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Chrissie Junge  I live all over Brisbane in a truck that I'm slowly and cluelessly converting into a beautiful tiny home πŸŒΎπŸš›

No sign of cyclone Owen yet 😁 Harry's leaky windows have me nervous! My handyman skills of first installing them and secondly attempting to patch them up have been slightly second rate 🀦
A good old semi-solution in a rolled up towel against each windowsill to catch most of the leaked in rain. Lucky it's a hundred thousand degrees outside!
And I won't be sleeping on a beach if/when the cyclone hits!

Stealth camping 🚚
As soon as I don't the lights I magically believe Harry truck is perfectly camouflaged into any surrounding

Back in my tiny home after 100 years of house sitting and wilting with domestication.
Bin days, vacuum cleaners, watering plants - NO NO NO! 🌻🌻 I am happy!!

Yes I'm all good thanks! Life is pretty full at the moment and I had a good long sleep last night for the first time in a week or more. And I'm house sitting which means dog cuddles on the daily πŸ•
Don't try to visit my webpage because I'm dealing with a malware issue!

A day full of weird sun and rain. What the hell Brisbane?

The first raindrops are just touching my roof and I'm amped and ready for a storm!! What is it about thunderstorms that's so energizing? ⚑😁⚑😁⚑

Do I have enough pillows? Absolutely! Will I buy more? Of course, I am female 😁😁😁

Procrastination at it's finest πŸ› I'm diligently avoiding my priorities and instead farting around the back of my truck installing fake plants.
The weird window lingering one on the left will look less out of place when I build my shower stall against where it is sitting πŸ› οΈ

Still live in a van down by the river 🏞️
I got to be in a documentary this afternoon! Filmed by some uni film students who are making a doco about tiny living, the sustainability, cost, and reasons for it.
A good reminder that I love my life! Once upon a time I used to care what people thought about me and I'd try to please all... Now I care about what makes me happy and do not think twice about your opinion. This has made me free 😁

Harry truck is getting decked out little by little! I have the awesome guys at @autoonebrownsplains to thank for my newest life-changing driving upgrade - my reverse camera ❀️ No more backing into signposts and dinging awnings for me 😁 I am just now wondering how I managed to survive so long without one?

Truck stool 2.0

Today is my only day off this week and I am sick of doing all the things! It is a day for strictly chilling and not worrying about anything in life.

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