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Brittany Martinez ⚡️  Model • Blackbelt • Editor-In-Chief of @eviemagazine ❤️. Currently in Los Angeles.

Just working on Evie ❤️ How’s your Monday?

Driving in LA is hard enough without it flooding everywhere 😭. Grateful to be on set today but man it feels like all I ever post about is driving in LA 😅🤷‍♀️. 📸 @gavinoneillphoto 💄 @danmichaelmakeup

Up close with the amazing 📸 @gavinoneillphoto 💄 @danmichaelmakeup

Wish I had a hat this epic on a rainy Monday morning! ☺️. 📸 @gavinoneillphoto 💄 @danmichaelmakeup

People keep doing those 10 year comparisons so here I am 10 years ago 😂. I lived in Southlake,Tx at the time! ☺️

Good morning and happy Thursday!! Got up really early to get a workout in with my girl friend before the day! After my casting, we have a big meeting for Evie!! 👏 Thanks to you guys, we had 2 MILLION impressions in just 48 hours! 😍 Every day our traffic gets better because of all of you who go back to the site so thank you! ❤️ We upload 3 new articles a day so make sure to keep reading! And let me know if there’s ever anything you’d like to see! ☺️ 📸 @photobyhudson 💄 @debchungbeauty

The only thing worse than driving in LA is driving in LA in the rain 😅😭. 📸 @victorrobertof

Mood this morning 😂. Gabe took this picture in NY. We had gotten off the plane and were exhausted. We asked the man at the hotel where we should eat and he recommended a grocery store 🙄😂. But Gabe did a yelp search and we found this beautiful little tavern decked out for Christmas right next to us in the financial district! ❤️ The food and ambiance were incredible. It turned out to be the oldest bar in Manhattan! George Washington used to go there in the 1700s! So after dinner we hung out in this room and had Irish coffees. He snapped this photo while we were waiting for our coffees, exhausted haha. Such a fun trip with my amazing husband ☺️.

Spending my day working on Evie!! How do you like to spend your saturdays? ❤️. 📸 @calebandgladys 💄 @tyshearn

Rain this weekend in LA 👏. I love sweater weather. 📸 @calebandgladys 💄 @tyshearn

Looking forward to this year! How’s your 2019 going? 📸 @victorrobertof

Thank you all for your support with @eviemagazine! Been on hiatus for a bit but I’m back on social media now! ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @calebandgladys 💄 @tyshearn

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