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BRITTANY FELTON  I love chips. 👱🏻‍♀️

I’ve eaten two sandwiches today. Happy Valentine’s from me, my socks and Cate Blanchett. #lotr #valentine 🥪❤️🥪❤️🥪❤️🥪

Welcome to 2019 and the long awaited sequel to Chips!!™️, DIPS?!. Joe Gabler and I work hard to maintain the illusion that our friendship is worth anything beyond these videos so please help us keep the charade alive with praise and congratulations about DIPS?!. #thankyou #blessed #DIPS?! #chips

Was on vacation for 50 days and really honed some poses. Doubling it all in 2019. #happynewyear #stillamodel

2019 is gonna be awesome. #goals #hair

My Christmas Miracles. #TheMarvettes #andMax #footmodeling #mrselzey

The (wooden) ghosts of Christmas past. #tbt #art

❤️ It’s gonna be a special night of togetherness and giving! THIS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9th. Bar Franca, 7-10pm!! ❤️

For someone who stories as excessively as I do, you’d think this selfie situation would have gone better. IT IS DAY 90!!!! I started this challenge because I wanted to begin my 35th year in shape and writing like it is my job. And now I have one ab line and 90 days worth of material which is really very cool. What I’ve found most astounding and unexpected though, are the extra habits I’ve picked up along the way. Meditation. By far the greatest ritual I have added to my daily routine. And a mindset of gratitude. Gratitude, I’ve mentioned it in every post, has completely changed my day to day life. It has enhanced how I approach my loved ones, my job, my work, my body, the food I eat, the baths I take, the future I’m excited for and the present moment I’m experiencing. It’s a potion I would encourage everyone to find and take. I’ve listened to many self-help books and podcasts on positivity and on finance and they all essentially say the same thing, figure out what you’re grateful for now. It sounds like annoying woo woo crap til you truly experience it for yourself. I’m ending this 90 day chapter FULL of gratitude for everyday and I’m so appreciative to have had so much encouragement along the way. Also, TIME FUCKING FLIES, doesn’t it? Start now. ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏻 #90DayChallenge #gratitude

🚨 DECEMBER 9TH AT BAR FRANCA 🚨 $20 at the door for two drink tickets and entry into the raffle. Tons of cool prizes and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE PROCEEDS go to survivors. It’s gonna be an awesome evening. (There’s also a silent auction 🥳)

🚨 🚨 ALERT ALERT 🚨 🚨 IT IS JETHRO’S BIRTHDAY TODAY. We all know Fro is one of the coolest men alive and I’m lucky to have been raised by him. He’s taught me to never question my dreams, to follow my passions, to travel, to be sensitive, to be discerning, to stand up for myself and to never stop learning and growing. And he’s tolerated and loved me in spite of my being an annoying brat for most of my life (as demonstrated best in our videos from NZ circa 2007. They’re all on YouTube btw...) Anyway, I love you daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! #hbd #aginginreverse #smilingisfordorks @jjfelton3

This was a great day. #fbf @penniesfromevan

Brother, remember that Christmas we poisoned ourselves by using 14 year old frozen lemonade to make whiskey sours? Miss you. #fbf

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