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Brittany Ashley  Hopeless romantic. But hopeless everything else too.

Alternate Timeline. In the bottom right hand corner, you'll see that as a man, I'd own the St. Louis Cardinals. Very wealthy, very successful.

For our "Sicker Sadder World" Patreon supporters, I'm doing readings from my dramatic journals from when I was 14.

Next Sunday I'm gonna be ~interviewed~ live, it'll be CAPTIVATING, as I am a professionally trained interviewee. Tickets on sale now!

Episode 7 went up yesterday. For those unaware, I have a weekly Daria rewatch podcast with @laurazak called "Sicker Sadder World" - if you miss the sound of my soothing voice, it's a great place to get your fix.

Somebody just dropped a new YouTube channel today (not me, the other doctor in the picture) - go to to watch his first vid!

Getting tattooed by the youngest apprentice in the shop

Happy Tax Day! In Alternate Timeline #3: I became America's youngest accountant at age 10. Need someone to do your business taxes? Brittanius will help you. (yes, I changed my name in this reality)

Alternate Time Part 2.... By now, I would be in my fourth season in the majors. First two years I wasn't taken seriously as a ball player but now I've really made a name for myself! Though I got a lot of money from a Nike commercial I did, most of the $$ was pissed away in a lawsuit (a misogynistic Florida Marlin talked shit to me when I was at the plate, he got a bat to the shins, you probably saw it on ESPN). My walk-up song is "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette.

Tomorrow! It's pre-recorded because I'm in my dad's garage but pretend like it's live!

Another relic from Dad's Garage: 6-ish years ago, some guy named Chris R. tried out for the Second City Chicago sketch show I was writing on. He got in. We all thought he was an incredible improviser in the audition. All the cast had to write down their "skill set" so we could write sketches around them. I kept all of theirs because I thought they were all so cool and talented. You never know where you're gonna find your writing partner, but it's always cool when you were a fan of them first. (Note: Chris R is Chris Reinacher) (Second note: WHAT "TYPES OF DANCE"???)

I was a HUGE literature buff (Continued series of "My Dad's Garage") Also, was anyone really "a star" in Down To You....

Dad's garage is full of alternate timelines where I was a pro baseball player

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