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There is not a day that passes that I don't think of you. My heart breaks all over again tonight. We miss you.

Taiwanese milk tea

You know something isnt quite right when your milk tea costs more in Hong Kong than it does in Sydney.

Me: 'Let's have some green tea to help us digest all this food'. Us: *orders a tea set that comes with cake, ice cream and warabi mochee for two*

From Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and back to Hong Kong, it's always good to see you. Thanks for taking the time out even though you were unwell 🤩💖 And even after all these years, we managed to coincidentally match on our day out. I think it's a sign. Hehe.

😍 Steak

Thanks for having us and feeding us amazing food. 😋😍

Boat congee × Fried dough rolls
Did you go to Hong Kong if you didn't have any Boat congee?

Japanese Buffet sneak peak.
Hong Kong takes buffets to a whole new level. I'm so glad our friends took us and made sure we ate our moneys worth and that we ordered 10 of almost everything within 5 minutes of sitting down and inhaling food left right and center for the next hour. What an experience to remember. Would definitely recommend going.

Michelin star wonton noodles 😋⭐

Where I belong. Becoming one with the ball pitt. Because I like to eat. ✌🎈

(Line) Friends 🐻

🍦Can you tell I want some ice cream?

Seasonal fruit × Black sesame

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