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The unfolding continues...
With every layer shed, my breath is taken, I’m truly astonished at how brilliant the emerging core is. How fertile the sediment of newfound sound to work with is. I find my work is revealing and unearthing itSelf, smiling and thankful for my tireless digging. •

My captions have been rather elusive in the last months, I’ve been confused and felt stagnant and shutdown, as is the weave between expansion and contraction, the dark and light, ebb and flow, Sun and Moon.
I spoke the truth that I keep mySelf small in my personal life because I fear that I’m ‘too much’ for many. At times, I feel my emotional connection and intensity makes people uncomfortable. Every day, bits of wisdom have been placed upon my path in the forms of embodied goddesses. Recommending books, holding me, blessing me, sharing resonance, holding space for my tears and unfolding.
This is truly the butterfly’s journey. Metamorphosis is painful, uncomfortable, heart, soul and spirit wrenching.
Not for the faint of heart.
Every piece, every moment of my life has paved this unique path for me. I know not where I’m going, but my bare weathered feet are surely leading me somewhere.
Thank you for being with me.
Many blog posts to come on the experiences I’ll be sharing in the future on personal expansion, healing and self-discovery.

Surrounding mySelf with Sisterhood has been one of the most healing medicines of this last year. Seeing strength and beauty reflected back to me reminded so many of my wounded areas that I’m allowed to shine.
That it is my birthright.
That my story is allowed and healing to others when I share.
Entering Ceremony with hundreds of women from all walks of life, child to Crone, the wisdom envelopes us all.
We are free to sing, rejoice, express, learn from one another, as we tend to the interests that yearn for greater development.
I never knew life could includes such pieces of nourishing magic. Communing with women in nature is an invaluable gift in these modern times.
Spirit Weavers, Moon Session, I Surrender All✨
Officially logging off for the week✌🏽

How many tarot using friends do I have here? This ancient practice of deepening intuitive knowledge can seem daunting, intimidating, ‘dark’ (depending on the programming we’ve received or been led to believe with it). In the 9 short months I’ve been getting to know it, I’ve been blown away at the guidance given, it’s quickly become one of the main practices in my ‘spirit stuff’ toolkit.
What’s been your experience? Do you use, are you kind of creeped out, curious, inlove?
Please share with me your thoughts or stories!!

Blessings and Gratitude overflows. The sweetness of life as in unfolds while I dance in fully embodied alignment with a purpose that has my name and mine alone.
The theme of the June @simplyhappykindred box is Soul On Fire, how fitting for the Sagittarius Full Moon that was recently experienced, prompting us to find our unique expression of Truth and SPEAK IT.
Along with the article’s written by top contributors to assist in working with the months’ theme, this months item offering was a blend of tools to further sink into your unique journey on the path to self-discovery.
Which item intrigues you most?? I can’t wait to setup the sage smudge kit on my altar!
Comment any questions on the box, if you missed the live unboxing, it’ll be available on IG for the next 24 hours!
Link in bio to check it our for yourSelf!

Wow. Where is the year going?
Day by day, we weave our (conscious or otherwise) intentions into reality.
Here we are, nearly 1/2 way into 2018... how are you feeling about how this year is panning out for you? Are you creating avenues for yourSelf that you envisioned, that you yearn for, that you dislike, that seem out of harmony with your internal wisdom?
As I write this, my palms are beginning to sweat and I feel energy shooting to each of my fingers. I know that in this moment, I am imbuing my words with potency, a flicker from my heart is catching flame with even ONE of you reading this.
How many of you are stepping into a cocreating role within your Own life? What are you proud of? What are you Seeding? Where is your time spent tending?
This last month I came into a place of Knowing and Trust in my ability to Create my reality. I called upon the Universe numerous times in disparity, and every time, was provided for beyond my wildest imagination. The most specific we can get, and the more we are willing to show up for the deep soul work required to conjure up these happenings; the more the Universe is willing to meet us halfway and show the magic that we are capable of in this life.
These monthly intention pages in my journal have been incredible. I highly encourage and suggest. Regardless whether journaling is a common practice or not, there’s something about putting pen to paper, and letting your heart pour out in desire for what you’d like to see more of, this puts energy behind what you’d like to see more of in your day-to-day life!! So happy I started this practice a few months ago!
Thanks @omandthecity for the prompt!

Here’s to ME.
Here’s to YOU.
Here’s to US.
I love you.
Share with me! What’s been stirring for you?

🌸Simply Happy Kindred🌸
Since the very start of this year, I’ve been inputting on a new personal development concept. @simplyhappykindred, A box that provides its recipient with tools for personal development and spiritual practice... it’s been such a sweet and fun process! A magazine with additional articles and contributions (from @jessicascott and I) for the theme of the month. Here, you see me with the May Gratitude Box; included here are the Gratitude Cards... my favorite pieces of this months box. They come with envelopes to send to whoever you’d like to express some gratitude to (the one I’m writing is to my maternal grandma, Grandma Tita). For those of you that didn’t catch it, and want to see if this is something that you may want to experience, I have an unboxing video on my Britt Lynn Yoga FB page. I’m also wearing the lava stone crystal diffuser bracelet that came with pink grapefruit essential oil.
Check the link in my bio for more info!

