roommate @angelrcardenas has been teaching me how to get my hustle on lately. #longwaytogo #helpmemom

Found on the street. It's a sign from God. I'm putting in my application for Trader Joe's. Tomorrow. #sidewalk #streetdreams #groceryboy

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