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Fresh face + golden hour ✨

When you and bae get a date night without the baby 👶🏼 #fromtheothernight #ootd #comebacktome @mattogus

Chest, shoulders, tris from my upper body day! .
-Seated shoulder press reverse facing
-Incline bench dumbbell chest press
-Overhead rope tricep extension
I did 4 sets 8-12 reps of each.
New video also posted to my youtube channel - what I eat in a day and full upper body workout 🤗
Bcaas by @womensbest
Outfit by @gymshark

After having my babe, I wasn’t too focused on getting my pre pregnancy body back. I got told so many times that I would never get it back, and I knew that was BS..i can always achieve whatever i want. Losing weight and getting ripped wasn’t and still isn’t my main focus in life. Sure, I love to feel comfortable in my body and probably feel a little bit better in a bikini when I’m a little leaner. But now that I’m a mama, Gray is and always will be my #1 priority. I’m not really dieting and haven’t yet. TBH idk if I’ll ever really “diet” the way i did in the past again. Calories stay relatively high rn now in order to keep my milk supply up. I’m also a huge fan of health/fitness as a lifestyle. I eat healthy majority of the time and my diet is mainly Whole Foods. But i also enjoy food and i don’t obsess over being perfect. I eat what i want, and yes a lot of times that’s pizza, alcohol, etc. But i listen to my body. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. If i want something, I’ll eat it. If i don’t, i won’t just because it’s there. Workouts are shorter and less intense due to time restraints. I still have a lower belly pooch (I still have slight diastis recti which can make your lower belly stick out too). I’m about 3 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body composition is much different than before. I will always strive to stay healthy and fit, but that looks a bit different for me now. I spent a lot of years just trying to be perfect... have the perfect physique, perfect diet, perfect workout routine and never allowing myself to stray from that. Now, i strive to make progress since fitness is my lifestyle and i am a fitness professional, but i don’t strive to be perfect.
It’s also NOT selfish to want to make improvements to your physique as a mom or to focus on your health and body. In fact, you should always take care of yourself first in order to best take care of your bby& it’s not inappropriate to show off your body as a mom..just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️ if anything, you should show it off even more because you grew and birthed a dang human! I may not be the leanest or most muscular now, but damn I am perfectly happy just the way I am 💞

It’s really bothering me that This photo isn’t centered but I felt cute so 🤷🏼‍♀️ #sacrifices #ootd is tagged 😋

Just posted the personal q&a with baby daddy @mattogus answering some nice juicy questions!! 😝😂🤷🏼‍♀️

@gymshark restock tomorrow 11am PST (7pm UK time)!
Ombré seamless collection
Flex restock
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Slounge (pictured)
Link will be in my bio to buy! Thank you to anyone who uses it 🤗💞

I look at this picture and 57 others exactly like it for so long my leg and buttcheek started blending into my other leg and buttcheek and I wasn’t sure what I was even looking at anymore. #oldschoolfitnessigbootypose #isthisevenright #idfk
@womensbest raspberry rush bcaas are 🙌🏼

Name a more iconic duo.. I’ll wait. 🤱🏼💞👶🏼 #mylittleman #boymom

Currently 💃🏼 just training hard and eating intuitively with minimal cardio. Feeeels gooooood man. Ps. IT’S LAUREL.
Training guides available at 🍑

Clips from leg daaaayyy🍑
-Bench squats
-Romanian deadlifts
-Reverse curtsy lunges
-Hamstring curls
Y’all. I’m finally getting some strength back postpartum and it feels SO GOOD. When I was first cleared to workout, I tried to go back to my usual weights and I literally died and could barely walk for days lmao. So I told myself to chill TF out and start slow and work my way up... so now I feel like I’m getting some strength back after 6 weeks! It’s ok to start with whatever you can. it’s ok to start with the smallest amount of weight you need to, or even body weight, until you can work Tor way up. Form > weight. Progressive overload is what you want to focus on! That means increasing the volume over time. Either by increasing weights, sets, Reps, etc. naturally as you keep working out, you’ll get stronger and you will increase weights over time. Patience, persistence, and consistency 🙏🏻
Raspberry rush bcaas by @womensbest

All bluuueee 🦋 #boobs #11weekspostpartum

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