The days of competition and comparison are over! They continue only as you believe in and give them power. Everything you admire in another Sister is already in you, just waiting to be embodied and awakened. Comparison comes from a place of lack, what would happen if it were erased from your Being, and instead, you knew that you were perfect and whole, with or without that aspect you’re entangled in? We liberate ourSelves when we release competition with one another and realize that we’re all walking each other home.
We are so much more powerful together, as One, United.


@lunaeamysticarts, thanks for this, Sister!!

In 8 days I’ll journey back to Cedar Bloom, the old growth piece of cedar forest that hosts @spiritweavers, a spiritual gathering of Women. This was one of the most pivotal experiences of 2017 for me. Over the course of 5 days, I faced many deep seeded shadows surrounding self-worth, identity, self-expression and self-acceptance.
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of deep-healing and the release that it involves. A weightlessness inhabited my Being, and by the end, I too, was running around barefoot and fancy-free.

I remember speaking to my partner for the first time, on the final day of the 5-day gathering... ‘How do you feel?’ He asked. ‘... Free. I’m finally free.’ Integrating this deep healing work can be a struggle upon returning home, when expansive, life-shifting heart opening experience’s happen... and then you return home to the same home, life, partner, and everything else looks the same as before you left.
Often life is experienced anew, and from there we start making changes to mirror the shifts we feel internally. Integration is a REAL process and it’s important to have other women or people who are able to hold space for you, even though the changes often aren’t physically visible.
When this photo was taken, I remember standing on the hillside by my tent watching the joyous dance take place. My heart yearned for the confidence to strip my clothes off and join them. The clouds came together, as if to watch their celebration, and rain started to fall. It was truly a beautiful site. And yet, I wasn’t able to muster the bravado to strip down and join them! One thing is for sure... even deeper levels of clarity are to come, and I’m for sure getting naked and joining the dance this time!!!

Whooop! The @yogaclub gift card giveaway this morning was so fun, I wanted to extend another opportunity for those who missed it! #ad
If you’re looking to try @yogaclubbox and want 20% off your first box... use my code at checkout! Code: britt20

They offer a give-back business model, which I’m happy to support. For every box sold, a yoga + meditation class is provided to a child at an elementary school in at-risk areas of LA. This teaches children breath-work and relaxation techniques for their at times stressful reality. We’re offering change where we can, one box at a time! For more info, check my IG Story from today!
Outfit : @glyderapparel pants, @mandukayoga top

Welcome to Day 5 of the #yogaclubchallenge!! The final pose is the beloved Dhanurasana, the bow pose.

How funny that this is the last pose for this challenge... I have my most pivotal story with it! This is the posture that I was given for my final exam in the SmartFLOW YTT. I hadn’t slept in days, trying to memorize a script I’d written, perfectionist that I was... I had really high confidence outwardly, but on the inside I was absolutely terrified. Somehow, I’d managed to get through a 200 hour training without teaching a single thing. I’d go to the bathroom or become an invisible fly on the wall. I walked to the front of the class, began my script, got 2 minutes in— and blanked. I started jumbling my words and shutdown immediately, feeling a train wreck about to take place... It was that day that my entire world changed. I was confronted by someone I respected (my teacher) about my control issues and perfectionism, which had NEVER been brought to my awareness before, especially in such a kind and loving way. My demons were brought to light, and I sobbed and heaved and cried loud and ugly in front of 55 other teachers I was soooo intimidated by. It was my first taste of truth, and also my year 7, numerologically speaking.

Now I’m on this journey of sharing these transformative experiences, because I know how many others deal or have dealt with the same issues and struggles! And it seems like it’s working well.. Love you all, thanks for participating in this challenge!!!

🚨Fair Warning🚨

Day 4 of the #yogaclubcchallenge!
The pose today is Twisted Half Moon, or parivrtta ardha chandrasana.
How are you feeling 4 days in? What is the relationship like with twists in your asana practice? It isn’t how deep the twist appears or photographs, how does it feel?? For me, twists feel refreshing, revitalizing, lengthening. Many don’t know that I used to have severe scoliosis before doing yoga. I was the only girl in the 7th grade health exam that got sent to the office when the grade was checked for scoliosis. I dealt with chronic back pain throughout my childhood and my hunch was very obvious. I found out during my YTT that my left femur bone was longer than my right, which over time, caused my hips to be misaligned, my ribcage to torque, and with that, my spine to be crooked. The body is a beautiful thing!! In my (nearly!) 4 years of practicing yoga, I’ve grown 1.5” and have very functional scoliosis, with zero back pain.
So grateful for this practice. Don’t listen to anyone when they tell you you can’t change your anatomy. It doesn’t come in a neat package of instant gratification, but it sure as hell is possible. Maybe I’ll share the story of the anatomy changes in my feet as well?
Love you all, see you tomorrow for the final pose!! Outfitted in the comfiest @freepeople from @yogaclubbox

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