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I swear I turn into an entirely new person when the sun comes out. Just finished This Is How You Lose Her by Junior Diaz this morning. I’ve wanted to read it for so long but for some reason, I never picked it up. Definitely one of my favorites! Next I’m on to Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. What are you guys reading on this sunny day? 🦔🌻🌞

but... do you wear your mama’s name on your chest? 🇱🇧

in honor of my mini-mental breakdown last night, here’s a selfie #ilovecollege 🧠🔥 also.. just out of curiosity, what do you guys work as? are you students? do you own a dog hotel? if it’s the latter, say no more.. I’m in

ketchup and mustard 💛❤️

something about times square and snow is mesmerizing 🌨

missing bahia and my second family. im so lucky to have found love so early in life, and to have every aspect of it fall into place perfectly. amo voces e saudades minha familia 👣 obrigado a ambos por cuidar de mim como se eu fosse sua própria filha 🐥 (not gonna lie that was 85% google translate)

hope you guys are having a great weekend 🖖🏼 I finally updated my phone and got that new set of emojis, so I’m a bit inspired to write about what’s been on my mind lately.. I think it’s important to take a moment and reflect on how integrated this app has become with our lives, mine included. I’ve had a pretty solid amount of followers since I was 16, and Im now 21. Until around a year ago, my life, along with many people’s was totally centered around taking photos and gaining followers and making money off of endorsement. Yes, this platform is unbelievably helpful as a major marketing tool for creators and companies, but it takes a huge toll on the mind. It took me a long time to see how much precious time is wasted here, taking photos, editing them, finding a cool caption, the whole process. It got so stressful that I took a break, an unofficial decision that honesty wasn’t so difficult. And I realized that upon distancing myself, I’ve felt less and less self-conscious about my appearance, my accomplishments, and my writing, even. Every time we open this app it seems like we feel like we should be doing more, be more, look different, and sometimes this is a good thing, but mostly, it’s not. I’m not going to say “embrace your uniqueness” because although that’s something important on its own, it’s not the main issue here. The problem is the overload of people and photos and information and comparisons and products, and blah blah blah all these things that our minds are NOT meant to handle all at once. Then, after our Instagram sessions we are left feeling either of two ways: riding the insta-high of likes and comments, or feeling like crap about ourselves because we don’t look like some beautiful person in a photo, or aren’t traveling the world as a career. This isn’t to say everybody experiences this, but most people I’ve seen including myself get sucked into this culture without even noticing it happen.
We need to take all of this back to simplicity. We need to remember that this an app and not a world in itself. What’s life without all this? What will you be left with other than you, the beautiful world, and pure human connection? 🌻

ill watch you set me on fire and laugh at those afraid of the flames 🌹

ps. shortly after the last photo was taken some woman opened the door behind us on my face and instead of apologizing said "im sorry but this is a door" BYE

i haven't traveled the whole world yet, so i don't know much, but i do know it's hard to comprehend value when you're still young and blossoming and naïve. even though we're still all of those things, feel the truth in my words when i vow to take care of you for the rest of our life. 💫

oh the weather outside is weather ⛄️🌞

for all those who have been cheated on... there's no way to describe it. the paranoia, the inner conflict of trying to trust and retrust your partner, the loss of self esteem, the comparisons, the anxiety that you can carry forward with you even after the relationship. let me offer you a piece of advice. cheating isn't a mistake. it's a series of decisions that are willingly carried out with your heart out of mind, or even worse, in mind. never forget your self worth, never forget the kind of love you deserve, and definitely, do not doubt yourself. your heart will regrow, you will find it within yourself to trust others again, and you will move forward! you will be stronger, and you will know yourself like never before. like i always say, what you feel now, you will not feel forever. 🌹

also, my sister @ashjsuleiman is currently working on the illustrations for my upcoming poetry book (though im not quite sure when to stop writing) please drop a comment if you enjoy my poetry and are excited to see a final finished piece that you can take home with you!! ❤️📖

happy anniversary 💍 one day soon we'll be back on the beach with our own pousada and an endless holiday 👣🌺🌞 I promise I'll post new photo sets soon ☺️😌 thank you guys for all your happy birthdays!! you all always surprise me with your unconditional kindness ❤️

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