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brodiemcdonald  Good ol boy from south Louisiana Huntin, Fishin, and playing my guitar is what I do

Real shit, you're absolutely crazy if you think tht way

How's that steel horse ride on the streets of gold?
Does the promised land have any ol' back roads?
Ain't a doubt you've done a burnout on a cloud
Knowin' you, you probably burned em down
Have you revved it up while the angels sang?
Did God get on ya, did He take your wings?
You better have 'em back 'fore I get in
'Cause unk, we're gonna ride again 🎢❀ Hard to believe it's been a year already. I'll always miss you and your rebel ways but we're not done yet, we're gonna ride again #brantleygilbert #countrymusic #weregonnarideagain

Twas a hell of a weekend to remember wit the crew and family #yeeyee #eastersunday #blessed

Happy #nationalsiblingsday to this shithead. Played a good round of golf that day Always have a good time with my mini me Love you turd #minime #shithead #golfin #straightbirdies @blak3.mccr0ry

No caption needed πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ #imagoodman #itakeprideinthat

This is the truest thing I've ever seen bruh. This new age generation has all the wrong priorities in the wrong places. Guess I'm just old fashioned

Hell with a rainout, lets boil 1000 pounds of crawfish instead lol

Ain't did this in a while, I'm bored anyways so why not. #tbh #cantsleep #likeit

Don't confuse a boy for a man, just because he talks a good game don't mean he can back it up

Happy 18th birthday to my biggest pain in the ass, but best friend, hard to believe you're 18 now, been thru so much together , from stackin them birds in the duck blind and puttin them swamp bucks on the ground to catching them hammer toads, it's been damn good and many more to come, I see so much of myself in you it scares me, hope you have a good day turd @blak3.mccr0ry

Sometimes when life doesn't make sense to me, that's where music does #guitar #music #acoustic #epiphone

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