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i was just remembering this rust i saw last week.

swim suit butt. when it doesn't quite fit in there. {thank you for archiving this important moment and pattern in my life, mom.} #tbt

sky with self


this is my resting gratitude face. thank you, friends. {photo by @kavehsar

back in the city of angels. i left here on may 11th with my only intention being: to drive across the country and back again---to look at the faces of people i love, and to put my body in the wilderness from time to time. i learned a bunch of things over the past two months, but mostly that the word 'alone' is made up of "all" and "one." that wherever you go, there you are, and that There is exactly where you are meant to be. and that even if your eyes are full of tears, you can still make space to fill them up with views of mountains and prairies, of your brother dancing with the love of his life, of Pygmy goats leaping over each other, of ukulele serenades in a chicago, of melting glass in normal, of the final performance of a circus, of the top of your best friend's head as you hold each other in Atlanta, of watermelons, of your father playing his guitar, of your mother painting dozens of children into snowflakes, of your grandmother slicing a cherry pie, of manhattan at 5 in the morning, of a double rainbow over the roof in queens, of Selena in a cemetery, of pictures of your great Aunt Hilda who knew all about mechanics, of a New Mexico sunset with a trio of angels, of an artist barn in Indiana during a raining deluge, and of so many trees and gas stations and state parks and and and and and and and....

beginnings and endings are the same. they both require moving forward.

right now we are moving into the Leo new moon. what is bright and beautiful for you, lions and lionesses? how can you put your paint brushes and pens onto pieces of paper? what are you making this very moment? can you at least breathe?

meow wolf blew my mind. #meowwolf

inventing new ways to design a face-paint

keeping my hat on at o'keeffe's studio. foto by @kavehsar

o'keeffe made me do it.

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