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Brittany Paige 👄  ▫️PersonalTrainer|FitNutritionSpecialist ▫️B.S.HealthEducation ▫️Mama to Gray👶🏼 @brittlesser ▫️@womensbest(Lesser10) @gymshark ▫️Training Programs👇🏼

Just chillin with the new bomb @womensbest protein bars! My fave in order are 1. Coconut 2. Strawberry 3. Hazelnut 🙌🏼 sale is almost over, if you use the code protein you get 15% off and 3 bars!

When your bf is literally a full course meal at a 5/5 restaurant on yelp. Obsessed with you @mattogus even though we both have the same good side and i let you have it every time 😝😍 #yeshesalwaysnaked #babydaddy

When you’re trying to take a progress photo but your face lookin like you just shit your pants 😭😂 #whyamilikethis #7monthspostpartum

Fit chicks be like use your baby as a 20 lb weight!!! 😂 #ikid #throwingshadeatmyself
No but really. Poor babe is sick with a cold still so I haven’t wanted to take him to the daycare which means at home workout for mama! Now that he’s mobile and crawling everywhere, it’s so hard to do anything! He kept trying to eat my foot lmao and he was cracking up when I held him during the workout. I love him.
Would you guys be interested in more at-home workout ideas? This shown here isn’t a full workout, just snippets. On IG? Youtube? Both? Comment beloooow!

Have you seen ANYTHING SEXIER.... Than an EMPTY GYM??? Lol also... That new @gymshark okkkk 😍🔥

@womensbest has new protein bars out! The coconut crunch is my faveee. Check out my story for more info, you can get 15% off + 3 bars using the code “protein”. 😋

Lasts nights date night looook 💋 bae and I got to have a baby free date just the two of us and had the best sushi we’ve ever had at @tang_sushi 😍 thanks to grandma @karen_lesser happy Sunday guys!!!
Top and jeans from @fashionnova

Minimal equipment lower body workout or exercises you can include into your workout - feat. @suzie_kb band and @womensbest bcaas 🤗
All you need is a band and a dumbbell or kettlebell, a ball/bench would be great too.
▪️Banded kickbacks
▪️Lying abductors
▪️Swiss back reverse leg raises
▪️Banded walks (aide & front/back)
▪️Lying hamstring curls
▪️Dumbbell swing with reset
▪️Sumo Romanian deadlift
▪️Bulgarian split squat into single leg Romanian deadlift
▪️Single leg Glute bridge
▪️Goblet squats

A day of rest does a body goooood because I feel refreshed AF for legs today 🍑 whatcha lifting today? Feat. @womensbest watermelon bcaas 😍

The love i have for this child is overwhelming!!!!
I get asked how i do it all like workout, cook, clean, work, take care of him, etc. To be honest, i don’t always do it all. Heck, a lot of things get pushed aside. Gray is #1, then comes my pups, my clients, and everything else is when I get to it. That means the house is a mess most of the time. My personal creative projects don’t come first. And that’s ok. It’s hard and can be overwhelming at Times, but I just do the best I can. Being a SAHM is hard work, and then trying to work on top of that seems almost impossible sometimes 😩😂
As for working out and eating healthy though, that is a hugeeee priority to me. And IMO, that is the farthest thing from selfish. Working out makes me a better mother because i feel better, it relieves stress, it’s my “me time” where i get an hour to myself which i need, etc. taking care of myself first means i will take better care of Grayson. If i have little sleep, no alone time, anxiety through the roof, I’m unhappy, then obviously i won’t be my best around Gray. I want to be healthy, lively, happy, well rested, and low stress when I’m around him. Kids pick up on energy, so i try not to get stressed or impatient, although it does happen sometimes let’s be real. Kids also absorb everything around them, so being an example for Gray is important to me. Staying healthy and taking care of myself will show him that it’s important, too. Eating nutritious foods sets him up for a healthier life and a wider palette. I want to show him that staying active is important for physical and mental health.
Also.... Grayson’s gains are better than all of us 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi guys!!! Here’s my leg workout from this morning! 🍑
1. Bench squats (4 sets, 8-10 reps)
2. Banded Glute bridge on smith machine (4-5 sets, 15 reps)
3. Deficit sumo deadlifts (3-4 sets, 6-8 reps) *watching back the footage, I shouldn’t have lifted my butt up before the rest of my body! Didn’t even realize I was doing it, so filming yourself can be super helpful when focusing on form*
4. TRISET: Single-leg Romanian deadlifts, good mornings, and banded frog pumps (3 sets, 10-12 reps each)
5. Reverse hyperextensions focusing on Glutes - notice how I’m rounding my back slightly to focus on the Glute contraction
Song is “Touchdown” by @balance510

If I could tell your younger self a few things, what would you say? Idk why i was thinking about this the other day. I guess i was just looking back and thinking about the various different times and events in my life. It’s crazy how much changes over time. How i used to wish for the things i have now, and i would’ve never thought it’d happen the way it did. Dude, there are so many things I’d say. Here are a few:
1. BISHHH, sup 😂
2. Love your damn self, exactly the way you are. Your tallness, your small boobs, your thicker thighs, your pale skin, your shyness. Those make you unapologetically YOU.
3. Believe in yourself. Confidence is so important in so many facets of life. Your are capable of so much. Work for what you want. Doubt and fear of failure will just cause you to be stagnant.
4. Do. Not. Settle. For anything less than you deserve. And you deserve the damn world.
5. Stop worrying! Over things you can’t control. Over things that may never happen. Live in the moment.
6. On that note, Stop focusing on the next best thing. As humans, we have the tendency to say “ok, but I can’t wait until ___”. For many things, focusing on the next best thing is fine, and essential. But it’s also important to be proud and happy about what you have now.
7. Emotions do not make you weak. To feel is beautiful.
8. LOVE. It’s everything. Relationships are important in life - the one with yourself, your family, your friends, significant others. They all require work, but they’re important. If there are Toxic and negative relationships, do not waste your damn time.
9. Don’t let others dictate your life or your choices.
10. Don’t take life to seriously!!!!! Have fun.

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