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Two items on my list of extreme dislikes: mornings and winter.

But, yet again, leave it to Miss Michigan to outshine us all in her ability to reveal incredible beauty in such seemingly impossible places.

In fact, one of the very few ways I find Michigan to be incredibly consistent is in her ever changing beauty. This morning was no exception. A simple step outside and there she was. As if over night she became cold, dark, lifeless - but beautiful and preparing. As if she was reminding us that the times of our most dark and dreary transitions are also the times when we radiate a very unique form of beauty. An extreme intensity not only seen but also felt by all in its presence. Fierce. Striking. Breathtaking. Dangerous yet deeply alluring. It is beauty in its highest form that can only grow in the depths of darkness and despair. A creation that is ours alone and shaped with purpose. A tool, a weapon, a gift. It remains forever within us but here, in our own winters, is where it truly shines. Like the blinding light when the sun hits the snow just right. Like the glitter on the trees. The bright of the white that covers and illuminates the dark of the once living - beautiful and preparing.

Today, this morning, she reminded us. She whispered of winter mournings and the secrets of this beauty that lies within such seemingly impossible places:

Strength. Resilience. Growth.

And it is beautiful.
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A few thank you’s to @lg4780 for a breath of fresh (30°) air amidst all my chaos at one of my favorite places, watching my team grab another W, and finally🤞🏼breaking my “game curse” name a few. 〽️ #YouDaRealMVP
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▪️6:07 AM▪️ 30°▪️Snow▪️Rally▪️
💙〽️ Welcome to The Big House, baby! 〽️💙
#Michigangster #HAIL #GoBlue #WolverineNation #BleedMaizeAndBlue #TheBigHouse #LastHomeTailgate #AnnArbor #LadyWolverine #MichiganFootball

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