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👻 @helenjohannesen in her element — which is to say: not breaking a sweat making a lobster feast for 20 friends with @juliahartowitz and I as sous chefs ❤️ So much of what I know about good wine and good food I have learned from Helen. If you’re in LA stop at @helenswines to browse her collection and have your mind blown by her knowledge of the 🍇vine! #fbf #friendsdontletfriendscookalone #welcomebacklobster #ichoppedthechives

Someone just sent me this on set still from #TheEast — a film we made a few years ago about a corporate spy who infiltrates a group of eco-anarchists. #alexskarsgard @ellenpage #tobykebbell beautifully played the leaders of the group. This image of me and @shilohfernandez was from a scene that got cut from the film where everyone was playing in the mud by the river. Very fun to shoot. Made absolutely no sense in the story. ✂️✂️✂️ #tbt

just finished #Kudos — the last book in the awesome trilogy by #rachelcusk >> powerful insights abound especially on the subject of women making art against all odds 💥

dig these posters from the 1970s created by The Poster Factory — an ad hoc printmaking program built by student and faculty activists at University of Minnesota that functioned surreptitiously out of mechanical engineering department. posters were largely unsigned because of Nixon era surveillance of campus activism.

Being in the edit is the hardest part of filmmaking for me. When writing or acting the only real limit is your imagination. When editing you have to tell the best story with what you had time to capture rather than what you can conceive of. Some days in the edit bay on @the_oa Part II are sublime — you restructure a sequence or cut out of a scene early and the story comes alive, or, an editor shows you a cut of a scene that never worked that well on the page but sings on screen. Other days in the edit are rough duty — you come face to face with your shortcomings and have to keep going, in fact, have to be inspired by those shortcomings to find something new and more authentic than what was planned. Thankfully we have amazing editors, allies and guides — one of whom is our producer at plan b Sarah Esberg (image 2 and 3 with co-creator @z_al ). She’s due to give birth any day now and still in the edit with @z_al and me giving invaluable ideas and insights. It’s early days but I will say this — something wholly original is emerging and that feels terrifying, which to me is a good sign.

Wanted to share some good news — we are about to finish (today) all principal photography on Part II of @the_oa // The great filmmaker Andrew Haigh came to direct two chapters up in Oregon while @z_al and I have been in the edit on the others in LA and NY. This is Andrew and me fleeing magic hour on set yesterday with the slate. I love being on set with Andrew. I’ve learned so much from watching him work — his calm, his care with actors. If you haven’t seen his films — #weekendfilm #45years #leanonpete — do it! 📷 @z_al

saw this art from @migueltudela05 inspired by @the_oa // thank you for putting it out into the world — gives us good vibes for keeping up with long days in the edit 🙌🏽

Ummmmm... hard to stay focused on work when this is what’s going on outside #summer

When I was a kid my dad used to bring me to work and have me sit at the conference table amongst his colleagues and his partner in work and life, my mother. He called me his “top advisor.” He started this when I was six. I really believed I was his most trusted counselor, though in retrospect I couldn’t have offered him a lick of useful advice. I did, however, make business cards on purple Post-Its that said Top Advisor, which I laminated and handed out believing my insights and ideas to be valuable because he did. Dad — thanks for being a feminist before I even knew what one was.

came across this photo and had a real #tbt // I remember this 2014 shoot for @heroine_mag vividly. Had just come back from shooting abroad and was suffering a serious heartbreak. Between lighting set ups and wardrobe changes I would dissolve into tears. I was trying to hide it from everyone on the set but I just couldn’t. Thankfully I was with @laini_reeves and @itsukibeauty who I’ve worked with for years and they let me cry my eyes out and then re-applied makeup and made cups of tea. And photographer @tetsukubota just let me be my un-done self. The images that came from that shoot always felt particularly unguarded to me as a result of their care.

still thinking about this helicopter ride I took with my friend @moxiemarlinspike in #sf // being around Moxie moves me. Anything he is curious about he just picks up the books and begins teaching himself how to do it from scratch — like that boat he built from scavenged materials so he could learn to sail. And now he’s taught himself how to fly a helicopter. He had me windex that windshield before we took off. He did the safety inspection of the craft on his own with a laminated check list. And holy fuck do you feel what flight really is inside a fragile bubble of glass that the wind shoves around a few inches with every blow. I don’t have a picture of this because I was screaming with excitement but he actually flew UNDER the #goldengatebridge

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