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Brittany Ashley  Hopeless romantic. But hopeless everything else too.


My little sports fan

New video on @chrisreinacher 's channel - Maybe I'll break the stigma that some women have been trapped in the cyclical prison of shaving their face since they used their dad's razor as a curious pre-teen.

Cut my own bangs in second grade. Still haven't recovered emotionally.

I had to go back inside my house. The tension with Street Cat was starting to derail my afternoon. I can't possibly sit outside on the cement with you while you decide which leg to rub against next. I walked towards the front gate and motioned towards the sidewalk. I'm back inside now but who knows where Street Cat went: to chase a squirrel? To go "home"? To sit there waiting for me? I have to meditate.

Street Cat asked if I wanted to grab another drink. I think we all know how this ends.

Street Cat has trespassed onto my back porch, but also into my heart. She said she couldn't call or text because she was busy with work (but also lacks opposable thumbs). I've heard these excuses before. I don't know, how do I let someone in that I may never see again?

Talk about mixed signals. This mysterious vagabond shows up at my backdoor while I'm writing (trespassing is hot, I'll admit), runs when I open the door and then traipses back towards me as if last week meant nothing.

After a week of radio silence, guess who just walked back into my life... STREET CAT

Fox pillow

In a very twisted turn of events, I left my house and guess who was waiting at my gate: Street Cat. She was trying to apologize until she saw the squirrel and decided to chase someone else. Street Cat is now looking more attractive than ever to me.

Street Cat left without finishing her drink. We started talking about politics and it turns out she voted for Jill Stein. Needless to say, we had words. It became all too much for her so she decided to go chase a squirrel.

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