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Bridget  Boston-raised☘️SoFlo-vibin🌴 💪🏽Promoting Thickletism🍑👇🏽 🏅Follow @THICKLETES👈🏽 ❤️Team Love🌹Nerd🤓Goofy😜Leo🦁

Not tryna be 4th & inches, I'm tryna go the distance👀💪🏽🏈

You gotta be with someone who didn't have to lose you in order to realize your worth. You can still root for em/wish em well, but from a distance...🖤 #HeartBreakBrizzy #TooMuchForYou

THANK YOU ALL for the bday wishes! Overwhelmed with love😍🎂♥️ (PS: This is the result of an awkward & rushed pose because mad people were walking by/staring & I had my phone propped on top of my water bottle on the ground gazing into space like a true weirdo😂🤷🏽‍♀️📷) #InstagramRealities #25thbday #ImOldAF

When @boca_houseofsteel loves & accepts me for being that weird thick chick always doing handstands... I appreciate you guys lmao🙃💪🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

I have never been handed a single thing in my life. Everything I have is a direct result of my own hard work & dedication. Don't let IG fool you babes, most of these girls are "winning" because they're selling their souls/bodies. I know that because I have been offered it before. But I'd rather work my ass into the grave than to give ANYONE the power to say "you wouldn't have that if it wasn't for me." So yeah. Keep doing you. Keep being 💯. You the real MVPs. Love you all. #WCW 💋🏆💕

When you remember you're flying up north today & your bday is tomorrow & you get to see bae soon😛😁😍 #AllTheFeels #Happy #Blessed #PeaceOutFlorida #HelloBoston #LeoSzn #Baecation

Hey guys! Giveaway time!👀👀👀 If you want to win these bands (set of 4), all you gotta do is follow me, follow, like this post, & tag 3 friends! I will announce the winner on Friday🎉🍑💪🏽 (PS - apparently my booty has become so strong, even the bands can't handle it🤷🏽‍♀️)

Hey @apple can we get a swirl ice cream emoji? 🍫❤️🍦 #KThanks #SpreadLove #WeAreAllOne #LoveKnowsNoColor #SwirlLife

Booty made🤙🏽

You tell me that you're done with that & I believe it's true, as long as you know who you belong to😏🌺🎧 #Mine #OnRepeat

Baby come give me something new, cause I can't stop loving you🥂 #SomethingNew

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