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Britney TOKYO 💅✨  Tokyo meets Hollywood🌴 📍LA based🇺🇸Nail Gang💅🏻🔥🎨Booking/Contact inquiry 💌 #britneytokyo#britneytokyonailsticker

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ブリちゃんは、ハリウッドを拠点に活動。American influencer Awards 2017受賞。

Britney Tokyo challenges Contemporary Art
Britney’s first solo exhibition will be held during NYFW.
Using wood panels, ceramics, sculptures among other materials as form of expression, Britney Tokyo unveils art pieces that goes beyond nail art.
Proudly produced by Atsushi, we welcome you to visit this especial exhibition!

Britney Tokyo - artist based in Hollywood. Winner of American Influencer Awards 2017.She has graced TV commercials, Hollywood movies and music videos with her nail art. Her clientele includes Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kate Perry, Rita Ora among other celebrities. Due to Britney’s popularity, she has a full agenda and appointments are booked months in advance.

Britney Tokyo Art Show In NY.

Date: September 14-16th, 2018
Opening party 14th 6pm

Place: plus 81 gallery New York
167 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012
(646) 998-4386

Produced by Speedy, Inc.

BritneyTOKYO Art Show in NY🎨
💅🏻❤️💅🏻❤️💅🏻❤️💅🏻❤️ Date: 9/14/18-9/16/18
Opening party:9/14 6pm
My first solo art show in NY😋❤️it’s not only nails! Paint, Sculpture etc...
Produced by Speedy, inc.

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Coming soon to a theater near you.
#AXIS #Creative #Collective #Platform #AXISCCP #KATIE #KATIEKIM #WorldwideRelease #190808 .
Producer & Creative Director: SINXITY @axis_sinxity
Artist: KATIE @katieeesh
Creative Direction: Jeongyoon Yoon @nnoo.yy .
Art Designer: Jeongyoon Yoon, Haeri Chung @nnoo.yy @super_salad
Visual Director: Kylie Fukada @kaori_fukada
Music Video Director: PARANOID PARADIGM @paranoidparadigm
Music Video Production: VM Project Architecture @vm_project
Head of Artist Creative Department: Jay Kim @jaykimmusic
Project Management: Jessica Choi @jessavotree
Photographer: Toshio Ohno @ph_o.h.n.o
Glam: Yutaka Kodashiro, Kanako Yoshida @kodashiro @canakoxx
Stylist: Yoko Irie @yoppy0105
Nail Artist: Britney Tokyo @britneytokyo
Music Production: KEPLER
Music A&R: Dakyung Lee, Chung Kim @chloe_lee25 @silberio77

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