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Going on with my bestie @miss.olivee tonight with no guilt because I got so much done today. Work hard play hard 🤘 ✨

Also how magic is this floral install by @native_poppy & @hey.nataliegill ?!This is why I’m flying this girl to Guatemala with me for our wedding.😍

Tomorrow I’m taking pictures of David and I’s save the dates and sending them off into the world. @fourthingspaper did such a jaw dropping design and I cannot wait to share. It was pretty difficult for us to pick under 50 people to join us in Guatemala for our ceremony and reception. How do you choose?! 😣There are so many people we love and are lucky to have in our lives but at the end of the day I know smaller celebrations allow for more focus on the purpose of the celebration. I want this wedding to not just be pretty but meaningful too. ✨
On another note how amazing is this bohemian goddess?! I knew Mandi from middle school friends and I’m so glad that my old Florida life led her to me.

California, I will never leave you. 💕🌴 I’m so excited because this weekend I have blocked off my calendar to get into the SUN with my man @_david.russo_ and our pup Carmelo. I think we have been so bogged down with wedding season, wedding planning and David getting a new job that we haven’t had any time to focus on OUR relationship. We are going to kick our feet up, lay under a palm tree and hopefully get sun drunk. What is your favorite beach to bum? We need all the help we can get, I seriously don’t think we have laid out at a beach in years... 😱🤯

Paris was an absolute dream... can’t wait to edit and share the full gallery but right now I’m wrapping up @ohcelaine gallery which is also one for the books!

I wanted to thank everyone who dropped a text or checked in on David and I about our wedding plans in Antigua Guatemala. We are definitely bummed. Mostly for our vendors and their families who have been affected by the volcano. We are however hopeful that it won’t change our plans and that save the dates will go out after the bad news has died down. It’s funny what wedding planning is teaching me. I’ve been getting more busy during the season especially while staying up after work hours to plan our wedding. I’m learning where and who to spend my time with (when I do find myself free). I’ve been letting go of people who only hit me up for photos or to talk about themselves because true friendships take work, patience and compromise. And at this point in my life I only have time for people who understand that there is more in this world than themselves. Needless to say I won’t have a large bridal party 😂 & thank you to the friends who have listened to me talk about our wedding way too often. I love you all!

It’s going to be 115 degrees in Palm Springs today. Ain’t no thang though 🤘

I’ll probably keep this gallery link in my bio for a min because it was such a milestone for me. When I first started as a wedding photographer David and I took a little trip to Palm Springs. We visited The Parker and they told us we couldn’t shoot there unless we paid a 5k shooting fee. 😱 say what?! I didn’t even have 5k in my savings at the time. They were kinda bitchy about it but I let it go and walked out. From that day on I made it a goal to book a wedding there so I could happily shoot throughout their property. I had a few inquiries over the past several years but I never felt like the client was the right fit. If I was going to shoot a wedding at the Parker Palm Springs I was going to do it 💯. When Hailey and Merritte reached out to me I knew they were the couple I had been holding out for. Hailey showed up to our consultation with champagne in a red solo cup 😂 & she was decked out in @handmeetssky. (Bride goals!) I don’t just take every inquiry I get. What I do is art and I want to be collaborating with like minded people with similar visions and personalities.

Good morning! Starting my weekend off with one of two weddings. What the heck should I wear to Palm Springs where it’s 111 degrees? 🤷‍♀️ In other news, I’m finally going to share this location because it’s pending a feature. @nathanmmueller was the first to find it ( go follow him, he’s awesome). If you’re going to make the trek to Fossil Falls be sure to plan a shoot about 2 hours before sunset as the sun disappears quickly behind the valley.

Anyone else listening to the Kanye West Listening Party? Hahah sometimes you start enjoying things you never thought you would enjoy .... because of love.
Thanks @_david.russo_ & also happy first and last engagement anniversary!

I can’t believe these two celebrated their 1 year anniversary last month. It kind of blows my mind how quickly time is passing by. The older I get the quicker the time seems to fall through my finger tips. It’s helping me realize that there is no good time to travel, to plan our wedding or to do those things I keep saying I want to do. Right now I’d like to book a wedding photographer, finalize my dress design and finish our wedding website since our wedding is only 9 months out 😬🤷‍♀️ #help

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Made it to Paris! I can’t tell if I’m in a dream or if it’s jet leg but we are already off to adventure Montemartre. On the hunt for a French 75 🍸

Ashley and Justin’s festival inspired wedding is up on @greenweddingshoes today! A great way to start my morning!! Although I never have or will base my success on features I have to admit it does feel good. I went years without submitting my work because I didn’t feel the need to be judged over how many or little details my clients incorporated into their wedding. But when a wedding is designed to perfection I can’t help but want to inspire other couples. As a bride planning my wedding I find myself scrolling features and Pinterest looking for inspiration. Being able to inspire others is what it’s all about. Don’t plan yourself a basic wedding ladies, there are so many other romantic themes than a blush and gold palette!!

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