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Brittney O'Veal IFBB Pro  From Houston Texas Lives in Dallas Texas Owner of Holy Ground Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Lives for GOD! Mommy of 1

So yeah ima just talk like I would naturally so excuse what some would call ebonics in my speech. OK this is an update to let my fans in on why I won't be competing in the 2017 wings of strength rising phoenix championships. I think I owe them an explanation. First things first I'm papa..Lol kidding.. (making sure you're listening). Ok Towards the end prep of Chicago In the back of mind I was already not at ease with going into another reason being was the hard reality check of how fucking financially and mentally draining it was to figure all of this out with no coach no guidance just straight research and experimenting. With all that said I know I sacrificed towards the end a lot of muscle going way to hard on cardio...yeah, I was somewhat in shape but this wasn't the body I had spent all this time working hard to build. After my show I went into a binge eating. N mf I'm talking about 5000+ calories a day almost. So of course weight packed on but not good weight..immune system issues started to abrupt.. So then I'm prepping again looking like wtf did my legs go..I say that to say this...I COMPETE TO WIN...I COMPETE TO BE THE BEST...NOT TO JUST STEP ON STAGE. I have sacrificed and risked so much that I REFUSE to accept anything other than that. The physique I want to display to the world is and will be a Legendary one! And that can not be rushed but must be well planned. So I will be documenting way more (now that I have this new handy camera). Follow my sweat and tears as I achieve this over the next year.>>>this pic you see is the beginning of an unstoppable me work and thank you all for the support!
#spiritisatease #prettythickandmuscles #holyground #willtorecieve #notmystregthbuthis

Let me be your light #prettythicknmuscles

Get chu one that can pull off every look...Just saying #prettythicknmuscles #girlswithmuscle #eachisown

A piece of coal set upon a table through centuries remains coal. BUT if you take that same coal and put it under tons and tons of pressure, then and only then do you get a diamond. To those struggling in this month of need this pressure. And the greater it is, the higher the rewards are going to be! #nothingeasyisworthwild #tbt #prettythicknmuscles #holyground #bodybuilding #staystrong

I always try to post something inspirational with my pics and videos...but...this was just a damn good shot of my ass n back so mf, I'm posting it..that's all folks lol #thatsalligottoday #prettythicknmuscles

Did yall have as great of a friday as i did? Somebody got me blushing..Mmmhmm yass! πŸ€— #prettythicknmuscles #bambieyes #koolaidsmile

To all my pull up junkies...wud up!!! I think I've got my rhythm back!!! Had lost it for a second. #prettythicknmuscles #backonthegrind #nomercy #bloodsweatntears #rememberwhyyoustartedthis #imthesacrifice #holyground

Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#mondayhumor #prettythicknmuscles

Smile its Friday! Just killed arms and im in agony holding this phone up taking this selfie..but I'm still cute though. TGIF! #prettythicknmuscles #holyground

Pajama party!! my mom and sister @domuniqueoveal. Not really we just watching movies in pajamas. Lol love me some them! #prettythicknmuscles #oveals #familytime #missing2

Your thoughts are everything! YOU decide what your reality is. Thoughts determine actions. If you think there is chaos in your life than it will be. If you think there is perfect harmony and order than it will be that. We decide what kind of lives we live not the creator. He uses the opponent to put resistance in our MINDS only to propel you forward. Only light comes out of darkness. Only growth comes from resistance. You can either break and fall victim to resistance or overcome and be GREAT!...BE GREAT! #prettythicknmuscles #holyground #goodmorning
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