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Britni  Just a light skin Puerto Rican Figure competitor🏋🏼‍♀️ serving good coffee☕️ Campus protein Rep🙋🏼‍♀️ Ephesians 2:10

What are your goals for this next week?
Get all your school work done?
Go to the gym 3+ times?
Do cardio... 🙋🏼‍♀️😅? Meditate?
Practice Self love/ care time?
Take time to write down a few goals to accomplish this week 💓
Happy Sunday, crush your weekly goals!

Here’s another Wednesday and another reason to post a 🍑 pic. Enjoy the fake tan, post (first) show bikini pic where I probably didn’t even go to the pool after taking this 🤷🏼‍♀️ #HappyHumpDay

Consistently absent from social media but not the gym🙋🏼‍♀️
Update on fitness of 2018// I am a numbers person, I like tracking my macros, I like seeing my muscle mass to bf%, and most of all I like seeing the weight go up on my works outs.
Not only have I put on bf in the last 1.5 months but I’ve also gained a significant amount of muscle. Most importantly to the last 1.5 months is that I’ve been pushing myself, seeing results, and loving my work outs. Thankful for a workout partner who pushes me to transform my body and mind everyday. Goal for the rest of 2018 is to truly push myself and focus on what is bringing me joy ☺️

See ya later Texas, looking forward to this next year. Heya 23 🤭

Birthday resolution: “live it, love it, learn to levitate”
#jordanyear #ssdgm

✨Weekend Vibez✨
Show pics are in & I can’t wait to showcase what I have coming next year. Already in the works with improvement season. Goal is to put on the least amount of fat with as much muscle and define shoulders, back, and these leggies 🙃 🥩🍚🍠🍗
Also not feeling the curls so back to straight hair I go for shows

✨What 10 days off felt like✨
1. Magical
2. Needed
3. Bloated AF
4. Over eating
5. No tracking (mentally hard)
6. Restful and restless
7. Easy work outs
8. Eagerness to start the next szn
9. Anxiously waiting stage shots
10. Gaining weight 🤷🏼‍♀️

Coming in ready for this improvement season.
Coming in 💯

✨Competition Post✨

Whoops, for not posting about my comp for literally a week!
Placement for this show was 6th, after getting feed back I know where I need to push even more and to focus on my comfortability on stage/ in my poses!
I have “off” till August 1st which is why I’ve been taking time off social media to focus on friends and especially family over the last week. Being able to compete in my home town gave me so much time to spend quality time with all my family 💞 very thankful for that and feeling rejuvenated!
Still been grinding away while sorta tracking (mostly protein) 😌
I’ll post stage shots when they come in 😍🤗

1 scoop, 2 scoop.... 🍦


Ephesians 2:10 says “for we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”
For me, masterpiece describe a priceless piece of art that should be hung in a museum. Rather God uses this word to describe each of us. This is a word that I think about in my daily life, and fitness journey because no matter what we look like... we are each Gods masterpiece that he sees as a priceless piece of art. Through my fitness journey I want to emanate this word and feeling it brings me to other women. Christian or not, every person who is in their fitness journey should feel as though they are a masterpiece. Whatever stage of that fitness journey I want women and men alike to see themselves as a art in every form: Beginning-> End. #BuffbunnyCollection


The feeling of dragging, whether mental or physical. Dieting, fitness, comparing, each brings a lot of fatigue to the body and mind. Today I slept through my (5am) alarm and slept till 6:47 (I leave for work at 7 to get there on time) which means I did not get in my morning faster cardio and I barely made it to work on time. BUTTTT that means that I need a new game plan for the day, it also means that my body NEEDED some extra rest. Listen to you body, adjust -> keep hitting your goals. Motivated to hit my goals every damn day 👏🏽 letsss go

How many sparklers did I go through to get this pic? 🎆

The world may never know, happy fourth ya’ll

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