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Brittany Correia  Motocross🏁Oahu Grown🌺Big Island Livin🌴27 ♿@BritsWill2Walk🚶️C6-C7 SCI 👼🏼My mom is my guardian angel🙏🏼Stacey💞 #BW2W

I love this "Small Town Boy" @dustinlynchmusic 😍 He still rocks the @britswill2walk wristband I gave him when I met him in San Diego 🙌🏼 How cool is that?! Come to Hawaii now Dustin!!! #britswill2walk #bw2w #dustinlynch #countrymusic #smalltownboy #dustinlynch

My beautiful baby boy 😢 i love you!! Going to do everything to get you 100% no matter what!! You been fighting through the pain like a champ but we need to heal you. Even if we gotta take you Oahu for this, I gotchu boy!!! 💯🐶but Big Island needs to step up their medical equipment for people and dogs. We shouldn't have to fly to Oahu for MRI's or procedures

It's going down!!! So excited!!! Accessibility 💯 Good Job guys @holoimua_construction_co_inc

Happy 6 months baby Stacey!!

Down bird my Kini Boy at the vet 😢 dealing with neck pain 🐶feel better asap my baby!

#tbt @haynmxer218 @_rrtwotwo and @fmhi sitting on my YZ80 at Kauai Labor Day race. Miss these days! Growing up with these guys and everyone else at the track was the best childhood I could ask for 🙌🏼 #stillcantbelieveIran1p😂

#tbt I was 12 years old on my RM125 ✊🏼⚡️ *like 15/16years ago*😳 racing in Kauai

Today's the day 🏈 Let's go @patriots !!! 🏆

Best friends 👶🏻🐶

#tbt my first baby 🚗 this car went through so much. It got stolen in 2007, we found it stripped. Replaced the whole interior and put new sounds. Then we found my rims on another car and got em back. Whacked a huge pot hole and ruined those rims then bought these black rims...then it got totaled in the accident in 2009👎🏼#DeadandGone #thanks2Ty #bw2w

Never be ashamed of a scar. It means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. 🙌🏼 Thing is like 7/8 inches long 😳 #britswill2walk #bw2w #inspiringonthedaily #spinalcordinjury #quadriplegic