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Britt Scott Clark  Actor, coffee drinker, existential crisis thinker (and also, occasionally a poetry writer) 🌹🌪🌙

Hold your cup to the golden,
Lips of the people
You love
Who’ve made you
Who’ve held you
Who’ve untwisted
With gentle fingers
The barbed wire fence of,
Pain, from your ankles
And run, with them
Don’t stop
Don’t stop!
Please promise you won’t
Not until
You see the sunrise over
Great spires
A sky on fire
And you’ve touched every spine
Of every book
Walked every street,
And you’ve breathed in
And song
And the space
Of a hushed audience
In a place where the language
Is new to you,
But love is the same

Don’t stop until your heart is whole
And then come home
My friend
And show it to me,
Every new line
Every kiss upon it
I will press it to my ear and listen
To the echoes of every laugh
Let me feel it’s weight
in my palm
Let me admire the jewels,
Now encrusted,
And the flowers
That spring from it
Watered by blood
Now, infused, with great magic
And let me see the change
in your eyes
And hear the peace
On your breath ✨

Poem I wrote this morning. Greatly inspired by the ability travel has to heal us, and how when we have the opportunity to share it with the ones we love — we should #poetry #poemmonday #grateful #pariscirca2007

Off to Hogwarts, ya’ll already know I’m Hufflepuff and proud 🎃⚡️

Hold your gratitude high above your head when you’re crossing muddy waters and protect it from the rain ❤️ it will get you through everything, every big or little change - Me as I sit here grateful mostly for this top cause I luv it #gratefulalways

What is it
They say,
That makes you different
From the rest, of the girls
That look like you
Talk like you
Cry like you
Write like you
Why should we be excited
About you?
What makes you different
It’s not the clothes you wear
It’s not your hair
Your laugh
We can list four others,
That have studied this craft—longer

What makes you more than
A number
On a screen,
To someone who’s been
Looking at girls like you
All day
What makes you different
How can we take it,
Break it,
Make it,
Something we can
Change, duplicate
Something that will resonate
With our target, the market

It’s got to be unrealistic, unobtainable
But organic, completely natural
What makes you different?

So I open my mouth, armed with a response
And they say “Thank you, but we’ve seen enough” (fun poem I wrote about being a woman in a flippant creative industry, HOLLER if you feel me) #poetrywednesday

Seeking out colourful places on days like today, the warm house being especially welcome 🌞🙏 Have always loved the Winter gardens, they’re in the Auckland Domain (for those who’ve never been) and they always feel different every time you visit 🌻🌙

Iconic lights❤️ if you know you know. Side note, I’ve been doing comedy improv classes lately and I have mad respect for the people that get up and make it look like a walk in the park! So good for fostering the imagination but boy, it’s challenging 💫🌙⚡️

Firm believer that coffee food and flowers fix almost anything ☕️

Definitely need a hat with all this sun and warmth and spring weather #sarcasm #stillgrateful #lovealltheweather

I love stories in every form, but reading is a lasting love of mine 🔮 Just finally got around to reading the sun and her flowers by @rupikaur_ and I love it just as much as milk and honey 🍯 it’s so beautiful. What are you reading, any hidden gems I should know about?

“I hope, too, that my book will illuminate my belief that love of art — Be it poetry, storytelling, painting, sculpture or music — enables people to transcend any barrier man has yet devised” - Mary Ann Shaffer (absolutely loved the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a new book to sink your teeth into) ❤️ #theguernseyliteraryandpotatopeelpiesociety #mondayselfiebookreccomendationcombo

Someone asked me where I would wear this again and I said, ‘Supermarket, Boxing Day races and the highschool graduation of my first born’ you find versatility where you water it right? #isthatasaying? #dressdreams

Long lost Weasley relative HMU if you know where they @ #weasley #redhair #andahandmedownrobe

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