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Chrissie Junge  I live all over Brisbane in a truck that I'm slowly and cluelessly converting into a beautiful tiny home πŸŒΎπŸš›

Every now and again I go out and buy a packet of metal screw in hooks and feel all good after putting them in all over the place in my truck. Well today was one of those days! I have a manic obsession with reorganising my food cupboard every chance I get to maximise ease of access and clever use of space. That's normal, right?
Also tonight I'm meeting a new minimalist friend for dinner to get all inspired about further throwing out of everything I own. Except all my clothes. And books. Those are here to stay 🀷

Harry truck is getting decked out little by little! I have the awesome guys at @autoonebrownsplains to thank for my newest life-changing driving upgrade - my reverse camera ❀️ No more backing into signposts and dinging awnings for me 😁 I am just now wondering how I managed to survive so long without one?

Truck stool 2.0

Today is my only day off this week and I am sick of doing all the things! It is a day for strictly chilling and not worrying about anything in life.

Stealth camping by the bikeway πŸš›

Some truck butts for your viewing pleasure 😁
I met with my friend @free_browny who has basically the same project as me (boy version) and we compared our conversion progression and ideas. A really interesting idea he had that I'm going to copy tomorrow is to buy a nappy bucket, which is just a bucket with a watertight lid, that you put worn clothes and water in with napisan. Leaving it to mix around while you drive cleans the clothes. So possibly.... no more laundromat?? Love these little life hacks!

Back to where I belong after eight days of house sitting and 3 nights of overnight work 🚚 straight back into my regular truck activity: a book and a block of chocolate

Happily welcoming the springtime

Okay so, a few nights ago I was just house sitting and bingeing on Netflix and I came across a documentary called Minimalism, about, duh minimalism. I started watching it and it was pretty inspiring, and I ended up pausing it midway through. I dragged out all my old papers - ABN, TFN, high school certificates, old passports, and I downloaded a scanner app, scanned them all in and THREW THEM OUT. I've "gone paperless" if I want to use fancy terminology. Anyway, second half of doco and one sleep later, I spent a morning dragging things out from the bowels of Harry that I didn't even know I still had. When it comes to books and clothing, I certainly can't claim any amount of minimalist quantities. I won't even try. But everything else, I mercilessly threw out things I haven't used in a while or things that are pretty but not exactly useful. Now Harry has all this extra space in there, and I feel lighter and happier and less cluttered.

I had the pleasure of experiencing some holistic physio treatment in the beautiful @barefootphysio clinic πŸ‘£
This was an experience I've never had anything like before, I learned quite a lot that I didn't know about my own body and how it works, hurts and heals.

A friend and I spent the afternoon having a picnic and painting in the park. Afternoon well spent! We're both also a background blip in at least 3 wedding photoshoots, much to the future annoyance of some local brides

I've been working a couple of overnights this week and sleeping during the day. Day sleeping is not easy in a van, but I can park wherever the hell I want during the day. I am though missing out on a lot of the pretty winter sunshine hours. I live for those hours, but sleep is so good too 😁 I guess you can't have it all!
I am happy to be starting a brand new house sit tomorrow for a dog and two eclectus parrots. My two favourite types of pets to hang with ❀️❀️ and of course Netflix and FULL SIZE KITCHEN TO COOK POTATO DOMINATED MEALS IN. Miss me those spuds.

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