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British Museum  A museum of the world, for the world. Discover over two million years of human history and culture.

We love this photo by @nlsteven taken in the Museum’s Great Court. The unusual angle captures how old and new were brought together in the redesign of this space in 2000.

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This amazing photo by @_amphoto gives a great sense of how big the Great Court is! Enclosed with a spectacular glass roof, the two-acre space is the largest covered public square in Europe.

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We love this photo taken by @jeffreychung, which beautifully captures the original Museum building from 1823 alongside the newer additions. The central space of the Museum was redesigned in 2000 and includes an incredible glass roof to cover the inner courtyard. A key aspect of the new design was that with every step in the Great Court the vista would change, allowing the visitor a new view on their surroundings.

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This colourful scene shows a rural landscape at Yatsubashi Bridge in Mikawa Province – around 80 miles east of Kyoto. It was made by #Hokusai in the late 1820s, and shows the range of tone that could be created using traditional woodblock printing. The artist produced many views of the Japanese countryside, and made a series of prints featuring bridges – from this angular structure to sweeping arches and precarious-looking rope bridges.
Learn more about Hokusai’s life and work in our new exhibition – book tickets using the link in our bio.
This work will be on display 7 July – 13 August.
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This beautiful print by #Hokusai shows a canary flying between peony flowers. A Chinese poem is written on the vibrant blue background. Peonies have large fragrant flowers, and bloom in a variety of colours – as depicted in this 1828 work. Hokusai frequently depicted flowers and birds together in his art, and you can see a wonderful selection of prints like this on display in our #Hokusai exhibition. Book tickets using the link in our bio.
This work will be on display 25 May – 2 July.
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Leaves, paper and hats are sent flying by a strong gust of wind in this print by Japanese artist #Hokusai. It’s part of his print series ‘Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji’ produced in the early 1830s – here we see Fuji from the south-west. The view was taken from Ejiri, a place on the Tōkaidō highway that linked Kyoto and Edo (modern-day Tokyo). See this and more works by Hokusai in our new exhibition – now open! Find out more and book tickets using the link in our bio.
This work will be on display 7 July – 13 August.
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‘I think while appropriation has produced some interesting work… for me, the most interesting thing is to back yourself into your own corner where no one else’s answers will fit.’ – Chuck Close
Chuck Close is known as one of the leading members of the Photorealist movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Close applied the monumental scale of abstract art to his portraiture, which was at the time a deeply unfashionable genre. These portraits are of two of his friends, artist Keith Hollingworth and the American minimalist composer Philip Glass.

From pop art to the present day, explore six decades of printmaking in our #AmericanDream exhibition – catch it before it closes on 18 June. Follow the link in our bio to buy your tickets.

Photo: @alucyart
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'I made the flags to open eyes... things which are seen and not looked at' – Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns uses recognisable symbols and double images in his works to play with perception – ‘Flags I’ is actually made up of 15 colours.

You can see his thought-provoking prints in our #AmericanDream exhibition – catch it before it closes on 18 June.

Jasper Johns (b. 1930), Flags I. Screenprint, 1973. Gift of Johanna and Leslie Garfield, on loan from the American Friends of the British Museum. © Jasper Johns/VAGA, New York/DACS, London 2017. © Tom Powel Imaging.
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‘More than popular images, I'm interested in personal images’ – Jim Dine, 1963.

The paintbrush, the artist’s most recognisable tool, became one of Jim Dine’s most frequently recurring subjects. Tools and paintbrushes had a personal significance for Dine, referring both to his practice as an artist and his family’s hardware store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

See works by Jim Dine and other greats of printmaking in our #AmericanDream exhibition – closing 18 June. Follow the link in our bio to find out more.

Jim Dine (b. 1935 ), Five Paintbrushes (sixth state). Etching, aquatint and drypoint, 1973. Reproduced by permission of the artist.
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The Museum has a huge collection of Mary Delany’s work. Born in 1700, Delany designed gardens in her younger years before she started to make these exquisite paper flower pictures in her seventies. This piece depicts a type of Spiraea that was introduced from Siberia by Swedish naturalist Daniel Solander in 1774. You can see some of Delany’s amazing works in the Enlightenment Gallery.
Discover more about the artist and other notable women from history, as chosen by our curators in our blog – link in bio.
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Mary Delany produced nearly a thousand of these exquisite works made from tiny pieces of coloured paper. This example shows a poppy – Papaver somniferum – commonly known as the opium poppy. Delany often used plant specimens sent to her by friends from around the world as the basis for her work, and only started making these amazing pieces when she was 72!
Read more about her work in our blog focusing on celebrated women – follow the link in our bio.
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Artist Mary Delany was born #onthisday in 1700. Despite looking like watercolours, her wonderful floral compositions are made using tiny pieces of paper. The delicately rendered flowers are botanically accurate, and Delany often annotated her works with the Latin names for the plants. This one is a tropical lily – Crinum zeylanicum – nicknamed the milk and wine lily.
Read more about Delany and other awesome women from history in our blog – link in bio.
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