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Bald head scaly wag, ain’t got no hair in the back 🤣

I could write a whole blog about this post. Maybe I will.

Wanna see a joke? ^ (Get it? It’s me. Imma whole joke 😂)

I just uploaded my air check from SKO season 2 on SoundCloud. Stay tuned for what’s next ☺️

I was shook at the short film before Incredibles 2. *Spoiler* When the Chinese lady ate her dumpling child 😭🤯😓 I was STRESSED. Lmao like what does this MEAN?! She legit ATE. HER. CHILD. 😩😂

Currently melting.



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any set 😂❤️💙 P.S my mom told me to upload this.

The struggle of trying to get pop pop to take a pic. 😭🧡

Iono who bernardokath is but he’s gotta point. I’m not naive but I like to see the good in things. I wanna believe that you wouldn’t intentionally do harm to others mentally or physically. Maybe by seeing the goodness in others you can help them see it in themselves. (Y’all should be proud of how deep and corny I just got there. I’m giving this “expressing your feelings” thing a shot as you can see)

K. So, I’m done tryna choose. I’ll just split my time between city life and nature. 🤷🏽‍♀️ There’s probably a word for my dilemma but I haven’t read enough to figure it out.

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