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B R I T T A N Y ✨  20 | Aspiring Dental hygienist🚰😁 Fitness enthusiast | Peach builder 🍑 WSU #WildCat💜🐾 | #GymVersus Ambassador 🔺 All glory to God 🙏🏽✨🇵🇭


How I get rid of hip dips and other fun leg workouts .
Gymshark fits weird on me because I like to hike em up to my belly button since I'm so short (5'1) . 💀 {Insert names of leg exercises}

Song December by @anders.nst 🔥 Follow and Check him out 😍🔥

1️⃣Wheat toast
3️⃣Havarti Cheese
4️⃣Over-medium egg w/ pepper

💙 #gymshark

Fun fact: I hated avocados until I tried avocado toast. Now I'm hooked .😂❤️

I'm really trying to post more often but it's so hard to film w/o a camera person and a broken front/selfie camera. Just know I love all of my supporters ❤️

Peach day 🍑! Here are a few of my favorite workouts
1️⃣ single-leg, stiff-leg kettlebell deadlift
2️⃣Dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifts
3️⃣Sumo/regular squat w/55lbs (I hold the dumbbell like that because it targets more of my inner thighs)
4️⃣Crossover lunges
5️⃣Jump squats

Leg day workout . 👍🏽🏋🏽‍♀️
I've decided to focus more on my hamstrings today. Do these workouts: ✖️ Smith machine stiff leg deadlift ✖️Glute press down (My gym doesn't have the actual machine so I had to improvise using the assisted back pull-ups machine)
✖️Consecutive goodmornings and squats ✖️Step ups w/ glute kickback

Werk. I was trying to take a picture the other day but didn't realize I was recording 😂🌚 Wearing @cls_sportswear

The left picture was not too long ago, it was in March. (It is possible to see substantial results if you work hard enough for it). I was doing the same workout routines but not going heavy enough my form was also very sloppy but I didn't think too much about It I just thought "since I'm doing these exercises I should be getting results anyways". ❌WRONG ! Having good form is key and the most important thing in bodybuilding.
The picture on the right is one of my most recent pictures, I gained a little weight and that is good to me because I've always been so skinny And always been the same weight for like the longest time. I am what you would call a "hard gainer" my metabolism is fast and I could eat anything and not gain weight so when I stepped on the scale and saw that I did gain a few extra pounds I was so damn proud of myself.
Some people think gaining weight is a bad thing, it is NOT always a bad thing. #gainingweightiscool Muscle mass is heavier than fat. I struggled in the past to gain weight and was always called skinny and small. I started to do research and started setting small term goals. For instance, my goal is to grow my peach so I decided to start doing lunges and squats incorporated with heavy weights, trying to increase the weight each month. I also changed up my workouts, they weren't always the same boring routine.

I started to get the hang of having correct form and found that form is vital in order to target your specified muscles precisely and accurately especially when you're going heavy on weights. I noticed by doing the right form that my muscles grew noticeably bigger than when my form was messy/off. When my form was off, all I could think of was "what's taking my muscles so long to grow?". Anyone can be the very best versions of themselves. It just takes time, determination and the right mind set to achieve it. Start by making small term goals and you're off to a great start. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere and all though it may seem hard sometimes, just know that you're closer to your goal than you think. So don't give up and keep striving.

I've been a bit MIA due to juggling with work and school. I go to the gym five times a week but haven't been able to film as much. I would like to post more often, a good way would be by getting opinions from all y'all like what kind of workouts you would like to see more of. ❤️ I try to reply to every DM but sometimes there are too many messages, just know that just because I don't reply I still read them and take every idea and DM to consideration.

Back Attack 😈
Reality check! The struggle was real guys. Lol
Try and push yourself past your "limits", you are capable of more than you think. Your mind is a powerful thing. ✖️Single arm cable pull down ✖️Dumbbell back row (40lb dumbbell)
✖️Pull ups
✖️Barbell raise over head (45lbs barbell & 5lb plates)
✖️Seated cable row

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