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Vanlife Brisbane  I live all over Brisbane in a truck that I'm slowly and cluelessly converting into a beautiful tiny home 🌾🚛 📩 ⤵️Blog

Tiny living means you gotta be picky with the things you buy, especially the big things! It only took me oh, six months, but I finally found the perfect vintage kitchen/wardrobe for Harry. Look at this classic beauty. Clothes {and possibly fridge} in the bottom, food stuff in the top and somewhere a fixed sink and tap. Happy days!

Last night's sunset over beautiful Kangaroo Point.
To those of you who have messaged me concerned that I'm dead or missing....... no, just have been super busy and stressed! I had food poisoning for so long that I'm catching up on all the things I had to hold off while sick. Could use a holiday, but couldn't we all 😁

Nudgee beach, my best backyard 🏖 Can not beat falling asleep with the waves right beneath my window

After not being able to get out of bed for days, I spent a day in hospital and had some rehydration and even a home(hospital) cooked meal. In this picture you can see what is usually my dream, but currently my prison. Bed rest is a good thing until you can't stand the boredom of it any longer! Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages wishing me well, and I'm sorry because I've been too sick to reply to them! ❤

Sick still, or again? Food poisoning or exhaustion, something is wrong. I've been sick for ten days now and I can barely stand up. Enough is enough!

The last of the day's sun, warm breeze rustling the trees, writing, chocolate, cushions and the sound of the water rippling. This is the stuff I strain to explain when I have someone ask me, "why would you want to live in a van?"

I've come back feeling better after a day reading in the grass by the water, leaving my phone behind and meeting the people who passed me ☀️
After not being able to stand up for 4 days, I'm very appreciative of all the little things in life! And very scared of chicken. One may say I'm... chicken (you are what you eat 😁)

A nice view to contrast my garbage mood 🦂
Four days of food poisoning- no more please!!!

While my regular lights are out of action due to weird heating/sparking issues, I got this cool little lantern from @autoonebrownsplains to keep the truck lit up. As I'm a minimalist, like all of my favourite things it is multi purpose. It has a mosquito zapper built in and it charges by USB. So cool!

Good morning! 🌿

Dog appreciation post ❤
Circa 1995 (I was 6) the worst part of my day was saying goodbye to my dog each morning to go to school. So one morning I solved the problem by telling my mum it was "bring your dog to school day" and she went about finding the leash, settling our dog in the car and then walking her through the otherwise dogless busy school walkways until she reached my classroom and was told it was most certainly NOT, bring your dog to school day.
These days, as a pet sitter, I have dog friends all over the place. Life is goooooood!
And don't ask me about my solar (I still haven't set it up)

Quote of the day!
I woke up to this bad boy parked behind me. Not a bad first thought for my day 👍

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