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Brintha Shree🌸  '94. // Free Spirit.

After August last year, I understood why most Indians keep wanting to go back to India, every chance they got. #throwback #india #hinduism #SeeImAGoodHinduAfterAll

Some narcissism for the day.🌷

I’ve spent the last 4 birthdays/eves with this girl, and each year she’s always been way more excited than I’ve been for them. // thank you a ton for a great afternoon baby girl. 💕 #loml

Thank you all again for the advanced surprise! So thankful to have met you guys.✨ #24th

Get yourself friends who not only entertain your constant #ootd picture requests, but also stand there waiting while you try and pose (and fail). #awkwardhands #ftw #throwback

#throwback in honor of @hayshagen’s birthday. ✨

So thankful for this trip together, got to reconnect with this one, & it’s staying that way.🌼 #twinning #loml

“Best friend is not a person, it’s a tier.” #mymainbitches

Swimsuits are for #ootd only, not even gonna lie about my fear of the sea. Judge me all you want, water babies. 💩 #PPsinPhuket #meow #kingkongmama #HattrickHema

Swipe to the last picture to check out an upcoming bag model. #meow

Adjust your hair is my favorite pose for pictures. #ootd #PhoebeVibes // also the view here was amazing. 😍

Sound up and a gentle reminder that kids👏🏽 don’t 👏🏽 lie👏🏽. // baby boy turns 11 today. 💓 #throwback #gottafixmydamnhair

If you’ve got friends who have seen both your best and worst selves, and still love you for it all, keep ‘em. 💕 #comfortzone #throwback

Not the best day to be spent at the zoo, but hey it was an experience. 🌧 #Goodbye2017

Just posting another narcissistic #throwback to #deepavali while I’m lazying on the couch and my mum’s nagging at me to take my shower. #sareelove

From being the cutest baby boy who used to follow me around everywhere calling “bintha akka” to the overgrown, laid back and always affectionate (social media-obsessed) millennial guy that you are now, love you always @rachagen 💕

Rollin’ since 2000. #squad #minus2

To love, without boundaries.🌸

Because they were roses, and I was just a dandelion. 🌾 (yeah I’m pretty sure this one’s a wheat plant but you get the idea). #sareeswag #yetanother #noregrets

We realised we have hardly any pictures together since secondary school, which was basically another lifetime. #glodup #casual #whatsexams

Will I eventually find whatever it is, that I’m always looking for, on the floor? 🌚 #mystery #indian #throwback #imisssarees

This one’s indeed a fun bunch!✨ #aboutlastnight

There are not many people you can trust to watch, or to say only good things about you, behind your back. I’d very confidently say I’ve been blessed with a few, @e.m.m.a_21 being one of them. Happy birthday, thank you and I love you. ❤️

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