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Broadreach  Educational Adventures Abroad for Middle School, High School and College Students. For more photos of our Caribbean programs, check out @brcaribbean

Such a wonderful day celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Director of Operations and Programs, Kate Farthing, by volunteering on a local farm on a bright and beautiful North Carolina spring afternoon!

Making new four-legged friends on Costa Rica Veterinary Medicine 💕

Admit it. You all know that deep down you miss the Ramen. 🍜 💛#boatlife #isitsummeryet
(📷: @lukequezada, 2017 Broadreach Photography Fellowship recipient)

We’re STILL pouring through all the photos from last summer, and are realizing we may need to start another account just for all the creative dab photos we’re finding 😂
(📷: Caribbean Sailing 12-Day Adventure MAC41)
#caribbean #sailing #dab #broadreach

Despite the advice of TLC, you should ALWAYS go chasin’ waterfalls. Happy Friday, friends.
(📷: @abby_trusler’s #broadreachtakeover photo) #broadreach #fiji

Not that we’re counting or anything, but 84 days until the first program of the summer hits the field. 🙌☀️🌴
(📷: Costa Rica Veterinary Medicine 2017, @kayleywinner ) #broadreach #costarica #vetmed #studyabroad #manuelantonio

The best way to observe fish is to become a fish. - Jacques Yves Cousteau 🐠
#scuba #studyabroad #marinebiology #broadreach #padi

Oh, Mondays. Sailing into the week like.....
(📷: Yucatán Advanced Scuba)

Yesterday's participation in #PlasticFreeDay was encouraging and inspiring, and we are grateful for everyone that helped spread the message, took the pledge and took steps towards reducing the amount of plastic we consume on a daily basis.
We had over 1,200 people sign the pledge from 42 different countries, and saw thousands more participating on social media across the globe, helping raise social consciousness of an issue that is crippling our environment. From companies removing plastics from their shelves and beach clean ups and schools holding plastic info presentations, it was hard to keep track of all the happenings. THANK YOU! We hope that the day will continue to have ripple effects that reduce the amount of single use plastics way beyond Feb.21, but go ahead and mark your calendars for next year, because let's do it again, shall we?
#broadreach #plasticfree #oceanconservancy #plasticpollutes

We organized a trash pickup in our #Raleigh neighborhood, and one group came across so much they had to go back for a pick up truck to grab it all, and they barely even made a dent. A lot of #plastic, and a lot of frustration that people think it’s okay to treat the planet that way. But, we had a good time together getting out of the office and being out and about on this lovely day! #plasticfreeday
#plasticfree #litter #86it #broadreach

We just hit *39 COUNTRIES* with individuals, companies and organizations pledged to participate in #plasticfreeday tomorrow! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Thank you all again for helping spread the word and participating!
#plasticfree #broadreach #oceanconservancy #5gyres #conservation #environmentallyfriendly #environmentaleducation #oceanicpreservationsociety #plasticpollutes

Wow. So far we have 800+ people in 30+ countries (and counting) pledged to participate in our #plasticfreeday on Feb.21, THIS WEDNESDAY. Thank you to all who are helping us raise social consciousness about this critical issue for our environment and marine ecosystems. Your spreading the word will help this day have an impact! Visit our link in bio to learn more and take the pledge if you haven’t already!
(📷: An underwater trash clean up on our Bonaire Advanced Scuba program)
#broadreach #bonaire #scuba #scubadiving #oceanconservancy #sealegacy #5gyres #protectouroceans #wastefreeoceans

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