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The @wndrmuseum was the bessssttt experience! So much fun. If you’re ever in Chicago, it’s a must 😍🙌🏼

Leeegggg day! Still limited with what I can do but we make it work y’all. I literally never day y’all in person so idk who I think I am.

1. Warm up with banded kickbacks and light frog pumps superset
2. Landline squats into Romanian deadlifts
3. Reverse hack squats superset with banded walks both side to side and front to back. The lower you keep the band, the more Glute activation.
4. Finished off with elevated reverse lunges!

I still can’t feel my face, ears, fingers, and other miscellaneous body parts but at least I got a cute pic ❄️ In Chicago visiting my BFF @sarahmarcellin but I miss my baby 👶🏼😭 first time away from Grayson I hope i survive pray4me

Raise your hand if you feel you’ve been personally victimized by the mercury retrograde 🌚 hahaha jk but not really. Anywhoooo about another week and a half until I can train upper body but for now, everyday is leg day 🍑

CURIOUS - What is one thing you struggle with when trying to reach your fitness goals, or something you would like to know more about? Comment below! 👇🏼 Sippin on @womensbest watermelon bcaas 🍉😍

Finalllly posted the video explaining why I removed my breast implants!

I also included legit pics before and after because that was something I really wanted to see before taking the plunge. Hope you guys get more insight now! It’s a tough decision, but definitely the best one for me 🤗 #allnatty #ittybittytittycommittee

Almost 4 weeks post-op! so here’s a shitty quality selfie cause I was Feeling SO DAMN GOOD. Still a bit sore, but back in the gym doing legs and cardio. I am legit 8-10 lbs down.... probably part inflammation? Idk but it’s wild. I feel so good. I finally recorded my explant YouTube video I’ll just have to edit and get It up!

Am I happy with my decision to remove my boobies? HELL TO THE YES. I loved my fake boobs, but there’s something extremely empowering about being 100% ME and loving that. It’s refreshing.

Nine months ago, I was ready to give birth to my precious baby boy that I was so eager to meet. I was nervous of the unknown, anxiety high towards the end hoping that he would be safe, healthy, and I would be a wonderful mother.

The one thing I was sure of, was that I had already done my best to provide the best start to a healthy and happy life. Staying fit and healthy during my pregnancy was the best decision I had made for that, before I truly embarked on the journey of motherhood.

Unlike many women, i was fortunate to have the education i needed to know the answers that many women have when it comes to pregnancy. Many topics including: nutrition, what foods to avoid, healthy weight gain, proper exercise, exercise safety, exercises to avoid, diastasis recti, supplements and more.

That’s why I created the fit pregnancy guide - to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Staying fit also helped me with my postpartum journey, and that’s a fact! I feel better than ever.

So, mamas - what are some of your current concerns during pregnancy? Or what were they when you were pregnant?

@womensbest Black Friday sale is about to end! Final chance to get up to 50% off + 5 free gifts!

Here is a back and bi’s workout (pre surgery). Back is one of my faaaavorites to train. I prob say this about everything though 🤣 -Single arm dumbbell row
-Pull ups (assisted for me)
-Single arm cable row
-Chest assisted two
-Spider curls

I did 4 sets, 8-12 reps each exercise!

WE ARE LIVE!!!! My fit pregnancy guide is finally available! Having a 20% off sale right off the bat using the code FITMAMA20 🤰🏼 Go to to buy 🤗 there is a home version, gym version, and option to purchase both for a super discounted price. Gym you need access to full gym and home you need a pair of dumbbells and/or a band.

There is at least 20 pages just full of information regarding nutrition, exercise, mental health, body image, diastasis recti, healthy weight gain, rules to remember, exercise safety, and so much more.

The training program is trimester-based and the workouts change every two weeks to keep motivation high!

Comment below with any questions 😍

ONE DAY UNTIL MY FIT PREGGO GUIDE LAUNCHES! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Been working on this for 7 years legit lmaooo sorry it took so long. Such is life. BUT IT IS HERE!

Staying fit during your pregnancy is so beneficial for both you and baby. It helps with labor, postpartum, and during pregnancy. Best thing I ever did!

There will be a home version and a gym version! You can either do one or both.

Tons of information if included such as:
-What to expect each trimester with researched info and statistics
-Nutrition during pregnancy -Dealing with cravings and aversions
-Fighting fatigue
-Exercise overview
-Rules to remember when exercising
-Exercise safety
-Mental health
-Healthy weight gain
-Diastasis recti information

The Exercise program is for ENTIRE pregnancy. Workouts each trimester, switching every 2 weeks so you don’t get bored 🙌🏼

Is it possible to lose fat and build muscle postpartum? YESSSS. Here’s a pic of my butt for proof 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ I get this question often. During pregnancy, you lose muscle and gain fat... that’s just the name of the game. When you get back into working out postpartum, it’s a little bit like a “newbie gains” period for a few weeks in my experience, which is a good thing to take advantage of. With proper training program, nutrition, and consistency, of course it’s possible.

But I do have to say that staying fit DURING pregnancy really helped me get back to where I was pre pregnancy, and actually even better! I feel as if I’m leaner postpartum than I was pre pregnancy. It’s also beneficial for so many other reasons as well, as I’m sure you all may know.

WHO IS READY FOR THAT FIT PREGNANCY GUIDE? Launching Monday!!! I have a gym version and a home version. Comment below if you have any questions ♥️

Sorry for the Black Friday spam, but just wanted to let you guys know the @womensbest sale is still on! I posted some of my fave products on my story 🙌🏼 1. Whey: chocolate mint, cookies n cream, raspberry vanilla, salted toffee pretzel.

2. Vegan protein: chocolate and vanilla.

3. Aminos + amino energy: iced tea lemon, watermelon.

4. Snacks: white chocolate protein cookies, kale chips, protein bites.

and again, my guides are on sale 30% off using code BRIT30 🥰

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