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brick  UTK '21

prom sunday (i'm making it a thing so i can post this pic)

wow she's pretty

love downtown days with my boy

watch the video of us that i uploaded like a week ago

i'm hoping to continue this trend of seeing Connor each month

Happy Mother's Day to my momma. She loves me unconditionally and has shaped me into the sassy person I am today. I love you! 💕

Blondes have more fun??? I'll be the judge of that

Prom round 2 #prom2k17

Me and Katie went to Cincinnati to meet Connor Franta last week, go watch the vlog on my channel!

missing tybee island

i'm still in shock that i was fortunate to meet Connor today. he has been someone i have looked to for encouragement in tough times. see you in a month! (maybe i'll look better in the picture)

omg!! this drunken unicorn got the unicorn frappuccino

on prom night i found out sascha had skills, she put her nails on in a moving vehicle #prom #prom2k17

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