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Britt Lynn ☀︎☽︎  Live, love, see & be Seen grow + connect + spiritual af 🙋🏻💕✨🌞♉️♊️💛 8/ Oregon Eclipse 👇🏽🎉My Morning Routine🎉 Up Now!! 👇🏽

The Eclipse that is coming in 5 days is a literal vortex/portal/gateway to step into Higher Truth. We are experiencing greater and greater friction and lower vibrations being displayed in our Nation.
While total solar eclipses in themselves are not such rare spectacles, they only pass over our Nation every 400 years or so. We get the pleasure of total solar eclipses passing over 'our' land quite a few times in the coming years. And thank heavens, with more and more Lightworkers awakening to their Truths and purposes in service.

My advice during this event, with Mercury (the planet of subconscuous mind) in retrograde (stimulating internal processes), the total solar eclipse, and New Moon in Leo, all so powerful in their own.
This marks a time to bear into ourSelves and reflect on what we cherish and celebrate, and gain awareness of what we TRULY want to rid ourSelves of.

Healing comes from within.

No more excuses.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love speaking to people with varying beliefs?? That doesn't mean getting behind walls of belief and demeaning others or their belief systems.... I routinely have big conversations with members of my family on who I am (currently) and what I believe. I was raised in a strict born-again Christian household and was the kid who had to burn their pokémon cards (the devil is in the black adhesive!), had her Harry Potter books torn to shreds (divination and schools of magic?!), and would be grounded an entire summer for trying to sneak Spice World : The Movie into our house (midriff-baring teenie boppers NOT singing of Jesus?!). Just last night I was sent an article from my mom entitled, 'Former Witch Reveals Link Between Yoga And Satan'... A very interesting read INDEED.

And honestly, it's moments like these that upend me and give such huge gratitude for the yoga community. It's so much more about celebrating our similarities than gnit-picking our differences. Knowing that everyone figures out whats right for them in their own time. Finding peace and happiness for yourSelf and your fellow brothers/sisters in that.
This woman wrote a very vague article on these 'demonic' practices (referencing using sage, crystals, chakras, and meditation as ways that satan can enter you), recalling a (traumatic episode for ANY CHILD) time when she was forced to hold a yoga pose during a satanic ritual... This woman's experience, however, has absolutely nothing to do with yoga or any other parts of my sadhana (spiritual practice). I truly enjoy sitting with people of varying beliefs, mot to combat them or try to get them to believe as I do... but to illuminate that this is only one persons truth, of which she's allowed to share, surely, but to have the wherewithall to discern (viveka, a practice in yoga) that this is only one persons experience and is like looking at a massive library holding all aspects of the practice, and only having light to see through a pin-prick of light.
You'll never see the whole story that way.

So sooo inlove with my 3rd @YogaclubBox shipment!!! I changed up the 'Style Quiz', and went for a cozier, more neutral vibe this month! I love that I have the option the change gears and let the stylist know that I'm going for a different feel, from month to month!
Use my referral link for 20% off your first box • ••• 👉🏽 *Sidenote! I'm uploading a Youtube next week on the ways that this company is giving back to the community, making the world a better place, one box at a time!! STAY TUNED! I'm so honored to be a prt of something so special that is reaching so many in need.

Can't wait to see whats coming up next !

@freepeople bottoms
@freepeople top
@satvaliving cocoon cover-up

Whatever makes your heart light up inside; do more of that!
Capture by @bethanypaigephoto, Grounding necklace by @stonefoxfeather

You've gotten yourSelf this far.. where will you go from here?


Talking with my partner last night, just how much my LIFE has transformed by becoming aware of, and detaching from various stories that'd been ruling my life for (literal) decades.
Letting my gremlins speak for me, keeping me in shackles that kept me in a cycle of 'nobody likes you', 'you're too weird', 'you're too different', 'you'll never find girlfriends that accept you', 'you're too deep/serious/vulnerable for people'. We keep ourSelves in these stories of self-sabotage because a piece of us is too scared to experience life outside of these safe, solo confines.

The freedom I feel now brings me to tears. It brings a part of me to life that I's forgotten existed, and I'm SO THANKFUL to have been reminded. The friend I am now to the friends that do love me is the friend I always wished my girlfriends would let me be to them, growing up.
Wahe !!! To awaken to the Universe within is a magnanimous and ethereal realm that I wanna dwell in ALL THE DAMN DAYS!! Love you all! Thank you for accepting me as I am!!! Thank you @yogaclubbox for this dope outfit and for all that you do to uplift communities, and thank you to @eljefesnaps for capturing this epic photo of the @yogaclubbox Tribe Leaders!

Rise, Sister.
As I get deeper to my core and more connected with mySelf and what I'm here to do; every inhale and exhale becomes connects me to the power within mySelf. I allow the other 'stuff' to fall away.

Root to Rise.

We can be our own worst critics.. what would you do if you had a friend that told you the negative things you tell yourSelf?
Would you still spend time with them?

June 10, 2016

When a marsh fritillary butterfly landed on my hand for a good 8-10 minutes during a particularly crummy day in Céüse, I knew it was asking me to witness magic and turn my day around. While I'd been feeling particularly bloated, I did turn my day around and ... I believe this was the day I (finally!) sent a route (my hardest, ever, actually! 5.10d). I only sent (completed a route from bottom to top without falling or stopping) twice on this trip, I believe.. once in Spain and once in France..! The mental head game is real! It trigger my anxiety in all kinds of ways.
C and I were so delighted watching it chill on my hand. It left for a minute and came back for another little while... The next day @mrlabouff asked me to be his wife💍

Handstands in the sand.. so hard!! While I was holding this I actually felt pretty darn straight, couldn't believe it when @lexihaslem showed me the capture! Haha, take it easy.... What desire do you have that currently seems outlandish? For me, 2 yesrs ago, it was being able to stick a handstand, even for a 1/2 second, I NEVER thought it'd happen. Now that I'm there, I'm dreaming of pressing up to handstand... we'll see where I'm at in another 2 years!

Remember, it's a lifelong practice. The time will pass anyway, why not try hard at something?
Learn things. We become SO much more powerful when we speak these dreams out loud... are you courageous enough to share?
What's a dream that seems outlandish to you, today? 👙 by @niyamasol

Morning, loves. Hope your day is flippin' fantastic. #nocaption

There's nothing I love more than surrounding mySelf in Nature (... and relieving myself of some clothes.) 7 days until we depart for @globaleclipsegathering !! We'll be in deep forests celebrating life for 7 glorious daya. #canthardlywait

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