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Britni  Just a light skin Puerto Rican Figure competitor🏋🏼‍♀️ serving good coffee☕️ Campus protein Rep🙋🏼‍♀️ Ephesians 2:10


Ephesians 2:10 says “for we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”
For me, masterpiece describe a priceless piece of art that should be hung in a museum. Rather God uses this word to describe each of us. This is a word that I think about in my daily life, and fitness journey because no matter what we look like... we are each Gods masterpiece that he sees as a priceless piece of art. Through my fitness journey I want to emanate this word and feeling it brings me to other women. Christian or not, every person who is in their fitness journey should feel as though they are a masterpiece. Whatever stage of that fitness journey I want women and men alike to see themselves as a art in every form: Beginning-> End. #BuffbunnyCollection


The feeling of dragging, whether mental or physical. Dieting, fitness, comparing, each brings a lot of fatigue to the body and mind. Today I slept through my (5am) alarm and slept till 6:47 (I leave for work at 7 to get there on time) which means I did not get in my morning faster cardio and I barely made it to work on time. BUTTTT that means that I need a new game plan for the day, it also means that my body NEEDED some extra rest. Listen to you body, adjust -> keep hitting your goals. Motivated to hit my goals every damn day 👏🏽 letsss go

How many sparklers did I go through to get this pic? 🎆

The world may never know, happy fourth ya’ll

✨yeah, you’re pretty but show me what’s beneath your surface.
I wanna know you,
I don’t need to check the gram,
I’m the one who took the photo✨ ✨ reminder that our bodies and beauty reflect one part of us. But our souls also need work, take time for self care, God, friends, and family. The outer surface will only accentuate what’s on the inside 🌞

Forever reserving my Sundays for God, self care, and sunlight 🌞
#4weeksout #eyesontheprize & on 15 pints of peanut butter @halotopcreamery

✨June 16th, 2018✨

Every year a better package, every year a better mindset, every year I beat myself. No matter what I place I know that I brought a better me to stage, which means I won in my own way. Now 5 weeks to tighten it up more and bring a even better package to stage. + more bikini bite this time 🤷🏼‍♀️ #CheekPeekOnStage #figurecompetitor #5weeksout
Also such a huge shout out to all the men and women who competed. Backstage is the friendliest- most welcoming place to be. Each person did such an amazing job and I honestly have grown so much from all the advice given back stage 💞

✨2 days out✨ “Stop playing with your body, lady
Stop feeling like you’re not enough
Stop feeding into the haters
Stop and give yourself some love

I love my body, I love my skin
I am a goddess, I am a queen” ~ Jessie J (Queen)

This has bee my anthem these last 3 weeks of prep. Just a sweet reminder of how beautiful and capable our bodies are. Also that you are enough and God created us as magnificent beings, that he views as his masterpieces.


✨The face I make thinking about what my first cheat meal will be...✨ Comment your fave cheat meals 🥞🍕🍟🍣🍪🍦 #figureprep #figurecompetitor #2weeksout #3weeksout #cheatmeal #relaxing #fitness #fit #fitgirl #competitionprep

✨post cardio posing✨
So excited to step on stage this year with a dialed in routine. Last year I was not prepared posing wise, this year I can’t wait to step on stage and show what I’ve been practicing everyday. Better everyday, constantly trying to improve myself✨✨ •
Check out my highlights to see what supplements I use, I’ll be updating through my prep with the supplements I’m using this year 🍗🥤☕️ protein? Fat burner? Pre-workout? Everything I use, I get off campus protein, click the link in bio. ANY QUESTIONS DM ME🤗

#figure #figureprep #figureprep2018 #figureposing #figurecompetitor #dialedin #3weeksout #4weeksout

New story/ highlight about supplements. I’m going to start posting more about my daily supplement routines and highlighting my favorites! ✨

I currently purchase all my supps/ bars from @campusprotein 🔥 it’s a supplement company that is for students (and non-students) made by students which means.... best prices and deals around ✨ ✨ fat burners 💥 pre-workout 💪🏼protein ✨ vitamins 💦aminos/ BCAAS

Rest days are for dogs, hikes, and relaxation •

I love active rest days. They keep my from getting bloated, and helps me to keep drinking my 2 gallons. Just a small hike with minimal incline in this heat, but it felt nice to get out!

Pushing through this week the same way I have to push myself through cardio 🤷🏼‍♀️ if anyone has any tips on getting through cardio painlessly hit yo girl up ^^

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