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Britt Lynn ☀︎☽︎  ✨Natural, embodied, wild + (way) spiritually guided 🌓Rise, Sister. Ceremony co-founder 🎥 Youtube🌜Britt Lynn🌛 👇🏽Kim K Puts Crystal Healing On The Map🔮🦋


Happy ThanksLIVING

From the girl who loved when a birthday, holiday, anniversary came around so she could expect gifts and praise from others to feel grateful and significant .... to a woman living every day from a space of constant gratitude so that every single day is a celebration. This is the first year I’ve really felt contentment in terms of wanted to be ‘recognized’ on ‘special days’.
Living a life of abundant and miraculous thinking has shifted and morphed my Being to a whole other level.
It’s real nice.
I know many of you feel me on this day.
I’m so grateful for you all.
My tribe. My peeps.

Let’s put our phones down and spend it with loved ones. Make memories, laugh, dissolve tension. Radiate that love we’ve been cultivating all year.

Outfit is @niyamasol
Shot by @bethanypaigephoto

That grounded she-warrior within. Moving forward and allowing all that quake at Her presence to fall away. Who cannot handle her vibrancy.
She seeks surroundings that resonate and reflect back all that she embodies; strength, love, the magic of the elements, discernment, boundary, respect for all life, compassion, sensitivity and vulnerability. All wrapped into one limitless and expansive box.
Glowing with Light.
Beaming radiant Life. 🔥

Burn it all away, Kali.
Burn it all away.
If it doesn’t serve me, burn it all away.

Double Scorpio is dragging me underwater in the best way. This energy has been incredibly productive and healing for me. I spent last night getting incredibly still. Listening to Spirit and what I am meant to be releasing and stepping into for this cycle; getting ready to wrap up 2017. What a beautiful package it’s delivered in my life. So much growth. So much healing. So much CONNECTION.

What feeling would you like to leave 2017 with??

Life is the most beautiful dance.

When we surrender thought and go with the flow, we learn things about ourSelves we never could’ve imagined.

When life’s feeling stressful, take a step back. How hard are you trying? My greatest life lessons often come from the side of softening. Many of us feel that success in life is about TRY, TRY, TRY! Do more, press harder, try again, get it ‘right’... In balance poses, especially, I try to bring awareness to my physical state. How hard am I trying? What is it truly serving? My ego, so that I can congratulate mySelf on how lovely I balanced the pose, or my Spirit, that I can fall time and time again without resorting to negative self-talk or give mySelf a hard time about it.
Next time you’re deep in concentration, regardless of what you’re doing (I’ve even started doing this while I cook!), check in.

Ask yourSelf, ‘How’s my jaw? How’s my tongue? How are my eyes? Can I try a little less?’

Technique and strength are definitely building. I’m really surprising mySelf with how able and strong I feel at the gym! This is graded at V5. Hopped on a rope today too. For me, what stopped a lot of progress with climbing wasn’t the physical aspect... it was all mental. Getting past the ability to trust the gear (harness/rope/carabiner) and make moves where I might fall. I’d ALWAYS chicken out and stop mySelf from making the move. —�—�—�—�
This is where I am able to grow and truly benefit from the INCREDIBLE benefits climbing has in terms of Grounding. 👆🏼It’s a literal practice here.
Am I going to get stuck in my head? Feeling wishy-washy and second guessing every move (AIR ELEMENT), or am I going to be in the Here and Now, moving in my@physical body to the best of my efforts (EARTH ELEMENT).
Rock climbing is an amazing practice to balance the elements if you know what you struggle with!
I hope you like learning about these other areas of my life in terms of sharing growth!!

Blessed Be, @oprah ✨🙏🏽 I watch/learn from/listen to Master Teachers the way most people tune into their favorite TV shows. People are flabbergasted that I’ve never gotten into Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, allllll the popular shows...Docu-series, interviews, podcasts, round tables, memoirs are where it’s at for me! Soaking up knowledge and constantly learning!

Whatever floats your boat, amiright??

What is it in us
That makes us feel the need
To keep pretending
Gotta let ourSelves be.
Don‘t be scared to fly alone
Find a path that is your own
Love will open every door
Spread your wings and SOAR
-Lyrics- Soar by @xtina 🦅

Eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon) in practice today. Opened my hips and felt free as a bird.

Music by @nicolasjaar ‘Mi Mujer’
Outfit by @yogaclubbox

Thrilled to be featured for @yogaclubbox in this article on @huffpost today!
It’s little trinkets like this that really do make me feel like every little thing I choose to involve mySelf in is worth it. And matters. And is creating change and happiness in life for someone, somewhere.

We impact the lives of most everyone we come across. The day that notion truly enters into our trajectory, we keep it for life and it totally shifts the perspective on how we view ourSelves and our impact on the world around us.
Yogaclub is an athleisure subscription box with a feminine giveback business model. Choose one of 3 price tiers, opt for monthly or seasonal delivery, and fill out a Style Quiz that curates a styled outfit chosen specifically for you.
Every box sold donates a yoga/meditation class to LAs at-risk youth. The funds also provide mindfulness curriculum training programs for the teachers at these schools.
I’m honored to be a Tribe Leader for this company that’s really exploding right now! It’s so exciting to see and be a part of!

If you’d like to try it 20% off for yourSelf, type code: https://goo.gl/kVX65M in your browser

I’ll also link it in my bio for a few days!

Love you, Friends✨

Say it with me
🗣💨The stimulus of my thoughts become the nature of my reality.

When I start to sink into a way of thinking that I know doesn’t serve me, I’ve been trying to make an about-face and get real about the way I’m thinking and immediately change it up.

Chances are, it’s my perspective that needs an uplift! •

Sometimes I can walk away, other times I need to dig deeper into the pit to find whats decaying.
Shadow work is intenseee, but so fruitful.
Grounding helps me realize that. Literally placing my feet on the earth. •

The Taurus Sun in me bellows: Get out and ground, Brittani. •

I obey! ✌🏽

It’s all ready within each of us.
The most brilliant nuggets of truth and uniqueness.
Just waiting for us to create the changes.
This has been one of the most incredible pieces of transcendence for me to witness. How I’m literally a new person as opposed to the judgmental, anxiety-ridden, control freak only a few years ago. Filled with resentment and old issues I hadn’t dealt with that I didn’t know were holding my happiness hostage. ✨

What a beautiful thing, life is.

Totally embodying my Cancer Rising energy today, shooting as a Domestic Goddess for one of my FAVORITE conscious companies @GoddessProvisions! •

Capturing all the comfy self-care practices that feed, center and calm me... one of the most fun shoots where I’m at the very center of my comfort zone. •
Encouraging women to love themselves and dive deep into practices that make them vibrate at their Highest level is where I feel most useful and nurturing.
#goddessvibes #goddessprovisions

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