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Newest member of the family - Rupert! Our hearts have been so heavy but Ernie was the saddest of all. He was lonely. He had never lived a day without another cat around and it was heartbreaking to watch and listen to all his sad cries as he searched the house looking for Yab. We knew we had to find him a friend. In walks this little guy who has brought smiles to our faces that felt like they would be permanently sullen looking. Ernie loves him already. Listening to 8 feet running back and forth across our floors makes my heart feel at ease and like everything will be ok. Thank goodness for kittens. 💜 @slaycheong

You were the best. I have never met a cat as happy as you. You took cat-haters and made them cat-lovers. You swayed even the most stubborn of critics with your head tilts and wagging happy tail that was more dog-like than cat.

You were the easiest pet I’ve ever had. You never did anything wrong. All you wanted was love and in return you gave me everything you had. I will have to exfoliate my own nose without your stinky little tongue licks. I loved your stinky breath. It was the best stinky breath in the world. I loved falling asleep to you purring and kneading in my hair and will miss being awakened in the night by the sound of you chewing on crunchy plastic bags. I hope they have lots of H&M bags in heaven, or at least just the handles (your favourite). You came to me right when I needed you. I still need you, but I know I’ll always have you with me. I would never trade anything for the 14 years we had together. You got me through so many of those days and nights.

You were with me through everything. Our home feels lonely and quiet without your clicking little back claws that you hated getting trimmed, and the way you seemed to “stomp” everywhere. Even though you were just a little guy I sometimes thought there was a person walking upstairs. You truly had such a strong presence and your absence is felt everywhere I turn.
Ernie learned how to be a cat from you and I’m so glad you were the one to teach him. He’s a sensitive little baby and I think he’s going to miss you the most.

Alex has an empty space in the bed beside his right arm where you lay with him every night and purred. It’s a space that no one else will ever be able to fill; his little reserved Yab spot.
I’m so lucky to have found you. You made my saddest days a little brighter and my bright days shone like all the stars in the sky because of you.
You were the best and heaven sure got a good one.
I will miss you forever.

I love you, Yab.

Winding up yarn brought straight from Peru care of @catmeowmixcheong !!! This might take a while....

Ernie talks back to Alexa.

It’s hard to get a good photo when your bro is a stage 5 derp. #yabproblems

Back to my roots. Teenaged roots. #pinkhair thanks for the #whisperpink @proudestpony @robotchildren you’re amazing!

In training. He’s getting good but now he only gets clicked when he hits it right on the button! Watch how quickly@he progresses!! The last one is bang on!! Such a smart little guy. #smartcats #smartcatsofinstagram #clickertraining #cattraining

If you’re not at The Drake Underground tonight then you’re missing out. @madeleineslate is killing it!! #drakeunderground #thedrakehotel #madeleineslate

Finally finished this sweater! Thanks for the yarn @slaycheong #knitting #thedarksideyarn #rainbows

If anyone is looking for an absolutely adorable addition to their family this little 10 month old pup from Mexico, named Chiquita, is being fostered by a friend of mine. She is great with kids and other dogs. I will happily connect you with her foster mommy!! #fosterdog

Just for all the brave people out there. You can do it.

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend! Xo

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