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Brittanya Razavi  📦CEO of 187™ ⚜️CEO of Lucky Kings™ 📚Author of Millionaire Self•Talk™ 🏦Real Estate Mogul 📬Promotional Inquiries⤵️ 📧Sales@MeowGang.Com 🔥Click👇🏼


Enjoying a few days of summer at my Cabin!🐻 be sure to skip the heat & book your stay!! mi casa es tu casa!! 🤗 #BigBear @kingscastlecabin

If money didn't exist, would you still chase your dreams ?

Happy belated birthday to my sister @tiff0baby 🎉 (June 7th she's a crazy #gemini ) 🙃 Thank God for your birth! Imagine how boring my life would be without you as my sister👯 I mean we were both crazy but you def were always the life of the party.😁🍾 I'm so thankful for your birth day, and glad I had you as my side kick growing up.🙌🏼 Minus a few situations like when we would get in trouble & Dad would whoop our ass's with a belt & you always felt the need to say "that didn't hurt" so we would get whooped more times then needed LOL & the other time when you cut my hair super short & thought it was so funny.😈 lol! Having a life time dealing with a crazy Gemini 😱😂 & i'm thankful for it! I love you ! & Happy Birthday!🎉🎈🎊

Our Hearts are like Wild creatures, that's why our ribs are like cages.❤️

Yes I really do pack & ship your orders👌🏼and yes most the time I look like this doing it lol! I work so hard, you'd think I'm broke! But it's because I love what I do & appreciate you!💯

Many have an image of me. Few get the picture. 💫

Everything I have, I own💯 Never got a Loan, Saved up and always lived within my lifestyle budget and saved up for bigger and bigger goals.
Everything I got was from persistence, patience and hard work. I appreciate everything because I remember having nothing.🙏🏼 I never take any of my success for granted because I understand it can all be taken away, for that I stay hungry and humble with a passion to always strive to be the best. I'm passionate because I believe you should give your all, so if you fail you know you gave your heart & soul. You have no regrets when you do your best!!! I came from nothing, I lived with my Dad until he went to prison, I was on my own at age 15 with a son. At one point of my life I was homeless, so I've lived and seen it all. The struggle made me stronger. When everyone thought I would fail I made sure they'd one day see me prevail in my goals. I wrote this book, It's a self help guide the same steps I followed to becoming the Multi-Millionaire I am today. I hope that it can do the same for you! Most importantly I want you all to know we are no different! I am NO better than you! My success was originally fueled by Anger & Revenge. Every time a Hater speaks my name, I make sure to double my net-worth 😈Sometimes you just have to find what lights your fire🔥 This book will help find that!🙏🏼 Order yours at www.MeowGang.Com📚 (Link in my Bio)
🌟Yes I Will Personally Autograph Each Book💋
#PersistencePassionPrayer #MillionaireSelfTalk #HumbleGiant 📚👉🏻 @shop.brittanya187

Some facts about me..📌

1️⃣I hate shopping (trying on clothes that never fit is tiring🙅🏽) .

2️⃣My favorite place to be is Home ( home-body )

3️⃣I live by this saying..."Never do anything that you'll deny or regret " .

4️⃣I love cereal, eggs & potatoes ( yea I can live my entire life just eating that) lol...

5️⃣I never smoked & I don't drink. ( can't get caught slippin ) lol

6️⃣The only thing that changed me since becoming rich, is I'm picky about my hotels when I travel. (Ive spent to much time locked up, I appreciate my nice pillows & blankets these days especially) .

7️⃣I almost died 5 times

8️⃣I suck at spelling 🤷🏻‍♀️

9️⃣I'm confident not conceited. (Meaning I think I'm cool AF but understand that's just my opinion ) .
🔟If I can pick a song that describes me it would be "all the above" by Maino 🎶 Now tell me 1 fact about you!? ☺️

Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane.⚡️❤️

Hair Colored by: @alexandreavillareal

I never wanted to blend in, because we were all born to stand out. But the best part about MY LIFE...is my sons will love me unconditionally no matter the tattoos on my skin, color of my hair, or how absolutely ridiculous I can be. Happy Milf Day! To all my Mothers. We have the hardest & BEST job ever ! 😊🤗❤️😘

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again. ❤️🤗😀 #GoodMorning #MillionaireSelfTalk 📚

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