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@z_al and I looking out over SF while shooting @the_oa Part II. We are in our fourth year now of working to create this series together (it takes two years to write and make what is really an 8 hour film!) and every day I am still awed by his imagination, his stamina, his direction, his intuition and his compassion whether we are in the writers room, on set shooting, editing, or out and about in the real world trying to absorb what’s coming next. I feel so damn lucky to get to go to work every day with my best friend and the artist who inspires me most. Yesterday on set I was struggling to find my way inside the scene and he came over to me and whispered something in my ear and everything snapped into place on the next take. He has saved the story from falling off the rails on many occasions — some of which only I will ever know.

hard to post images of set life @the_oa that don’t give anything away.... I can tell you this: that cheek flush is real. I ran up and down three flights of stairs 47 times today. 🅾️🅰️

view from bay bridge // end of first day shooting in SF @the_oa

small cave

@kalaadeviananda is a painter and makeup artist we’ve worked with since making #TheEast. This is us doing touch ups at 2am under a street lamp for Part II @the_oa . So many talented artists have come together to tell this story. And we’ve been through a lot together. During the shoot for Part I, I had the flu and then broke my nose during a stunt sequence. Kalaadevi would do my makeup while I lied down on a cot in Hap’s underground so I could sleep between lighting set-ups to recover. She’s revived me many times in the course of telling this story with her talent, patience and humor. 📷 by @audreyebbs

early morning exploration of hair and makeup trailer cabinet of curiosities... @the_oa Part II

sculpture matt johnson 🖤

@the_oa Part II // Zal on set

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