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I’m so GRATEFUL to be surround my amazing women who minister to me without even knowing it. As an entrepreneur your faith is tested! We see bills but don’t see clients coming down the pipeline and we panic. Then we start thinking of all the ways we can add more products, services, or other businesses to our plate to provide for ourselves and we end up losing focus. We start trusting more in the streams then we do in God. Then we get frustrated and burnt out because nothing is working the way we thought it would. That was the story of my LIFE my first year in Business. But it wasn’t until my mentor and the Lord drilled, and is still drilling, focus into me that I was able to build and see results in my business. .
Now trust me there’s nothing wrong with multiple income streams, or diversified products and services within your business. But if you’re creating them out of fear and panic you’re operating in the wrong spirit and motives. This is why its so important to be led by the Holy Spirt and focus on what God is leading you to do now. Don’t get distracted by what’s around you in the world or what every other entrepreneur is doing. Focus on what you’re being led to do, build that solid foundation and then as your led continue to build on your solid foundation. Everyone needs a @relevantentrepreneur [Kristin] in their lives! Love you girl! P.s this is sneak peak of an upcoming episode of the @gracefullysurrendered podcast w/ Kristin! It’s sooooo good y’all. ✌🏽

I had the honoring of serving these beautiful ladies, in the area of social media, at this years @womanbeofficial ! I met so many AMAZING, talented and powerful women at this event. When I say all of the influencers snatched my whole life! My life and Business were completely changed and are still changing. As I transition into 2018 I’m excited about “running my play.” If you missed this years @womanbeofficial , don’t even think about missing it next year, it will be LIT. Your life will be forever changed! ❤️

Are you disappointed that your products or services aren’t selling? You do know social media won’t do everything for you? You still have to promote your content, follow up with leads and actually TELL people what you do! We should be walking billboards for our businesses! Social Media is just a tool to share your amazing business with more people. .
. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” - 2 Timothy 1:7 .

God has the client's, contracts, customers, and students you desire to have just WAITING for you to say something! They’re waiting for you to show up in their Facebook group, on your ad to scroll across their IG feed, on your tweet to pop up in their Twitter chat! So what are you waiting on! Make a decision today that you will no longer allow fear to hold you back from sharing your business on social media! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

Here’s a social media myth that I've been a lot of entrepreneurs falls victim to….You have to be on every single social media platform. .
That’s simply not true. You have to focus in on where your target audience is hanging out! Find out what that platforms is and begin to build a house on that platform. Example, join different facebook groups that are catering to your target audience and become an expert within those groups. If your target audience is on twitter, join niched twitter chats and participate in them weekly. You have to search for your audience and show up in front of them every day, and trust me they’ll begin to notice and become attracted to your brand! What platform is your tribe hanging out on? ❤️

Today marks one year since my dad went home to be with the Lord. Today I’m full of joy because he’s in heaven with His camera taking pictures of us on earth. Last year he came to me in a prophetic dream and described to me the amazing lighting and basketball games that have in heaven, and revealed to me how he passed, which gave us all so much peace. So I know my dad is good and living a super LIT life in heaven! Today I celebrate the legacy and inheritance he left behind for me and my family ❤️

Last Saturday while with the ladies of @future_msu I shared with them how our environment has shaped our financial mindsets. We may have a “buy now, pay later” mindset, scarcity mindset or a YOLO mindset 😂. And how we have to begin to identify that mindset, where it came from and renew our minds so that start cultivating a wealthy mindset. To see the looks on their faces and lightbulbs go off in their minds was amazing! This is how we change an entire generation physically, spiritually and financially!! By exposing the lies and sharing the truth! Whatever God has given you to share with the next generation GIVE IT NOW! They are waiting for what God has deposited in you to be released!! Stop holding back and start pouring into someone’s cup ✌🏽

[To all of my Creative Serivicepreneurs] You know how sometimes we don’t know why something isn’t working in our business until it’s brought to our attention. We get frustrated trying to figure out the problem, but just can’t seem to pin point what’s going on! .

That was my story when it came to my socia media marketing strategy. My goal was to turn my followers into buyers, so I has been posting 10,000 times a week, posting in my Facebook groups all day but I wasn’t seeing any results. None of my followers were turning into buyers and I didn’t know why! But after doing an audit of my social media platforms, I realized that I hadn’t been promoting any of my products or services and that I didn’t have a sales funnel in place to covert my followers into buyers. I was like “duh Brittany!” You would think that it was a no brainer, but honestly it’s something most entrepreneurs over look. That’s why i’m so PASSIONIATE about the Self Diagnosis Checklist for IG because it will assist you in uncovering those Social Media Marketing blindspots. Once you see why things aren’t working, now you know what to do and how to fix it, so that you can start making real impact, influence and income online!
Don’t keep suffering in silence, wishing somone would book a discovery with you or hoping your calendar gets filled up before 2018. NO GIRL, you need clarity and a strategy if you want to start booking your dream clients consistently, selling out your programs and making consistent passive income online! Do yourself a favor a download the free Self Diagnosis Checklist for Instagram and find out WHY your current strategy, or the lack there of, isn’t working for your business. Link is in the good ol bio, ✌🏾

I had such an amazing time this weekend with the ladies of @future_msu at the @vsbrunch College Edition! It was such an honor to pour into you ladies and to help you create some monumental strategies as you continue FORWARD in your college career! Special thanks to @thecassandranvincent for the opportunity love you girl! I look forward to connecting with you ladies again soon! ❤️

Where you are today is a result of the words that you spoke yesterday. Your words carry POWER. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love to talk will reap the consequences. What words have you been speaking over your life? Because I can tell you from experience, that you will have EXACTLY what you say. Sometimes you just have to allow the SPIRIT of SHUT UP to overtake you so that you can keep your mouth CLOSE! .

If you have a problem with your mouth, begin to search the scripture and meditate on the ones that focus on your mouth and words. Begin to train your mouth to ONLY say what the word of God says. .


After using my Self Diagnosing Checklist for IG, I’ve decided that each quarter I’m going to audit all of my social media platforms to make sure my current strategy is working and to tie up any loose ends. If social media is a part of your digital marketing strategy then you have to make sure you’re fully utilizing your platforms to meet your business goals. .

If you haven’t gotten your hands on my Self Diagnosing Checklist for IG, then what are you waiting for! Click the link in my bio to get your today!

The enemy comes IMMEDIATELY to steal the word from your heart. But if you’re rooted and grounded in God’s word then his tactics won’t move you. Stand firm in God and know that’s its according to your faith that things happen! God loves you and only has the best planned for you. Don’t let ANYTHING move you from His word ✌🏽

Many times as entrepreneurs we get frustrated because things don’t seem to be working. We put these strategies in place but they aren’t converting the way we want. I’ve found that it’s sometimes one small thing that needs to be tweak and then BAM! .
Comment below and let’s talk Social Media marketing! Has your strategy been helping you meet your business goals? What’s your biggest struggle? Then swipe ➡️ to see how I can help you solve this problem! ✌🏾

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