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Brittany Aby  Ooh. Kill em.

So I'm deleting this Instagram. Be a doll and go follow my new oneπŸ‘Œ@brittanyaby

Fancy like the things she likes.
She lives her life.
I'm living mine.
-Yeezus, Guilt Trip

Under construction.βœ‚βœ‚

Hyperventilating at the moment.

Hi. Yeah I just cleaned my room last night now does all this crap still end up on my bedπŸ˜‘

The fault in our starsπŸ™Œ




I completely idolize kelsey darragh. She is my spirit animal. And I strive to be just like her. #babe #kelseydarragh

Out of everyone. I miss this stupid dog the most. Griffy might be an asshole but we became such good friends. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

No one will ever understand how much this bracelet means to me. #blueslidepark #macmiller

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