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  Best friends Hannah Erin Family sports softball and golf

Always remember one of our favorite vacas being introduced to the asparagus rule!!!! E doesn't love it when I'm "woooohoooo-ing" at 3:30 am, but the loyalty runs deep @alaux3

Finally found the perfect art for an awkward wall at the Maturin Manor, love your talent @altheadesignsmv !!!

Thanks for capturing the big bear fun @sandifreeman !!!

My wife is better than yours!! Still remember my emphatic eye roll when she announced that we are "iPeople". Touché

Someone really should tell them that Christmas was like, so last year!

I'll share all my toys with her, but this?..... this is my bed! ❤️

If I had one wish, I'd ask for more time with her. I'd then spend that time watching her and Erin become two peas in a pod. They are my two favorite angels. Miss you gram❤️

Adults break things and kids have accidents. But dogs come with a $200 cleaning fee upon booking.

We entered each others lives 10 years ago. (As of 2017) Wow.
Still this happy! Love how much love and fun we share. Yesterday, today and all the next❤️
Happy and healthy newest year to all🎉

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

These two are enjoying the holiday love!! From the cards that include them, to the secret Santa packages! ''Tis this season❤️🎄🐶

Early Christmas for our oldest, Santa's been watching❤️