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Brion Nuda Rosch  Artist / Curator Director @1240minnesotastreet Minnesota Street Project SF


18 months ago @katherinerosch survived. If she (and I) didn’t advocate to be seen (we had to argue our case to see the right doctor) this day 18 months ago - if we were seen a few hours later. Harvey and Weston wouldn’t have a mother and I wouldn’t have a wife. It’s that simple. And a solution moving forward is also as simple as monitoring mothers for risks after giving birth. KATHY I LOVE YOU AND SO LUCKY THAT YOU ARE HERE WITH US ON THIS FUCKING WILD JOURNEY @kpthrive - what changes have you made in your practices this past year?

Artists seeking tools and resources: Minnesota Street Project is expanding it's Facility Artist Program - designed to compliment your current studio* with access to our building, tools, resources and our professional community. Our program includes over 5,000 square feet of communal workspace, including kiln, woodshop, staging gallery and digital lab. Capacity is limited (*important to note there is no studio availability - this program is designed for artists with studios nearby seeking additional support in their practice — we seek a minimum three month commitment / month to month thereafter) If you are interested to learn more please email - please refer to artists outside this post directly (via email or private message) - space is very limited — thought this would be a good start for cultivating productive relationships with artists whom may benefit from this opportunity. Again email for more details / questions - THANKS!

spending time with a calendar painting for upcoming solo exhibit at @bassandreiner - for the duration of the DEC / JAN exhibit, works in varied forms of completion will be displayed in and around the gallery - comment from a friend “the bottom wasn’t working for you?” - “nothing about this is working” was my reply... “how much for the stretcher bars” was asked. #brionnudarosch

had the pleasure to interview @woodyothello today as he wraps up his @liquitexofficial #liquitexresidencies Research Residency at @1240minnesotastreet - not pictured here due to contracts (😜) keep your eyes pealed for the release of the interview for @elephantmagazine podcast and also see Woody’s work in Bay Area Now at @ybca (opens next week!) and his solo exhibit at @jessicasilvermangallery opens mid-September

second day of second grade and school is locked down for safety (nearby gun shots at high school on same block) - and I discovered if you google school shooting it suggests “school shooting today” - this is the new normal ————— fuck guns /// update: my son and his friends were not exposed to the trauma or understood the situation, I’m lucky and privileged holding onto that innocence, they (the second graders) concluded there was a robbery (explains all the police) and they all brainstormed how they would protect one another using sling shots and wooden swords

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