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Rich Etienne 

The months I spent away
I had to cash in every day
To buy a different heart

So when I came back home
Despite my feeling alone
I’d have a brand new start

I see your face
From underneath my mask
I’d kill to ask
Do you remember, too?

Of when my heart took over me
And said those simple, foolish words “I love you”
Voice Artist: 🗣 @jazcrichardson

December 24th.
Strap in, jack.

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Pour a drink.
Curl up.
Get cozy.
It’s all downhill from there.
🎵”Jeannie Flashback”- Lolita Ritmanis

Sometimes I’m just okay. Most times, I can’t be bothered with anyone. But every now and then... few and far between... I be feelin’ myself and don’t know how to act 😎 #ElliotParkerReturns 📸: @berightbackok @dirty.lights

Only ONE location. @midtowncomics on 40th and 7th. Hope you enjoy. ♠️

THE SPADE! ON SALE AT @midtowncomics on 40th and 7th!! GET YOUR COPY!!!

I'm not saying movies are better than real life... I'm just saying that with movies, (1) stories wrap up in two hours, (2) pivotal moments are defined by killer soundtracks, and (3) if someone is antagonizing you, 9 times out of 10, they either end up dead or in jail, but mostly dead. •

Click the link in the bio to read my article-- "Films: The Backbone of Culture, the Pulse of Life"-- and follow @collaborativetheory for more cool stuff. •

Fitness beyond the physical, my friends. Fitness beyond the physical.

"...the Arts as a whole...more than anything else, makes us human. Films do exactly that on such a grand scale". •

Click the link in the bio to read my article-- "Films: The Backbone of Culture, the Pulse of Life"-- where I talk on the one thing I know a little too much about, and also do a crappy job at "modeling". •

Be sure to follow @collaborativetheory for more cool stuff. If you're a jarhead, we'll teach you culture. If you're a nerd, we'll get your weight up.

Whoever said " 'Remember When' is the lowest form of conversation"... probably had Alzheimer's 😕#tbt

Just about 4 years ago. We actually didn't turn out so bad, all things considered... #tbt

I could write something deep about friendship, or yet another unoriginal "well-dressed black men are the future" poem, but the truth is... I just really love how clean shaven my head is. 🎱

Carry on.

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